3.6.19: The Pen Just Might Be Mightier Than The Tinfoil Sword


“Stop arguing with Creation about your worth. Take it at its word.”


The picture that heads this post is me at age 10, wearing a pirate outfit my mother made.

(I feel I have that semi-creepy Matthew Broderick thing going on where I both look like I’ve not aged since I was a kid and also look like I’ve aged.) Not seen in the picture is my nifty sword made out of cardboard and tinfoil. (Tinfoil: the all-purpose metal-type substance!)

I had to do some soul-searching over the last couple of weeks, in that I had two job opportunities: one was “safe” and traditional, and the other stretched my comfort zone a little by requiring me to focus on different skills. I finally made my choice with the latter. Part and parcel of that decision was to feel I had the freedom to continue the blog you are reading now. (Well…also, frankly, to practice those different skills, ’cause the market for content writers is not amazing right now.) (And no, I cannot be an unpaid intern for your “Women In Business” website because I’m 45 freakin’ years old so stop messaging me on LinkedIn & start paying your goddamn content writers.)

If you want to know exactly how I feel, I feel strangely like when I graduated college, or even younger—when I used to just be this happy goofball writing and drawing in my free time, just being who I wanted to be. Don’t get me wrong, I worked really hard back then in my “day job”—but I also had little “self-consciousness,” and looking back on it I now realize that was a good thing. That’s when my best material happened.

I love writing about esoteric subjects. More than that…I like promoting the work of other esoteric writers and artists I like. I love this genre. I know that I need to continue contributing to it.

That said—part of my decision involved getting more serious with this work, eventually opening a Patreon, doing videos, and etc. The details TBD, but much more a priority now.


Let’s get to the news:



And SPEAKING OF MOVIES…here’s this tasty tidbit:


Apparently, the Air Force is running ads before the new movie Captain Marvel:




You remember Captain Marvel, right? That “selfless” movie promoting female empowerment Captain Marvel? Totally not one big infomercial for new military recruits to revive flagging enlistment numbers by targeting a new demographic.

Hey girls: you know how you can fight misogynists who leave nasty comments on Rotten Tomatoes? Join the Air Force! That’ll show ’em!

Of course, the history of the U.S. military working with Hollywood goes way, way back, like Top Gun-era back and further back than that.

But Marvel Comics itself has a history of doing similar, for example, this ultimately spiked bit of propaganda for defense contractor Northrop Grumman.


I want expanded diversity on comics and comics-related movies too…but don’t just take stuff at face value. That’s all I’m saying. Ask: is the publisher or studio organically presenting diversity out of a sincere desire to be inclusive? Or are they trying to “sell” something?

I’m saying this as a person who has literally been used as a “prop” on a stage at ComicCon by Marvel Comics to prove they are “female-friendly.”



So much more to say, so much more to do.

Let me just get to it, then.


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