3.15.19: The Divine Comedy


“Conspiracy is natural primate behavior.”
–Robert Anton Wilson

Today is the Ides Of March; on the precipice of Spring, traditionally a time of settling debts before the true dawning of the New Year (celebrating the rebirth of Attis, the Vernal Equinox).

The Ides: the middle of the month, sacred to Jupiter, the Flamen Dialis hustling the Ides sheep along the Via Sacra to the arx to be sacrificed. Or we can consider the scapegoat of the ancient pharmakós ritual, on Mamuralia which is also on the Ides of March; the scapegoat, the Ides sheep, representing the departing of the Old Year with all its sins.

Despite its rich history and colorful lore, the Ides of March has become famous primarily as being the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar by a conspiracy of Roman senators, stabbed 23 times; Caesar, who himself was named a special priest of Jupiter, a Flamen Dialis, claiming divine ties to the gods.


Thus the historians Suetonius and Cassius characterized the murder of Julius Caesar as a religious sacrifice. And it sort of makes sense, doesn’t it? A sacrifice performed on the Ides of March, of an individual synchronized to Jupiter, a grand ritual rife with symbolism that represented the ending of one political age and the dawning of another. Caesar as the Ides sheep, as the pharmakós scapegoat.


Old-time conspiracy theorist James Shelby Downard believed there was a Freemasonic ritual called “Killing of the King,” which he classified as a “fertility rite” of sorts. Downard believed that the ultimate purpose of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy “was not political or economic but sorcerous.” Further:

“The systematic arrangement and pattern of symbolic things having to do with the killing of Kennedy indicates that he was a scapegoat in a sacrifice.”

And so once again we have the idea of the pharmakós. Certainly, the killing of Kennedy was in November, and that of Caesar was in March… but both events seem rife with symbolism. The key term is, of course, “seem”…is this purposeful symbolism, consciously resonating the movement of the planets and the rising and falls and rebirths of gods? Or something more subconscious, perhaps, synchronicities quantum in nature?


Or is it simply crazy to see any patterns at all?


Today, on the Ides of March, a terrorist burst into two New Zealand mosques and gunned down at least 49 worshippers. Of course, the killer livestreamed the event—which was timed for the online release of his “white power” manifesto—and requested that people subscribe to YouTube personality PewDiePie.

PewDiePie’s fans immediately jumped to their idol’s defense, explaining how this was more a conspiracy to tie the massacre to him and thus give YouTube and other platforms an excuse to ban his videos and posts. Because certainly the only angle one could find in this entire story is the victimization of PewDiePie.

While the shooter’s actual affinity for Pewds is a matter of debate, he absolutely cited alt-right commentator Candace Owens as an inspiration, to which she literally responded,


Again, this entire tragedy seems absolutely embroidered with various memes (the shooter first announcing his genocidal intentions on 8chan). These memes being the equivalent of the mystical symbols of antiquity, their utter ubiquitousness belying their primal power.


It seems as if sometime around 2014 or 2015 I crossed a “rubicon” where I was now “fated” to continue my writing, such as the path it is currently on, “no matter what.” It was as if some sort of obscure and shadowy “investment” was made in me by persons/entities unknown some time ago in the past; which would explain so many bizarre events and coincidences in my life. Of course, here we fall again into the question of the true nature of apparent symbolism and resonances…literal, quantum, or of no consequence whatsoever?


Having a long talk last night with a friend I’ve known for over twenty years, our current circumstances and mindset very similar. Though he is an artist and writer, he was looking for that grand “steady job” & seemed to come very close to one; an opportunity that came out of the blue. When an opportunity comes out of the blue like that—it’s a “sign,” is it not? We’re not exactly sure a sign of what, though we may be very tempted to interpret it as something positive; “fate.”

But the day before his interview, he suddenly got very sick with some temporary plague-type ailment. This happened when he was going home from some meet-up; suddenly got sick as a dog, got so sick he thought he was going to pass out. So he’s waiting at the bus stop for a long time & the bus isn’t coming. Suddenly, this complete stranger that had been also waiting for the bus decides to call an Uber, and offers my friend a trip home on his dime sharing the ride.


This stranger is like an angel—to the point where he never even gave his name during the entire trip, just like in those inspirational stories we always read about. “I’m saved,” my friend thought, now profoundly ill, getting this direct trip home to his doorstep. Perhaps, like the awesome job opportunity that came out of the blue, this was just further proof of the Universe’s Master Plan. The Universe was “looking out” for my friend.

And then he missed the job interview because he was sick. And there was no rescheduling.


OK: now he was fucked, right? Where was his benevolent Grand Deity now? Why would the “Uber Angel” arrive to see him safely home, only to miss his Grand Opportunity?

Unless that Grand Opportunity was just never meant to be. Unless the sudden illness was the “true” gift of the Benevolent Clockmaker—sparing him from a job that might have completely thrown him off his Path—with the “Uber Angel” just being sort of a footnote to make sure that the illness that rid him of the job opp didn’t also kill him in the process as he stumbled home.

Of course…this may all be “magical thinking” on my part to anthropomorphize a meaningless universe.



It is alleged that a seer—a haruspex—warned Julius Caesar about his impending assassination. Which is where we get that famous Shakespearean quote, “beware the Ides of March.”

Caesar allegedly laughed it off, walking to his doom at the Theatre of Pompey.



My husband has just told me he’s moving out. As I was almost ready to post this. So I suppose I’m the Ides sheep in this scenario.

Have a good Friday.

One thought on “3.15.19: The Divine Comedy

  1. Virbum Dismissum Custodiat

    Not good news about husband, hope you guys can work things out.

    This massacre has completely drowned out all coverage of massive student climate rallies in Aus and NZ. Outbreak of socialism down here as right wing govts on the verge of being annhilated at the ballot box.
    A lot of anomalies with the shooter. Only 28 years old from a one horse town in the bush but made a lot of money from buying crypto and then went travelling through Pakistan of all places.
    Seems like a strange place for a Muslim hating white supremacist to holiday.
    Fascist Senator Fraser Anning immediately blames the dead victims for inciting violence.
    This has CIA / MK Ultra all over it for mine. Fossil fuel industry must be absolutely panicking.

    The much vaunted five eyes intell apparatus could not pick up a hillbilly planting IED and driving all over a major city spraying automatic weapon fire in a hire car after flagging it all on social media beforehand !
    What a joke.

    Cheers Val

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