3.23.19: The One Where Uri Geller Tried To Stop Brexit With His Psychic Powers


“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”
–Hunter S. Thompson

Welcome to Butterfly Language, a look at the world inside and outside my head!

This is going to be a “lightning round” of sorts, as I have a lot of stuff that I wanted to (failed to) cover during the week–

First, Uri Geller just threatened to use his psychic powers to stop Brexit. I wish more real-life X-Men types like Geller would just say shit like this, whether or not they really have a chance at making it happen. Can you imagine? Can you imagine if Magneto tweeted?


That would be as dope as fuck.

Now, just to give you some background on Geller: he was basically this young man in the 1970s who claimed to have literal superpowers. His big gimmick was bending metal spoons, but he claimed a wide range of extra-sensory abilities. Are these powers real or fake? Whomever wrote his Wikipedia page has certainly made his (or hers, but most likely his) final decision: “Geller uses conjuring tricks to simulate the effects of psychokinesis and telepathy, though he consistently claims his powers are real.” That is what we refer to in the biz as a “sick burn.”

But my opinion? I think he probably has some “abilities.” But that doesn’t mean they “work” all the time, that they aren’t supplemented with “conjuring tricks,” or that the entire topic isn’t shrouded in ambiguity. You know, when you read the X-Men (or more likely, watch the movies), they just go places using their powers and things are more or less concrete. But I think the “reality”—assuming there is one (reality of superpowers, not reality in general; well, reality in general too)—is far more messy.


And making the whole Uri Geller story more messy is the fact that he was the protege of a one Mr. Andrija Puharich, who, to describe him as a “character” (one with high-level government/intelligence connections) is putting it mildly. Puharich hypnotized Geller extensively…and the rest is like several blog posts in themselves. The upshot was, Geller was being “positioned” as the new messiah, with Robert Anton Wilson citing an anecdote in Cosmic Trigger I about how Geller’s head allegedly morphed into that of Horus (as in: “The Aeon Of Horus”).

There was SO MUCH mythology surrounding this guy, and John Lennon got caught up in it…and who knows how much of it was true?

It’s like…there are things that David Wilcock writes (like that he trusts Putin 100%, JFC) that make my eyes roll all the way to the back of my head. But Wilcock’s claim that he’s the reincarnation of old-time psychic Edgar Cayce?


It could be true. Just because someone is the reincarnation of somebody else doesn’t mean they’re infallible, or aren’t susceptible to near-QAnon-level bullshit conspiracy theories. And just because Edgar Cayce was Edgar Cayce doesn’t mean he never fucked up or made mistakes.

But I get it, I get it: for millennia, all people needed to start a new cult was one person practicing a few well-placed parlor tricks. But certainly, we are all more developed and discerning in the current era.



Uri Geller’s Twitter account is pretty neat though, because he uses his guest-appearance in a 1973 issue of the comic book Daredevil as his banner.


The blending of fantasy superheroes and so-called “real” superheroes in that story is pretty interesting. The effort to “prove” through the media that Geller was really this super-powered guy…it really sort of ties into my theory regarding “alien contact” and a number of writers & other people in the 1970s. And it ties into the David Bowie/Philip K. Dick lore, too.

In my opinion? 70% propaganda disinfo, 30% probably true.

And you know…30% is all you really need.


Aw, dammit…I have so much more I want to cover, but I kinda blew my wad with the Geller stuff.

I feel I should say something about the conclusion of the Mueller investigation, but instead let me ask you this:

If Trump is so notoriously suspicious of other people, and pushes staff out the moment he’s getting paranoid…why keep Kellyanne Conway this long even though she’s married to one of his most vocal opponents?

Why keep her on staff, other than that…it makes for compelling reality TV?


I worked for the guy who produced The Jersey Shore, I’m not a fucking idiot about these things.


Sometimes people ask me: “how ya doin’ Val?”

I’m doing…great.

Have a good whatever is left of Saturday.

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