3.19.19: Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn


“If, in reading this, you cannot see that Fat is writing about himself, then you understand nothing.”
–Philip K. Dick, “VALIS”

Welcome to Butterfly Language, covering the world inside and outside my head.

Unfortunately, I do not have any tales of murdered Gnostics to regale you with this morning, so instead I thought I’d go through a few recent news items I have noted down on my pad…


So last Summer 30 Parkland students travelled to Christchurch, NZ to cope with their trauma over the mass shooting at their school. Of course…the site of the latest mass shooting (outside of the ones that happen all the time in countries the media doesn’t care about) is…Christchurch, NZ!

A creepy coincidence, to be sure; one that no doubt has galvanized the “false flag” crowd. As for me, I tend to chalk this synchronicity up more to what I refer to as a type of quantum “emotional-energy” contagion…basically, one sorrow imprint is so strong, it starts resonating other, similar sorrows. Example: American Airlines Flight 587, that crashed several months after 9/11 in a Queens neighborhood filled with mourners from the 9/11 attacks. At the time, the sheer coincidence of it was mind-boggling to people: hadn’t these people suffered enough? But to me, it’s the sorrow of the initial event resonating outward. There isn’t a “morality” to it. It’s like a “physics” of sorrow.


I went through two more examples of this in my journal post “The Transmigration Of Badfinger.” The band Badfinger experienced one suicide in the 1970s, and then another suicide via the same method in the 1980s. The Philip K. Dick novel The Transmigration Of Timothy Archer is basically all about this type of “sorrow contagion,” as one tragedy starts a chain reaction that inexplicably leads to several more.

This also why I’ve always said that most people would rather knowingly hang out with a jolly predator than a traumatized victim. There’s no morality to it. It’s physics. Certainly, more evolved people can see past all that, and can even on occasion know how to humanely dissolve that sorrow-energy. But in terms of general human nature, the tendency is to regard the victim as a type of potential “contagion”—in order to preserve one’s reality tunnel regarding the functionality of society and the “rightness” of God. Why do bad things happen to good people? Because they probably deserve it. And thus the cosmic order is maintained and the reality tunnel is kept intact.


What we are experiencing now in the world, by the way, is a massive fight between these opposing points of view. More on that later.



Some believe that the discovery of presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke’s edgelord scribblings for a 1980’s hacker cult is going to do him in. Certainly, the fact that a Reuters reporter was apparently “convinced” to keep O’Rourke’s past affiliation with the Cult Of The Dead Cow a secret until after his Senate race at least hints that this concern was taken rather seriously.


But to me…such a revelation only convinced me more than ever that O’Rourke has a good shot at becoming POTUS! (Or, at least, the VPOTUS).

You have to understand: any serious contender for the presidency has to carry with him (or her, but mostly him) a compelling narrative that will have its resonances impact the entire country. The President is the biggest social resonator.

Again, for those in the back:

The President is the biggest social resonator. 


So it’s SUPER important who is chosen to run, and it’s SUPER important who wins. Because that person is going to determine the “tone” of the entire nation. And I just don’t believe these things are left to chance; like “oh, this person accidentally became president, we don’t know how that happened!”

So you have, what, Mr. Robot mixed with John Kennedy as president with O’Rourke?


And he was in a “shadowy” hacker cult? The Bushes were in Skull and Bones. Do you know anything about Skull and Bones rituals? They seem, to me, to be at least on-par with O’Rourke’s edgelord “American Psycho” narrative. Who knows? These hacker cults may be the Skull and Bones of the current era.

Speaking of which…the Christchurch NZ shooter seems to mostly fit the “profile” I’ve come across a lot regarding various young men (and young women; but mostly young men) who seem to get themselves in trouble…from Edward Snowden to James Holmes and beyond:

  1. Highly intelligent, often at computing or science
  2. Some degree of social awkwardness
  3. “Cultivated” at school for being smart
  4. Goes on weird trips for unspecified reasons financed by persons unknown
  5. Personality suddenly changes for unspecified reasons
  6. “Chaos” ensues


I mention this because of the Mr. Robot “connection”…it’s the narrative of the current era, the way ancient masonic rituals performed at elite colleges & Bohemian Grove are the narratives of the past.


I was continually placed in “gifted” and “magnet” programs my entire academic career from kindergarten through college. I’ve been witness to every type of “experimental” learning modality for so-called gifted students.


I was not super-good at—rather, I wasn’t super-interested in—computers and science. Math lost me somewhere around the time when you had to borrow from the number above in order to solve the subtraction problem; you could explain this to me a thousand times, and I’d never get it.

But by the time I got to high-school, it was very clear that my “talent” was writing. And by the time I got to college & entered a special program funded by a major corporation, I was steered towards…


I was “flagged” as an extremely persuasive writer.


But that type of talent will only get funded if you’re doing it for the explicit or implicit service of the funder. You can’t just write some bullshit off the top of your head.


And so in this special program in college our “leader” was a literal Crowleyite who most likely was also connected with some intelligence-type thing.

He was a literal Crowleyite. He called his consort the “Scarlet Woman.” I’m not making this shit up. And: he held occult rituals in the middle of class for “educational” purposes.


But one day he confided in me that despite all his forays into the occult, he hadn’t seen or experienced anything that truly convinced him that magick was real. That it sometimes seemed to him to just be bunk used to manipulate other people.



Some more news stories of possible interest:


And the poster for Quentin Tarantino Charles Manson-related movie Once Upon In Hollywood has been released. As noted on the poster it is Tarantino’s 9th film—the number nine of extreme symbolic importance for the entire Manson/Beatles/Nixon web.



Well, as always: so much to write & reflect on; I really gotta parse it all out.

I’ll leave you with a clip from a movie I recently revisited, 1997’s The Devil’s Advocate. To me, this is like the last great Al Pacino movie; if cocaine took a human form, he’d be Pacino in this flick.

As you will note in the following scene…Keanu Reeves once again delivers that type of frustrating Keanu performance that is at once really kind of terrible but also really sincere. He doesn’t always deliver these performances…but when he does in movies like The Day The Earth Stood Still and A Scanner Darkly...they’re both spectacularly sincere and awkwardly amateur; maybe it’s all the same thing. As I’ve written before…Keanu is a “type.”

Keanu is Keanu; he accepts his essential Keanu-ness and just keeps making movies. We all need to tear a page from the Keanu playbook, I think…

Have a good Tuesday.

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