The Four Characteristics Of The Evolving Human


Evolution Has Accelerated

My personal belief is that human beings are fast evolving/mutating into Something Else. We’ve been doing this for some time—Robert Anton Wilson refers to it as “The Jumping Jesus Phenomenon.” But it has sharply accelerated now in the wake of 2012. And for every action is a reaction. So here’s where we get the heavy dose of Crazy—high partisanship, tribalism, fundaMENTALism and fanaticism trying to reassert itself.

Our media—movies, TV, comic books, video games, etc—has been trying to communicate with us for decades regarding this Change in humanity.

It’s important not to idealize this Change or dress it too much up in the garments of New Age frippery. But I don’t think there is a way to turn back the clock on this one. And yet, a lot of the strife we see in the world involves attempts to do just that—to return us to a highly authoritarian, ignorant and frankly animalistic state of being.

What are the characteristics of this emerging human?

1) Ability to resolve paradoxes

The old way of thinking is that paradoxes are Bad—affronts to the Good/Bad either/or schema. So the idea was, if you saw a paradox, SMASH IT. The emerging human can better resolve paradoxes, living with them in a playful manner rather than fanatically coming down in support of one side of the other. The emerging human understands that Life is Paradox, that the flow of existence is the simultaneous existence of This and That, all at the same time.

2) Acceptance of diversity

The universe is endlessly diverse, and the attempt to suppress/dominate all that is not of your species or clan or nation or race flies directly in the face of this fact. And yet this hatred of the Other has been the driving force of human history for millennia. It is born of animal instincts, biologically-driven from the most primal recesses of our brains to “protect” our genetic material and move it along—more or less unscathed and unfucked with—for presumably forever.

But the emerging human is breaking free of the Animal, its perspective opening to other modes of being; the vastness of everything that Is and Will Be sharply coming into focus. From such a perspective, dominating/abusing/killing/raping/oppressing others simply because they are Other is an abomination—and more than an abomination, it’s utterly pointless.

3) Development of senses outside the primary 5

Humans have the potential for far more sensory input than the standard see, hear, touch, smell, and taste. Many of us know this. But these abilities have been ruthlessly suppressed and persecuted throughout human history to the point where the accepted view is that they are impossible. For example, to even mention the concept of Intuition is to raise the hackles of the most seemingly rational individual.

But no matter how thoroughly these “forgotten” senses have been rooted out, still they remain within our species, hovering right above our consciousness, reaching out to us in our dreams. Expect a startling increase in those who are in touch with these extra senses.

4) Extra-dimensionality

The emerging human will become more and more aware of the fact that Time is not linear. Contemporary physics is already pointing this out to us, but such knowledge will be intuitively understood by the masses of emerging humans, granting them the abilities to better live in the Now and access All whenever they wish.

Our job is to learn and evolve higher

I’m always aware of those who are evolving when I meet them; I feel it as an immediate jump in my energy level as it interfaces with their own. Our job is to learn from them in order to evolve higher; and to help others in turn to evolve.

And I could point out again how a lot of the savagery we see reported in the news is the reaction to this evolutionary process. But that only increases the focus of our consciousness to the strife. What we contemplate on is what gets reflected back to us. We need to know injustice is going on, and find constructive methods to right the wrongs—but we cannot be consumed by this. It’s a paradox, to be sure—but that’s part of what’s on our curriculum as developing humans to resolve anyway.

There is so much good information and work being done right now within alternative media to expand our consciousness. At the same time, some of this alternative media occasionally incorporates themes that fly in the face of this evolutionary process. Another paradox. My personal recommendation is to not avoid such sources of information and ideas, but develop a highly elastic, playful, and discerning mindspace with which to filter all this data. To studiously avoid one “side” or the other is to fall into the trap of black-white thinking, while deluding yourself that you are enlightened.

Most of all, whatever you do, don’t regard yourself as “enlightened.” That causes all sorts of problems.