1.30.19: An Unusual Affinity For The Unusual


“Here I go with the timid little woodland creature bit again. It’s shameful, but…ehhh, it’s a living.”
–Bugs Bunny


On this day in 1703, the the forty-seven rōnin avenged the death of their master. This is, as they say in the the biz, a pretty fucked-up story. It’s also a classic. Funny how both adjectives can co-exist like that.

So basically what would be known in Japan as the Akō incident went something like this: the 47 rōnin’s lord, Asano Naganori, was obliged to commit seppuku (suicide) for stabbing (but not killing) a court official. In return the 47 rōnin elaborately planned for a year the revenge killing of the still-alive court official—even though the revenge killing (surprisingly enough) was prohibited.

what the 47 rōnin story might look like as a major feature film starring Keanu Reeves

After the forty-seven rōnin killed the court official and avenged their master, they sent one of their band—Terasaka Kichiemon—to go back to their town and report that the revenge was carried out (some versions of the story contextualize Kichiemon as instead going AWOL or being a snitch). Then the 46 rōnin delivered the severed head of the court official to the grave of their master. They were arrested, and given the option of honorably committing seppuku. Which, according to the story, they did.

Kichiemon allegedly lived to the ripe old age of 87.



As I’ve written earlier, the number 47—like the number 23—has its own mystique, albeit a mystique allegedly artificially created at Pomona College circa 1964.



Is personal sacrifice for an Ideal worth it? Or is it all the conscious/subconscious choosing of some type of Narrative in order to superimpose meaning upon a random universe?


Oh no, not THIS again…



Stories of (possible) interest for you…


And I will leave off this journal entry with an observation of myself riffing off the Rosak quote.

I have an unusual affinity for watching YouTube videos about obsolete technologies, such as channels like Oddity Archive and Techmoan. A video about cleaning the heads of a $7 VCR bought at Goodwill will hold me in absolute rapture.

Which kind of makes me feel like anything weird/nitpicky/technologically-finicky I’m like:


And anything normal that I should like is like:


I feel this is all hurting my future United States Social Media Credit Rating.



Thank you, Dear Reader, for once again improbably indulging my minutia. I’m not sure how to repay you for those seconds, nay minutes, you have sacrificed from your life to read this here electronic publication.


Here is something that may be kind of neat, if you are into that sort of thing.

From 2014-2015—in the midst of probably the most intense spiritual time of my life—I maintained a secret password-protected Tumblr with images that I found highly esoteric and personally inspiring. 2000 images total; it’s “complete” as far as I’m concerned, so I’m not going to add to it anymore.

There’s nothing scandalous or pornographic here—it’s just a lot of stuff concerning like “mystical ecstasy” and far-out cosmic shit. Like an “image journal” I kept.

So: enjoy!

Hoping you are having a good Wednesday, and remember:


4 thoughts on “1.30.19: An Unusual Affinity For The Unusual

  1. Chaos can still be defined though. I mean, we don’t even know for certain that black holes actually exist, as if they did they would pull in all light waves so they could never truly be photographed even; but their existence would help answer some mathematics way beyond me. I think of what we do as in-progress spirit of the staircase-ing.

    And kinda unrelated but Val I just pirated the new Serenity flick with McConaughey, and the reviewers I read are all insane. Almost True Detective-levels of quotable lines. Heavy hitter cast doing archetypes all around.


    1. “Chaos can still be defined though.”–> I agree with this. I think Order and Chaos can both be defined. There is probably something beyond both that can’t be defined, though.

      I will definitely check Serenity out; always up for some McConaughey philosophical goodness!


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