1.9.19 B: Eris


“Did you know that God’s name is ERIS, and He is a girl?”
–“Manual for Discordian Evangelists”


Well. I did a couple of “new things” today, including laying it all out on the table for my mom, in no uncertain terms, that my dad abused me as a kid.

Don’t know *why* this is all happening now. Going tomorrow to the clinic through my health insurance to get anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds.

I’m fine. Sounds like I’m going through a lot, but here is the kicker: there are plenty of people who go through their entire lives not facing all this shit. I’m doing it; it’s harrowing but adventurous.

I’ll be a better person because of it. Certainly, a LOT of things probably make more sense now.

I loved my dad a lot. What a fucked up situation.

But it’s not, unfortunately, a unique situation in this world. We all have something.

One thought on “1.9.19 B: Eris

  1. Oligocene

    How awful, very brave of you. Incredibly courageous , the light you are shining on these things will save you
    Best wishes , superheroes crowding around you


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