RIP Peter Tork


Yep, I’m just doing one of *those* posts because…well, it’s my dime and why not? I loved Peter’s music and I want to remember him. 🙂

Peter Tork from the Monkees just passed away at 77. To give you a brief recap of The Monkees—they were basically a TV “band” created in the mold of the Beatles. Two of its members, Mike Nesmith & Peter Tork, were pretty accomplished musicians, and the other two, Mickey Dolenz & Davy Jones, were great singers but had to “pick up” the musical instrument stuff as they went along. I say this because the “lie” is that the Monkees were the “Pre-Fab Four” and supposedly were musically illiterate, just pretty faces. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The great lesson of the Monkees, to me, was that they could just have rested on their laurels and not stretched themselves past “bubblegum” pop. But “stretched” they did anyway, putting themselves in direct conflict with the producers of their TV show, their marketers, and perhaps even some of their original fans.


The Beatles/Monkees analogy is often made, and Peter has been equated with Ringo Starr. But I disagree, I feel he was far more like George Harrison (I mean, Mickey was the “comedy relief” and even played the drums; meanwhile Peter was a serious musician even before the Monkees and was friends with Stephen Stills and shit like that). (not trying to have a fight with Mickey fans, he was also an accomplished musician and a *great* singer but that was later with the Monkees)

I first encountered the Monkees in the mid-1980s, during their MTV revival. I’m in the middle of a bit of sentimentality regarding that period from the mid-80’s to mid-90’s at the moment, and Pete’s passing sure underlines that feeling. I’m sure glad he was able to tour with Michael and Mickey one last time during their “Good Times” tour. Below are some selected videos about him & the Monkees.

Have a good Thursday.

2 thoughts on “RIP Peter Tork

  1. Thank you for this kind and humane tribute. As an original Monkees fan … news of Peter Tork’s death hits particularly close to home. Thanks for setting the record straight about his musicianship.

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  2. I watched the show when they were new, along with my sisters. My younger sister was an especially big fan. Once, in school, she was called on to read aloud. She didn’t respond, but was daydreaming. The teacher called her again in a louder voice, whereupon my sister stood up and sang, “Hey, hey, we’re the Monkees!”

    Took a while for her to live that down.

    PS – I built a model of the Monkee-mobile, too. Had it for years.

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