Message For 2019


So, let’s talk about 2019.

What can we expect for 2019? Well, one thing we can expect, and this is just a matter of sheer physics (and precedent) is that there will be a lot of  completing of things. But before the completing there is a chaos. This is because we are operating in Year Number Nine, which is right before the great Turn of the next decade.

It might sound cliche: but when a new decade starts, starting with a zero number, it’s a big deal. Symbolically, some decades that contain a certain number combinations are more potent than others. You have 2020, a doubling of 20, a mirroring, 20/20 Vision, “I can see more clearly.” Certainly by the time we get to 2020, we will be seeing a lot more clearly a bunch of matters: a bunch of matters that are currently being dealt with now in the world, and a bunch of matters from the past. In 2020, we’ll see more clearly.



But BEFORE that happens…before we gain that extra bit of clarity…we have the “9” number, 19, 2019. Nine, of course, being the last number before the whole sequence begins again with zero.

And what we’re going to see is the natural consequence and breaking down of a lot of things that have already been happening from the last two years, five years, ten years, 20 years. If you want to look at it as not just as a decade, but a 20-year span, a generation; a generation post-Millennium, post-9/11. You literally have a whole generation of new adults entering the workforce that have a completely different point of view, and a particular energy they are bringing with them—they are the future.

The “9” year does bring a lot of chaos and breakdown—but it’s all in how you want to contextualize it, frame it. You can work with the energies, or you can work against them. If you work against them, then it seems more of like this bottomless pit of breakdown and chaos. If you work with the energies & you surf the wave that is coming, you can build up. 

And there are certain untenable situations in the world; and things, other-shoe-dropping kind of things in the world, and we all know what they are. And these are just things…that are going to come to a head this year.



But again: if we’re not talking now about the World or the United States, a particular country—but are instead talking of an individual, you don’t have to let it become this chaos-point.

You don’t have to have this complete Chapel Perilous moment. Because if you’ve really been awake and aware and really have been conscious on your journey, you would have already reached that point last year, or the year before. Or you might have been operating within a block, like in a five-year block of this sort of breakdown, the breaking down of old structures—which of course would have been spearheaded by the energy from 2012.

But you can be that calm person in the middle of all this. You can educate yourself as to what this next decade is going to hold. Everyone is forecasting a recession in 2019, and I think is pretty much a certainty. I think there’s pretty much going to be some—I was going to say institutions, but more like corporations—corporations that feel like cultural institutions that are going to take a massive hit. And it might not be on the level of fully going bankrupt this year, but…there are things that are just going to “shake out.”

There are things that are, in the metaphorical sense, going to crash and burn. Things that have reached their saturation point.



And there is going to be a paradigm shift. And there is going to be a paradigm shift within the tech industry, paradigm shift with the internet, paradigm shift with social media, paradigm shift in business. Paradigm shift in politics, in the public discourse.

If you educate yourself now, if you use this year to educate yourself, you can ride that wave into 2020. Because it’s not like 2020 is going to happen and then all the roses come up, that everything is like, “set.” You have to dig yourself out of something.

There will be a greater sense of clarity in 2020. That said, you should be wary that there will also be a sort of “engineered” fake “2020 New Start” type thing that will be glommed over everything by the media/corporations/politicians/etc. And why you want to be wary of that is this very tremendous amount of paradigm shifts in technology, which the masses don’t fully understand/anticipate.

AI, self-driving cars…space travel is going be very huge, it’s going to go much faster than anticipated. Because the U.S. media has been so distracted for the last several years, people have not been educated as to the changes that are to come. And so they are not prepared for the paradigm shift.



Because a paradigm shift in technology is inevitably accompanied by a paradigm shift in the way people live and (most importantly) think. Just as people switch from driving their own cars to having automated cars drive them—that is a huge paradigm shift in the human consciousness & the way people relate to their environment.

We will start to “enlist” people to work in space—it might not fully happen in the 2020s, but moving forward that’s what’s going to happen. We’re going to have a sizable percentage of the population working in space—in space stations, or as colonists—these are things that are going to happen, and as the world turns and as these things develop, there’s a paradigm shift. There’s a paradigm shift in human consciousness.

And add to that the earth changes that are coming—that are already here. And that’s not the stuff of New Age mumbo jumbo, or whatever—educate yourself. Sit down and read about super-volcanoes. Even if you don’t believe in climate change, read about coming weather patterns. About solar flares, geomagnetic storms, earthquakes, all sorts of stuff. Educate yourself about this stuff. Don’t scare yourself half to death, but educate yourself.



In 2019, my advice to you in terms of what is a good way to move forward through all the chaos—and there will be a lot of doomsaying, and a lot of breaking apart of stuff—is, educate yourself, and go with the flow of the times

Remember that most people will not educate themselves like that, and most people will fight against the tide, and feel despair, and be ground down by the chaos—some ground down by the chaos in terms of depression & stress, and some ground down a lot more.

By taking steps to get ahead of the curve, you already put yourself at a great advantage.

Good luck to you in 2019!

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