3.10.19: Sympathy For The Devil?


Welcome to a semi-daily overview of the world inside and outside my head:

Picture of the day: 

A digital collage I made a couple of years ago depicting the Modern Lucifer. Was I close?

Quote of the day:

“I have no link with the Old Gods—or New!! I am something different! Something that was unforeseen!!— On New Genesis—or here!!”
–Metron, “The New Gods” #7


I would like to start by recommending Timothy Leary’s essay, “The Post-Larval Must Be Very Cautious in Communicating with Larval Humans.” It is the work by Leary from which I derived the title of this blog:

“You cannot use butterfly language to communicate with caterpillars.”

I’ve been pretty dumb on this count, and have thus caused myself a great deal of unnecessary pain over the years.


Here’s another great quote from that essay:

“The evidence from astronomy, bio-chemistry, genetics, nuclear-physics, defines the true frontier of philosophy and religion. Scientific American is more “far-out” than any occult magazine, the Periodic Table of Elements more prophetic than the Tarot deck. The nucleus of the atom is a realm more mysterious and omnicient than any theological fantasy. The cosmology of an expanding-universe-riddled-with-Black-Holes more bizarre than the eschatologies of Dante, Homer and Ramayana.”

I would go on to add that you can find enough evidence of “real-life conspiracies” from straight-up legit historical and “current events” sources; it’s just that you have to do the legwork and actually read the stuff. Nobody’s going to spoon-feed it to you, much less the MSM…because they know there’s not a lot of money in it. They know the quickest way to clicks and $$$ is to fuck with the lizard-brain directly.


If I don’t keep it real for you, then who will keep it real for you? Certainly, those people are out there…but you have to find them. They have to learn better **self-promotion**.

That said…you will no doubt be relieved to know that I am no longer discussing my personal relationship with the concept of “gender” anymore on this blog. For reasons why, go back to Leary’s essay. It’s pointless outside of a small group of like-minded individuals. I’m tired of receiving “well meaning” emails from people—exclusively males, as it turns out—explaining to me my own gender identification in a manner that I cannot help but feel is somewhat self-serving. I’m not even angry at these people—again, go back to Leary’s essay. The truth of the matter is, I have no desire to fully transition from one gender to another…and so some of the “socially conscious” of my peer group who find this shit weird but want to seem “progressive” by embracing trans issues just don’t know what to do with me. I’m too ambiguous, correct? Weirder-than-weird; and there’s little immediate social currency in promoting the likes of me. And then in general it seems that many males find the idea of a woman who might be more gender ambiguous to be problematic in this automatic, primal level…again, go back to Leary’s essay and the topic of evolutionary biology to get a fuller perspective. Or just examine the urban legends concerning Jamie Lee Curtis.

That said: I’ll still address the issue of androgyny and such on this blog, in terms of philosophy and future-trending. I mean…you can’t be a Futurist and not address this topic, because it IS the emblematic topic of the future.


In a related issue, I’ve also decided to go back and do more posts on future trends, AI, space exploration, and so on…because this is all the elephant in the room which is going to have the biggest impact on our lives. And we’ve been distracted to the nth degree via MSM regarding this, and on average we’re not educated enough on it. We’ve let a number of moguls of technology run rampant and unquestioned while we’ve focused on other shit. And now we’re just starting to realize how fucked we all are. Case in point: Facebook. And now people find Facebook so “indispensable” that the company would have to “stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody” in order for them to even CONSIDER walking away from the service.

We’ve “set ourselves up,” folks.


And what do we do about it now? Well, we educate ourselves. We look at a whole bunch of things that we’ve took for granted with an objective eye & start asking questions.

But again: there is not a big enough profit margin in the MSM to consistently highlight these issues, because of the reasons Leary presented in his essay.

Like, I had somebody the other day typing in all these “search terms” into my blog which were just the names of everybody I knew…I guess someone from my larval peer-group seeking “dirt” within the bottomless caverns of my labyrinthine website. After about 20 minutes, they gave up. Why did they give up so easily? Too many big words. Too many quotes by philosophers. Not enough lizard-brain stimulation. It was **pointless** to go on. They didn’t understand what the fuck I was writing about, they didn’t understand me, and there were no easy “soundbytes” to just snag and throw out-of-context into a Tweet like most civilized members of our society would do.


To be considered “useful” in the contemporary media space is to provide quick soundbytes that automatically key into the lizard-brain for immediate emotional reactions. We all know this is true. Why does the elegant, well-researched website full of thoughtful prose get ignored, and people flock to the ones covered in the written equivalent of any number of violently expelled bodily fluids? For this very reason.

Now, it can be very difficult to face these facts, as it makes one fear for the future of humankind. Luckily…we have all these smart robots now! And this AI, once sufficiently advanced (and it’s not that much longer now), will, for better or for worse, take the role of Klaatu from The Day The Earth Stood Still (whichever version you prefer), and make all the “rational” decisions in order to “protect” us from ourselves. Assuming this AI (and/or the alien of your choice) don’t make the rational decision that we aren’t “necessary” any longer.


But I could be wrong. I could be…talking out of my ass!

Who knows???

Have a good Sunday.

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