1.19.19: Augurs And Elon


“I would argue that inside your mind was some pattern of neurological activity that was not there before you exchanged e-mail with me. The ‘Root Representation.’ It is not me. I’m this big slug of carbon and oxygen and some other stuff on this cot right next to you. The Root Rep, by contrast, is the thing that you carry around in your brain for the rest of your life, barring some kind of neurological insult, that your mind uses to represent me.”
— Neal Stephenson, “Cryptonomicon”


The 20/21 of this month is—if you believe in such things—a “Super Blood Wolf Moon.” It will be a total lunar eclipse, and the Moon will appear red during this time (hence: “Blood Moon”).

It will also be—if you believe in such things—the 2nd anniversary of President Trump’s inAUGURation.


A YouTube preacher, named Paul Begley, believes that this is all an AUGUR of Doomsday-type Book of Revelationesque shenanigans. No less a reputable media outlet as Newsweek has covered Begley’s recent prognostications regarding whom the preacher calls “The Blood Moon President.”

“Is this a sign? Is this a harbinger for America? It seems like the prophetic scriptures of the Bible are starting to play out right on the world stage, right before our very eyes.”

Now: Trump was born during a total lunar eclipse; that’s not bullshit. Whether it was an actual Blood Moon—as a number of Evangelical Christian “End Days” sites are proclaiming—I have not confirmed.

Image from a “Trump Blood Moon” prophecy video…

I go back to the Summer of 2017, and the “Great American Eclipse” narrative. This is when astrologer Wade Caves published a length astrological whitepaper regarding the impending August 21 total solar eclipse, and how it would spell “doom” for Trump.

One of the takeaways from all this—at least, for me—is that, despite how much we’ve evolved collectively, we’re also still hung up on these ancient primal beliefs like how eclipses are related to the fortunes of nations and “kings.”

We have the Internet and CERN and SpaceX but the collective mindset is still largely in ancient Rome or Mesopotamia; we who feel (rightly or wrongly) that we’ve evolved past all this need to still keep this in mind lest we unexpectedly get our asses handed to us.




Per this article on Elon Musk’s Neuralink:

Elon Musk’s main goal, he explains, is to wire a chip into your skull. This chip would give you the digital intelligence needed to progress beyond the limits of our biological intelligence. This would mean a full incorporation of artificial intelligence into our bodies and minds.

He argues that without taking this drastic measure, humanity is doomed. There are a lot of ethical questions raised on the topic of what humanity according to Elon Musk exactly is, but he seems undeterred.

So basically what Musk is saying is that humanity has to either hook their brains up to his Neuralink or be destroyed by the errant AI.


See, it’s shit like this, someone like Musk straight-up nonchalantly suggesting people connect their brains to his network—(plus adding a bit of apocalyptic fear-mongering)—which really is going to be the problem moving forward.

Because let’s face it. If the average citizen was given the option by Facebook to hook up their brain to its neural-network in exchange for the opportunity to psychically broadcast “likes” or receive telepathically some exclusive promotional nonsense like the trailer for the 80th new Marvel movie…how many would do it?

They would click “YES” on a waver to the very contents of inside their skull; because Facebook would promise to only use them responsibly.



The Daily Grail has an article about how film critic Roger Ebert towards the very end of his life believed that Life was, in his words, “an elaborate hoax” in which the past, present, and future were all happening at the same time.

Ebert seemed to be pretty much a rationalist, so I found this revelation kind of interesting. But it’s a revelation that an increasing # of people seem to share. And certainly, ideas such as life being a simulation, questioning the true nature of time, and so on are quite popular subject matters in contemporary entertainment.


Along that route, I am currently reading Philip K. Dick’s 1969 novel Ubik—a book subliminally referenced in the Netflix interactive film Bandersnatch. While there are certain stylistic bits of the writing that feel a little “dated” to me (such as the idea that no matter how old and “run-down” the male, the ideal female must generally be as young and nubile as legally possible; bonus if she pays all the bills), the mind-fucks are already there even 1/3 into the narrative.

Ubik is also pretty much required reading if you are into that whole Mandela Effect lore; it provides like a “foundation” for that entire concept.


Lastly—here’s a cool new video illustrating a Terence McKenna lecture on the nature of time “speeding up.” Some pretty key concepts here:

As for myself…I just try to take it day-by-day and surround myself with stuff that resonates with me.

Have a good Saturday, and remember:


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