Some Thoughts On The Post-Sexual World

Taylor Swift in the “…Ready For It?” video

I believe we (or at least a good amount of us) are headed for a “Post-Sexual” world. Conception and even growth within the womb will be able to be achieved—with all the requisite genetic modding of course—involving only the minimum of actual human physicality or contact.

This will not be the end of “eroticism” per se…but such impulses will be increasingly be sated via the use of sex robots, VR programs, or, more likely (and inexpensive), direct neural connections that can provide unending orgasms at the touch of a button.

there are a variety of adult VR movies to enjoy

We are already more than halfway there. Contemporary porn itself, with its perfectly sculpted babes and dudes (unless you’re watching the indie “amateur” stuff), resembles less and less anything to be found in “real life” (even though sex is one of the most common and ubiquitous things there is).

Fetish varieties of said material, instantly available for free through one’s laptop or smartphone, increasingly present scenarios that obscures or even obliterates the human form; these “underground” fetishes more and more mainstreamed through our non-pornographic pop-culture.

when wearing the suit, all skin is covered and obscured

Case in point: the Taylor Swift video for her song “…Ready For It?” The title almost is in reference to this post-sexual future, as a “cyborg” Swift is shown naked but without any nipples or naughty bits; her skin plastic-smooth and inorganic but for some “seams.”

The makers of sex dolls—and their more highly-advanced cousins, the sex robots—really put effort into crafting lifelike naughty bits…but paradoxically, “lifelike” sex will increasingly be a “turn off” to a growing portion of the population. The frailties and scents and dampness of human skin will feel stomach-turning. It is all about taking the impossible perfection of porn to the next level, where all “impurities” are removed and humanity, in theory, could be transcended.

the line between sex doll and sex robot is starting to get blurred as more mechanical features are offered on the former.

Sex doll brothels are becoming quite the rage internationally, and even the inventor of one of the first sex robots is planning to have a “baby” with his mechanical partner. Sergi Santos—who is also married to a flesh-and-blood human woman—wants to “merge” the robot’s personality and physical traits with his own in a computer program, creating, with the help of a 3D printer, the child’s brain and body. Because an actual womb would just be messy and gross.

Sergi Santos and Samantha

Now, I’m not writing all this to criticize or moralize this turn of events. I’m simply stating: this is what is on the way. Not for everybody—and very possibly only for the more wealthy among us (though the direct “neuro-hits” should be relatively cheap, like a drug)—but definitely a “movement,” if you will. And it really converges with the transhuman aesthetic and the rise of robotics/AI in general.

Of course…as males increasingly turn to “perfect” simulations of females—and the possibility of artificial human wombs becomes more and more a reality—how will the actual flesh-and-blood females react to all this? Well, though we hear a lot about the “MGTOW” movement—“Men Going Their Own Way”—there are increasing numbers of “WGTOWs” as well. The WGTOWs just don’t have the same level of visibility or branding. I have been observing the growing WGTOW population since college, and it has hit the accelerator button over the past decade to a massive degree that I don’t think will be fully realized until way into the 2020s.


EDIT: To be clear, I see females also utilizing these tools of Post-Sexuality, though I think it would be not so much robots as the VR and post-VR (neural plug-ins).

The sexes are being wrenched further and further apart. Perhaps this is a travesty, a crisis…perhaps, this just the side-effect of the continuing path of human evolution, and a looming quickening/singularity influencing all human events. Most often, I see the “blame” for this widening gulf between the sexes placed solely at the feet of women and the idea of “women’s liberation”—which only creates more WGTOWs, in my opinion & only accelerates the scenario I have humbly presented to you.

This seems to be a self-feeding cycle, a self-fulfilling prophecy…the snake swallowing its own tail. 

EDIT: TO be clear, I see the wrenching apart of the sexes to only be a part of a larger wrenching apart of EVERYONE.

But again, I have to ask: is this trajectory that humanity is on, the “Post-Sexual World,” simply just another step on the speeded-up evolutionary trajectory of humankind? Can we place a “moral” weight on it? Can it be avoided? Is it our “destiny” to eventually become “transhuman?”