My Patreon Has Launched!


Well folks, I finally bit the bullet and just did it.

I launched the Butterfly Language Patreon today! (<–at this link)

Having funding is really key for me to not only do this work on a regular basis, but to have the time to do some more of the research-intensive, longer-form posts that I love.

I also want to be able to expand the mission of this site to video, audio, and beyond.

Please take a moment to review the membership tiers below. It’s basically a monthly “subscription” to fund the site. Butterfly Language will still be available for free to read, it’s just that with most of the Patreon tiers, you can get cool exclusive content and stuff like that.

$5 or more a month


This is an excellent tier just to say “thank you,” like a monthly tip jar. By choosing The Good Eggs, you join a renowned group of philanthropists who just want to “stick it” to the square MSM.

$23 or more a month


A shadowy group of cognoscenti with excellent taste, the 23 Circle will get exclusive Butterfly Language content *directly* on Patreon! This is a great opportunity to run some of the more esoteric/edgy material that I might think twice (or even three times yet) before posting here. My initial plan is to post one exclusive post on Patreon every week, and people who select this tier will get email notification when they’re up.

$50 or more a month


A mysterious cadre of illumined ones from the ancient mystery schools, members receive exclusive blog content AND a highly-collectible paper newsletter full of highly-sensitive esoteric ramblings sent to their domicile! The newsletter will be a mix of exclusive & previously published material. Fulfilling my dream to do zines again, basically…

$100 or more a month


Not much is known about these extremely wise and enlightened individuals; they are operating on at least 5D, maybe 6. They get ALL of the above exclusive tiered content plus: they will get emailed one PERSONALIZED individual “channeled” document ranging between 1,000-1,500 words a month. [NOTE: you can *suggest* topics for the document but the content is ultimately at the discretion of the author] I only have 3 slots available for this now, because I’ve never done anything like this in quite this way before, and it does take some energy to do these writings so I have to make sure I’ve got the stamina to take on more.


Thanks for reading, and if you’re currently broke and can’t contribute; it’s not a problem, I’ve been there too!


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