1.23.19: Apt Pupil


“What occurs is a unique social phenomenon that has been inadequately examined: it is the fact that these groups-—which openly incorporate or idolize Lucifer, Satan, ancient Egyptian gods, Death, Fear, Nazi ideology, secret rituals and arcane initiations, and use what is sometimes a sophisticated, sometimes an ill-advised, series of psychological mechanisms such as hypnosis, auto-hypnosis, psychodrama, ritual sex, and potent hallucinogenic drugs to create altered states of awareness—this may act as channels for sinister forces, forces they cannot control.”
–Peter Levenda, “Sinister Forces”


…I wasn’t planning on blogging today—I wasn’t even planning on publishing my Dave Chappelle post today—but you know, I woke up and saw this Bryan Singer shit, and it just made me like…



So The Atlantic just published a very thoroughly researched piece on allegations that X-Men/Superman director Singer assaulted underage boys. It was rumored for a long time that this story was coming out, though originally it was supposed to come from Esquire.

It has also been rumored for a long, long, long, long, loooooooong time that Singer was involved in these crimes. As a person working first in the comic book industry, and then for MTV, this stuff was kind of “public knowledge.”

Has “the hammer” finally dropped on Singer with the Atlantic piece? Well, here are few things you need to understand:

  1. For people with power in Hollywood on the level of a Bryan Singer and Harvey Weinstein, TPTB (the Media, other Entertainment peeps, and sometimes even law enforcement) will bend over backwards to keep them out of culpability. There is very little “morality” in play here.
  2. The only time that the Singers and Weinsteins and Spaceys of the world get backs turned against them is if the amount of exposure/evidence is SO overwhelming and disgusting that they have been rendered “indefensible.” And that’s just people covering their own asses more than any true “moral” reason.
  3. Often, those Singers, Weinsteins, Spaceys, Cosbys, and so on will only finally have the Media hammer brought down on them when they have gotten to a kind of “impotent” time in their careers where they are no longer in the position to give the types of “favors & rewards” (casting, exclusives, etc.) they granted before. This, of course, left them free to be predators for DECADES.
  4. Pay very close attention to the parts of that Atlantic article about child actor Brad Renfro, who committed suicide with an overdose at the age of 25 the same year Heath Ledger overdosed. Singer directed Renfro in Apt Pupil; the movie can, at this point, really be seen as a pretty obvious metaphor for the director’s relationship with the actor.

And…I don’t know what else to say. It seems to be this basic “human nature” thing for people to assiduously cover up abuses, it goes way beyond Hollywood. I call it the “Save The King” reflex.

THE SAVE THE KING REFLEX: This is when a person of power within a family/community/industry (often male, but not exclusively) gets called out for an abuse, and everyone automatically “circles the wagons” to protect them despite previous knowledge of the abuses and/or other evidence. This is a primal human response designed to “protect the pack.” 

The “Save The King” reflex has personally fucked me over several major times, and I’ve known of countless victims, male and female, of it. No matter how “good” you try to be, no matter how much you “follow the rules”…if you are on the “wrong” end of a “Save The King” situation, you are FUCKED. People you’ve known all your life, trusted co-workers, dear friends…they will throw you under the bus in a hot second.

And the only thing that fights it is having a more evolved mind/spirit; but most people won’t have it. Most people piling on to Singer now on social media would most likely “circle the wagons” for their own friend or family member or shared ideologue.

This is why sometimes I feel as if Humanity is completely fucked.

But you have to keep trying, I guess.


And it’s like, Singer’s official response is basically to throw the entire gay community under the bus—as Kevin Spacey did before him—by claiming that all the accusations are based in “homophobia.” As if Singer himself wasn’t the worst thing for his own community, allegedly acting as a predator within said community towards the most vulnerable of its members. Basically, Singer giving fodder to the alt-right homophobes who equate pedophilia with homosexuality. Fuck Bryan Singer.


I just don’t know, folks…I’ve been banging this drum for over twenty years and I’m tired of it. Not a defense of Singer, but there’s TONS of Bryan Singers in Hollywood and the entertainment industry and the publishing industry and the media who will NEVER be brought to justice; leaving a road littered behind them of absolute emotional carnage that will never be adequately addressed. Their reputations will be spotlessly monitored as their accusers deal with PTSD, drug addiction, alcoholism, and so on.

That said, I do believe that Karma is a natural function of physics in the Universe.

Have a good Wednesday.


One thought on “1.23.19: Apt Pupil

  1. harveyparadox

    Since you bring up circling wagons, I would like to point out that PC culture is in its self all about circling wagons. They are about expulsion of anyone who speaks in a way they don’t like. They are inclusive and it really only refers to them selves.


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