Dolly’s Braces: The Most “Real” Mandela Effect?


Folks, while I have always found Mandela Effect lore quite entertaining, at least 75% of the supposed examples I’ve dismissed completely. There are just too many that sound like misremembering an unusual spelling (Berenstein/Berenstain), a quote that is later popularized in a somewhat paraphrased way, stylistic quirks in design that are later “edited out” by the viewer’s memory, etc.

This all being said—

Where are Dolly’s braces in Moonraker?!


Let’s back up. In 1979 a James Bond movie called Moonraker came out. I’m not going to say it was the worst of the franchise…but, unless you had a real sentimental memory of it, it was kind of cartoonish and slapstick.

Returning in Moonraker was the towering Bond villain Jaws, he of the fearsome metal teeth. In one of the most remembered scenes in the movie, Jaws discovers this beautiful petite pigtailed woman named Dolly; they bond over the mutual metal on their teeth, because Dolly has braces. She flashes Jaws this wide full smile, and the braces are unmistakable; it’s the whole punchline of the scene.


Only now: Dolly doesn’t have braces in that scene.


She doesn’t have them in the digital versions; she doesn’t have them in the old VHS copies. She plain doesn’t fucking have them! But a lot of people, including hardcore Bond fans & even Mandela Effect skeptics, remember her wearing them.

Now, I’d immediately chalk this all up to another case of the subjective and sometimes faulty human memory “editing in” (or out) certain details.

Except for the following:

  1. As I said before, it’s the entire punchline of that particular scene. Jaws smiles and you see his metal teeth; then Dolly smiles and you see her braces. They recognize how similar they both are, and exit scene hand-in-hand. Without those braces…there’s no point.
  2. Further: this leads into a crucial plot point towards the end of the movie, when Jaws turns against his boss Drax and becomes a Good Guy. Drax wants a perfect world where people with the slightest imperfections are terminated; that would, of course, include Dolly, who has BRACES! Jaws turns good because he wants to protect Dolly, WHO HAS IMPERFECT TEETH A.K.A. BRACES!!!!!!
  3. An old TV advertisement parodies the scene in question with original Jaws actor Richard Kiel. In that version, THE WOMAN HAS BRACES!!!!
  4. Ditto for The Simpsons episode with braces parody (Comic Book Guy of course as Jaws).
  5. There are even websites that clearly describe Dolly as a sweet nerdy girl who wears braces (though to be fair…I mean, it’s the *internet*).


Lastly: I clearly, clearly, clearly remember Dolly wearing braces in that scene. I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation why they are no longer there, why the actress now incongruously smiles with perfect teeth (invalidating the scene and the eventual Jaws plot twist)…I just want to know what it is.

What is it?

What is the explanation here???


The only thing I can possibly think of to explain this—other than reality “cracking”—is that the makers of Moonraker somehow blindly missed a golden and obvious comedic opportunity in a scene that both served mostly for comedy and also to set up a crucial “aboutface” by Jaws at the end of the movie. Thus, the majority of viewers “edited in” the omitted braces within their memories as to finish the punchline and maintain their own sanities.

One additional point I’d like to bring up. As the “Dolly’s Braces” website (yes, you’ve heard that right) has painstakingly pointed out, there are some…”remnants” of what possibly looks like Dolly wearing braces in other scenes from Moonraker. If this is true, does that mean that a Mandela Effect for one iconic moment doesn’t necessarily get “edited in” to the rest of its “non-iconic” appearances?


Add your thoughts in the comments below!

One thought on “Dolly’s Braces: The Most “Real” Mandela Effect?

  1. I am sure she had braces too. The problem with memory is that every time we access a particular memory it can change. That being said, the scene makes no sense without braces. I have several of these Mandela Effects in my own life.


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