3.9.19: From Venus To Marge


Welcome to a semi-daily overview of the world inside and outside my head:

Picture of the day: 

I made these tarot card mock-ups for a private journal I kept several years ago. Here we have chipper but no-nonsense Marge Gunderson from Fargo as the Justice card, and Nancy Downs shapeshifted into Sarah Bailey from The Craft as the High Priestess:


The power of these movie characters, of course, is in the ancient and primal archetypes they resonate. We can choose to grok to this or that character to be in tune with their qualities just as we might do the same to a god or goddess. The pop-culture icons are, for better or for worse, our modern “deities” as much as Hermes or Venus are. The difference being that in our modern age there are far more of these icons to choose from, often with very specific traits and quirks to resonate to.

And this, of course…is why there is so much strife and fighting amongst “geeks” over these characters…because they are the New Religion. It seems like, on the surface, that it’s a feud between “incels” and “geek girls,” or Comicsgaters and the more liberal-leaning fans. But it’s actually more deeper than that; it’s about people fighting over the direction of Religion. And that’s why people get so upset, threaten each other, dox each other, do all this crazy obsessive excessive shit. “Why get so mad over superheroes?” This is why my friend. It’s a fight over religion & different flavors of consensus reality; and this is a fight that has gone on, in different guises, for thousands and thousands of years.


Quote of the day:

“I’ve learned to transmute all failures into successes.”
—Napoleon Hill


Per the Napoleon Hill quote: it’s important to keep in mind that author & motivational speaker Hill pretty much admitted later in life that he received the bulk of his inspiration from straight-up channeling entities. This is Napoleon Hill: author of one of the most successful mainstream business books of all time, Think And Grow Rich. Not a book you’d classify as “hippy-dippy-woo-woo.”

Mr. Napoleon Hill

But…if you read one of his later titles, Outwitting The Devil…he flat-out goes full-tilt esoteric:

“The state of mind known as Faith apparently opens the mind to the medium of a sixth sense through which one can communicate with sources of power & information far surpassing any available through our 5 physical senses.”

In the book Hill also makes the startling claim that this is a “98% Devil-controlled world,” information he found out because he allegedly “forced his way into the consciousness of the Devil” through this “Master Mind” power. So this is pretty far-out stuff…my point being, under the surface of “mainstream” self-improvement texts, you can find some really esoteric (possibly helpful) philosophy. Read my new post “Hidden Wizards: The Power Of Napoleon Hill and Norman Vincent Peale” for more insights.

More Thoughts:


It’s just funny the stuff you’re into when you’re younger, that you’re no longer into. It almost feels like a part of you up and died. Truly. But that’s the flow of the Universe, I guess. I’m not talking about being straight vs. gay, or feeling male vs. female, or anything so binary, I’m not going to get into details. It’s just all very interesting. It’s like being in high-school with people, and you’re all in the “strange” group and then you can’t even really identify with them anymore. You’re just a person, and you have to put in the extra work to find other people like you. You can’t just tick off a box on this or that platform. You can’t simply subscribe to this or that “identity politics.” You truly have to just live and be social and fucking work for it and accept the fact you may always be as unique as a three-dollar-bill & that’s just the way the pieces fell for your particular lifetime.

Gonna do the news bits in a separate post. Gonna rearrange things a bit.

Have a good Saturday.

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