2.19.19: Atlantis To Interzone


“Orphism. It’s as if the ‘second birth’ or ‘birth in the spirit’ is in fact spiritual or even physical death run backward—retrograde—in time. Eliade speaks of this as a sacred rite, as alchemy.”
—PKD, “Exegesis”

“You’re on acid…somebody gave you very bad acid.”
–Charles Xavier, “X-Men: Days Of Future Past”


Today begins Pisces Season. According to astrology—if that is something you believe in—each of the zodiac “seasons” brings a certain type of energy into the world. And with Pisces, that’s going to mean a lot of self-reflective spongy dreamy ESP-laden indecisiveness. So have fun, kids!

I’ve been seeing my own personal birthdate a lot lately. Meaningful synchronicity—or does the fact that my birthday’s coming up mean that I’m simply just more aware of it in everyday life? It all depends on if I need a little boost of “meaningfulness” at any given moment. I’ll take what I can get.




Let’s just jump into it & run though a bunch of (possibly) interesting shit:




So I’m fitting in a bit more of my non-esoteric interests into the site…though saying that might be misleading, because to me it’s ALL esoteric. All these nerdy little passions of ours, all these life experiences (no matter how trivial)…it’s all a part of this larger tapestry which is Life, which may or may not have any meaning other than the one we ascribe to it.

And is there nothing so overwhelming as the idea that we have to give our own lives meaning? Is this not why so many people turn to this or that cult, this or that demagogue? It’s too much damn responsibility, is what it is…and what if we screw up? What if there really is a God up there, and he’s Amish? And we die, and go to the Pearly Gates, and God won’t let us in because the Amish were right and we unwittingly rejected The One True Way…wouldn’t that be a bitch?

That’s why I tend to lean towards the view that we should believe everything and nothing and distract ourselves with sketchy YouTube ASMR videos in-between.


I’ll leave you with this short documentary on Philip K. Dick’s seeming ability to predict the future via his fictional works (which, as the introductory quotes suggest, might have indeed involved acid)…

Have a good Tuesday.

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