1.29.19: Everybody Wants To Rule The World


“Be a loner. That gives you time to wonder, to search for the truth. Have holy curiosity, make your life worth living.”
—Albert Einstein


I’d like to start this entry by discussing the 1985 comedy Real Genius, featuring Val Kilmer as the not-sounding-Rosicrucian-at-all Chris Knight. Knight is a high-IQ student at a program for high-IQ kids that has been co-opted by shadowy government/black-ops types. He’s about to graduate into a brilliant successful future, but the growing suspicion that the work of the kids is going to be weaponized holds him back.

Chris(t) Knight

Knight chooses to play the classical Trickster/Drunken Master archetype—not confronting The Powers That Be directly but instead purposely acting like a complete goofball. Using this methodology, he doesn’t “spook” TPTB right away, but rather wackily insinuates himself, Bugs Bunny-style, into the situation in order to ultimately defuse it.


The main nemesis of Knight is Prof. Jerry Hathaway, the head of the program. Hathaway is played by William Atherton, who you might know as “dickless” from Ghostbusters. In fact, Real Genius is very similar in tone and structure to the earlier 1984 sci-fi/comedy, with Kilmer basically a younger blonder version of Bill Murray. In both films, TPTB are clueless idiots who either can’t/won’t help humanity or are purposely working against them.

William Atherton playing essentially the same character both in Real Genius (1985) and Ghostbusters (1984)

The very core of Real Genius is the idea of exploiting the talents/culture of youth & weaponizing them for the military-industrial complex. It’s a corrupting of the innocents, basically. In a broader sense, the movie asks: how do you fight the System when you yourself are so ensconced within and dependent on the System? Knight’s answer is to play the Fool, hence his “I Love Toxic Waste” t-shirt and animal slippers.


In contrast to Knight you have the character of Lazlo, a student who became so horrified and paralyzed by the discovery of the school’s evil intentions that he became a recluse who basically lived into middle age in the facility’s basement. And so, we have the two ways of dealing with this situation; let the Horrible Truth destroy you, or play the Madcap Fool.

Lazlo the Recluse

I guess the third way would be to become a Prof. Hathaway and sell everyone out; and we’ve certainly got a bunch of those currently in circulation, don’t we?




Some interesting stories of note:




And finally…you know, sometimes the biggest pearls of wisdom can be found simply in the comments section of your favorite blog (like THIS one!). And today was no exception. I came across a comment on the Crazy Days And Nights site—on a post insinuating that sex-cult NXIVM is trying to frame that noted swinging Joker cosplayer Roger Stone—that really just…made me think. It just stopped me in my tracks and really made me think. About a lot of things. It really put things in perspective.

Astra Worthington wrote,

“Why do people get involved in this crazy ass shit? I love crazy shit but I ain’t paying for it or joining a group or anything like that. That’s just dumb.”

Now, who among us can’t relate? I mean: damn.


I don’t think I can handle anything else heavy like that, I mean…


Nooooo!!!! Stop it!!!! I can’t…


Aggghhhhhh!!!!! I can’t take it!!!!


I don’t know where you came frommmmm either, aghhhhhh…







And that’s it.

Have a good evening. (Or morning, or whenever you open up this particular missive.)

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