3.20.19: Dedicated To My Friend Barney, Who Tipped Me Off To Pepe Silvia

The Vernal Equinox: when we celebrate Dayman vanquishing Nightman

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.”
–Pablo Neruda

Welcome to Butterfly Language, a look at the world inside and outside my head.

Today is the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, marking the start of Spring; a time of perfect balance between male and female polarities. Traditionally, this day marks the joining of the Goddess with the Green Man; the joining of Mother Earth with her reborn lover.

Now, my Mom originally sent me to college with the hopes that I would acquire a legitimate profession; instead, it seems as if I became an esoteric philosopher. So let me tell you about my own personal esoteric philosophy regarding the male and female energies: Matrix/Praxis.


In 2015 while meditating I came across a fragment of esoteric thought: the idea that there were two main forces in the universe, called Matrix and Praxis. These forces created a “machine” that “ran” the universe, and their archetypes were replicated infinite times across the cosmos—in both the microcosm & macrocosm.

Matrix is the generating force. Praxis is the spark, the primary instigator that sets the generation in motion. Matrix is commonly associated with “female” qualities, and Praxis with “male”—though it is a concept and phenomena far beyond matters of human biology. These are the most basic primal energetic forces at work before humans even existed.


Both Matrix & Praxis have different aspects to them…mundane, shadow, and exalted. These roughly approximate to Ego, Id, and Super-Ego. “Mundane” is the everyday person we are in society, “Shadow” represents the characteristics we suppress, and “Exalted” is our Higher Selves.

And in the “end,” in the final throes of the Universe, Matrix & Praxis would combine into one unified androgynous entity designed to shuttle all of creation back to Source.


Of course, I also think Disturbed’s 2000 debut album “The Sickness” is unfairly maligned by critics and is actually a minor masterpiece of the start of the Y2K era, so you need to take everything I say with a grain of salt.


So I guess Jared Leto shit the bed on the original Suicide Squad so badly, they literally rebooted the entire series after three years. Leto shit the bed so badly, WB took in James Gunn but couldn’t make it work with Leto.


As an iconic cinematic figure, I like Jared Leto a lot. But wow is he hated. (I’m not saying he’s hated without reason, mind you…)



A few links of interest:

This news links section is dedicated to Barney, who tipped me off to Pepe Silvia:



I should probably close this out by explaining the entire “Pepe Silvia” sketch from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia—as it is probably one of my favorite sketches of all time (with dozens of reenactments on YouTube).


So Charlie and Mac decide to get “regular jobs” so they can get health insurance. Mac works in the offices and they put Charlie in the mailroom. Charlie being Charlie, he starts to go steadily insane within a very short amount of time. He creates a “conspiracy vision board” in the mail room, with all the requisite lines connecting the “dots.”

One day Mac bursts into the mailroom in a panic because nobody is getting their mail.

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 17.25.50
“I am totally having a panic attack, bro!”

And that’s when Charlie confidently announces that he’s “stumbled upon a major conspiracy.” He cites all this mail addressed to a one “Pepe Silvia,” whom he can’t locate in the office. After a long rant, he concludes that “half of the people in this office don’t exist. This office is a goddamn ghost-town.”


The problem is…Charlie is functionally illiterate. The envelopes are not addressed to “Pepe Silvia.” They are addressed to “Pennsylvania,” where the office is located. Compounding the chaos further, Charlie has apparently hallucinated, A Beautiful Mind-like, a shadowy Man in Black type guy named “Barney.” Barney…who tipped Charlie off to the entire Pepe Silvia conspiracy.

The irony about how fucked up Charlie is, by the way, is that he is by far the most likable and genuinely good character on the entire Always Sunny show. Though Mac sort of mellowed out a bit ever since he came out of the closet.


The question now being: how in the heck did I go from the Vernal Equinox to my cosmic Matrix/Praxis philosophy to Jared Leto shitting the bed to Pepe Silvia?


I’ll leave you with an *actual* ritualistic celebration of the whole Vernal Equinox ceremony, in which Praxis joins with Matrix and thus ensures that the cosmic mechanism will continue:

Have a good Wednesday.

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