3.26.19: “Right Path, Mate”


“A long new period begins in my life.”
—Elizabeth Haich, “Initiation”

Welcome to Butterfly Language, a look at the world inside and outside my head!


Whelp, I have a little bit of a splitting headache this morning, but I’m going to sally forth and attempt to get this post up—

I have a hard time what to decide to write about though…should I start with that on this day in 1997, 39 people were found dead on the Heaven’s Gate compound? Should I give you my no-doubt long-awaited “take” on the conclusion of the Mueller investigation?

Or…should I talk about…Mercury in Retrograde???


March 5 to 28 this month featured a bear of a Mercury Retrograde, the fearsome, toothy likes of which I have not seen for quite some time. According to astrology (if you believe in such things), it’s a period of time where things get all screwed up and backwards (because Mercury literally looks like it is going “backwards” in the sky). You should not start anything while Mercury is in Retrograde.

In fact, the only thing Mercury in Retrograde is allegedly good for, according to the lore, is to **review** past stuff. Introspection.

I did NOT listen to this astrological advice…and while I will not get into specifics (a first for usually TMI me, right?), Mercury in Retrograde MASSIVELY kicked my ass.


Doing a cursory scan of various blog posts, Tweets, and Reddit threads (you know: a scientific assessment) I noticed that I was not the only person observing some seriously messed up stuff happening during this time period.

And it all kind of reminded me of the Netflix movie Bandersnatch, in that there was a bit of break-neck “wrong choice, mate” stuff going on.

This all goes back, at least for me, to the idea of a “Quickening” that is happening, that perhaps has happened since at least 2012 (since 9/11 or Y2K?).

It’s a “put up or shut up” type energy. And I feel I’ve had too many unique experiences in my life to just sit on them as I try to “fit in.”

It’s like a dream I had many years ago. And in this dream, I was “told” point-blank that no matter how much I tried to be “normal,” I would always end up like Dana Scully left on the top of a mountain by a UFO.


Is the idea of “Mercury in Retrograde,” like my idea of dream information really meaning anything, just a self-fulfilling prophecy?



Odds n’ ends:




Am I the only one who got a Batman & Robin vibe from Colt Seavers and Howie Munson in Fall Guy?

And is there a more perfect overall TV intro than Magnum, PI? It’s a friggin’ Zen masyterpiece:

And then how can we forget Simon & Simon?

And some ritualized “time is a flat circle” fake Simon & Simon?


I think that’s it. Have a good (looks at calendar)…Tuesday.

And remember:

4 thoughts on “3.26.19: “Right Path, Mate”

  1. Indolence IncK.

    When I first started watching Bandersnatch, I thought, hey this is pretty cool, but after awhile I realized I was making a lot of apparently ‘wrong’ choices & kept getting sent back to choose again. I felt like I was in some endless loop that I couldn’t get out of. Finally after not caring which choice to make or what the results would be I guess I lucked out & made the choices to where the movie would end. Just my little confused take on this movie…

    Liked by 1 person

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