1.2.19: Etherial Promises Of Disclosure


“When I write of creating a better and more optimistic reality-tunnel, of transcending ego games, and of similar matters, it is not because I have lived in an ivory tower. It is because I learned a few practical techniques for dealing with the brutal conditions on this primitive planet.”
–Robert Anton Wilson


I like playing LARPs as much as the next daydreaming goofball with too much time on their hands, but every once in a while you need to get Serious and question how your esoteric inquiries lead into practical real-world insights.

So let us look at the case of this hacking group who is apparently holding what they claim is a cache of 18,000 9/11 insurance files for a rather large ransom fee. In the words of the hacker, The Dark Overlord: “Pay the fuck up, or we’re going to bury you with this.”

Now, this was released on New Year’s Eve. It made me think of Kevin Spacey’s bizarre Christmas Eve video—which, his nice Santa apron notwithstanding, seemed to contain a similar vibe to that of The Dark Overlord.


Let us not dive down deep into the potential rabbit holes brought up by both Dark Overlord and Spacey—etherial “promises” of Disclosure of one stripe or the other (and from what I heard, Dark Overlord claims to have UFO docs as well). Instead, let us suss out what *practical* real-world insights this little brouhaha might contain for us.

Well, we can say: there is not a single goddamn thing on the Internet that is ever truly private, if you have interested parties interested enough to make them unprivate.

I call this the Age Of Revelation, and it doesn’t even totally depend on the hackability of the Internet. We have a situation where long-held omertàs of one stripe or another are suddenly blurted out to the Universe for any number of reasons. This is highly singular shit within the history of Humankind, folks.


So you take a case of what recently went down on the gossip site Crazy Days And Nights, in which in a “Blind Item Revealed” (supposedly “true” because names are named and thus running the risk of being sued for libel) accused Robert De Niro of such dank shit that I can’t even write it here.

Is the CDaN accusation true? Was it politically motivated because De Niro is so publicly anti-Trump? Is it both true and politically motivated?



I debated posting this journal post today…in the sense that I fear overwhelming you with content.

I don’t want you to be *sick* of me!


But…I think *content*  needs to be…not hoarded. But rather: distributed as it comes.

Future posts I’m working on RIGHT NOW AS YOU READ THIS!!!:

  • Hereditary analysis
  • Rampage analysis
  • Mars Attacks! analysis
  • Bandersnatch analysis
  • Other weird shit from CDaN, including a UFO story about Robert Emenegger and Steven Spielberg.

Sound good?

As always: feel free, if this is the type of content that rings your bell, to *donate* (link on sidebar, unless you are on mobile in which case fuck all I need to fix that), or simply…drop…a NOTE OF ENCOURAGEMENT (contact info up top there, unless that ALSO is farkakte in which case FUCK ALL).


In closing, let me pick my “video” for 2018…I’ve posted this before…and I’m not good with this “chronological order” stuff, so to me there is not so much a particular year “top pick” as there is just a big soup of chronologically-smashed elements…

…but here is “Over and Over and Over” by Jack White, my #1 song/video for 2018 (bye 2018):

6 thoughts on “1.2.19: Etherial Promises Of Disclosure

  1. Jared Jensen

    Keep up the great work! As I’ve mentioned before I love your writing and I always look forward to checking your blog everyday to see what has been posted.


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