1.28.19: I’d Like To Report A Glitch


“The first thing that happens is the cleansing of the former character. I don’t think a lot of actors talk about it, but there is usually a process where you essentially purge yourself of the character played prior to the movie. Then you want to think about what the character represents, and you write down all of the elements about this character and then take the time to find some synchronicity and start breathing the character.”
–Vin Diesel


Part of the reason I write about “conspiracy theories” (a problematic term to begin with) is because…they will persist in the mass consciousness whether or not a “responsible” writer like myself (like myself?) pays attention to them. These theories often address the unaddressed in the collective psyche; like dreams do, like the plots of cheesy Italian horror movies from the 1980s do.

Case in point: the conspiracy theory regarding the Challenger disaster (which happened today in 1986), in which it is argued that not only did the disaster not happen…but that all seven (or, at least, six) of the astronauts from that fated mission are alive and well.

Now: why would somebody believe this?


This theory has two components to it:

a) The “False Flag” Theory: that various tragedies and disasters never happened but were instead made up from whole cloth to fool the public for myriad reasons (see: Sandy Hook).

b) The “Doubles” Theory: that either people who are commonly believed to be alive are actually dead and “replaced” with a double…or, people who are commonly believed to be dead are actually secretly alive.

Both components wrestle with the unbelievable pain of loss: “it never happened,” and “they never died.” With the Doubles theory (as in the case of Dave Chappelle & Paul McCartney) we can also have a “why did this person change?” type of dynamic. Why did XYZ change? Because they secretly died and were replaced with a lookalike/clone/robot (obviously).


(There can also be ideological/political reasons people hold on to these these theories: including promoting theories they do not personally believe in, in order to carry out one type of malfeasance or another…this is beyond the scope of this particular post.)

Often, in the course of providing “evidence” for these theories, a number of sometimes quite uncanny synchronicities will be presented. In the case of the Challenger disaster, this is in the form of real-life people who bear similar names & appearances of the dead astronauts (if not are flat-out related to them).


And so here is where I may diverge from the Snopes crowd in all this.

I believe in meaningful synchronicity. I believe synchronicities often have important things to teach us. I also believe that one thing can “resonate” with another energy-wise, even if they seem to, initially, be completely unrelated.

More than that—I also believe in unmeaningful synchronicity; I think that various elements in life seem startlingly coincidental not because it “means” anything…but, like the crowd scene in a videogame backdrop, some things just repeat. Which is another way of saying: there are patterns. And these patterns may not have any inherent meaning at all; they may just be Patterns for the sake of being Patterns.


Lastly…I believe that determining whether these synchronicities are meaningful or not meaningful or evidence perhaps of some sort of Godlike reality-programmer or whatever…determining these things, that’s going to end up being a rather subjective enterprise. Which enters the murky murky (problematic) murky realm of “reality-tunnels.”

Anyway: as we enter this brave new world of Deepfakes and all sorts of other mind-fucks, one can expect far more theories like the “Challenger Doubles,” rather than less..no matter how much Google and the rest filter out the results.

So: I feel you might as well just talk about it & air it out.

Or: let it just fester in the darkest parts of the Web and become weaponized.



Various links of (possible) interest:

  • Here is a post from We Are The Mutants on the mindbending Oliver Stone “virtual reality” TV miniseries Wild Palms—something I always thought was made by David Lynch. By looking just at the trailer alone, you can already get a sense of how fucked-up (I mean, in a good way…I think) it all is:

Or has reality really just become one big Super Bowl ad? And if so, I’d like to be the one with Matthew McConaughey in a Lincoln. 


The 1997 video “Everlong” from The Foo Fighters utilizes a number of classic dream symbols, including dreaming in black-and-white, telephones, weird spatial dimensions, body parts that sort of get weird and “inflate,” and, of course, boogeymen. But it’s also clearly a nod to Sam Raimi’s 1981 classic horror movie The Evil Dead (the cabin, the demons in the basement, the creepy porch).

It also breaks out of reality…two times? There is the initial “reality” of the sleeping couple (paradoxically, in B&W)…then the actual “reality” of the Foo Fighters at the end.

Which of course…is not reality, because the “reality” is outside the music video completely…in our heads and (sometimes shared) perceptions.


Have a good Monday, and remember:


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