3.30.19: The Week In Review


“And I, myself, have almost had like a form of psychosis back in the past where I basically thought everything was staged, even though I’m now learning a lot of times things aren’t staged.”
Alex Jones

Good grief, WHAT a week! Welcome to Butterfly Language, a look at the world inside and outside my head!


On this day in 1981, President Ronald Reagan was shot outside a Washington, D.C. hotel by a one John Hinckley Jr. In a strange twist of fate, the brother of Reagan’s would-be assassin was scheduled to have dinner with Vice-President George Bush senior’s son Neil the night of that assassination attempt—a fact (a fact) that Wikipedia doesn’t deem interesting enough to include in their Hinckley entry.


In my journal post “The De Niro Loop” I also go into the very strange thread of syncs involving Hinckley, the 1976 cult movie Taxi Driver, Taxi Driver’s star Robert De Niro, and Donald Trump. The upcoming “Joker” movie by Todd Phillips seems inexplicably determined to keep this sync thread going.

One more footnote on the subject: at the time Reagan was shot, the popular TV show The Greatest American Hero featured a protagonist named Ralph Hinkley…the last name had to be changed to Hanley to avoid confusion with the almost-assassin. Because…well, “good taste.” (Nowadays the show would probably just capitalize on the sensationalism by running a similar plot & perhaps participating with an in-joke on SNL).

“that’s HANLEY…Ralph HANLEY!”


I have not yet watched the Alex Jones deposition—nor have I gotten around to Jones’ latest on Joe Rogan. It is possible I am all Jonesed out.


If it is any comfort to his detractors, the man—who is exactly my age, minus 12 days—doesn’t look too healthy, and his Type-A personality can’t be helping that along. It is my suspicion that Jones—along with many other personalities/pundits/politicians of the Trump orbit—has gotten WAY over his head, probably in ways we don’t even fucking know about.

Of course, the most famous quote from his current deposition—brought on by angry Sandy Hook parents—is the one in which he claims he is suffering from a type of “psychosis”:

“And I, myself, have almost had like a form of psychosis back in the past where I basically thought everything was staged, even though I’m now learning a lot of times things aren’t staged. So I think, as a pundit, someone giving an opinion, that, you know, my opinions have been wrong; but they were never wrong consciously to hurt people.”


And it’s very interesting the way he said this, because when I was on his show in 2014 (I’d provide a link, but it’s not on YouTube anymore obvs) I did say to him (not in a “confrontational” way, but I did say to him) that I didn’t agree with all of his politics and ideology. And surprisingly, he answered in an equally non-confrontational way, saying that he believes in equality for “everyone,” regardless of blah blah and the other thing.

That’s great to say and all…

…but you know what? According to this new study, a lot of men aren’t getting laid at the moment. And you know two of the top categories of human individuals who are going to get scapegoated for this lack of poon?

  1. Intelligent Women
  2. LGBTQ Peeps



Maybe I don’t want to support people who say buzzwords—on purpose or no—who give angry people more ammo. Not because I think Jones necessarily has “blood” on his hands…but there’s enough people being shitty to other people out there. There’s just enough. 

Am I a “snowflake?”



Let’s move on to Trump himself & the Mueller Report (or lack thereof).


I haven’t checked into the Secret Sun blog in a while, but its latest post, “Let’s Warp the Timeline Again,” pretty much nails a lot of my feelings on Russiagate and related issues. Let me suss out some salient points.

It starts with this accurate (in my opinion) take on the “Spy vs Spy War” that seems to be playing out:

“There have been two competing conspiracy theory narratives at work, narratives that are mirror images of each other and tailored and packaged for their respective audiences. For the most part (but not entirely), the audience for these narratives is largely older-skewing Baby Boomers living out their ideological-warrior fantasies one last time before the Reaper calls them away.”

And to me, that’s exactly it…just the initial image of “Spy Vs. Spy,” and two parallel conspiracy narratives.


Then the post goes into the weirdness surrounding Michael Avenatti, his alleged connection with the sex cult NXIVM, and that scar on Stormy Daniels…

“Anyhow, with Avanatti and Garegos square in NXIVM’s camp, it reopens the whole issue of Stormy Daniels and the sex cult, and her scar and her tattoo and all the rest of it. With Daniels and Avanatti both kicked to the curb by their former allies, my money is on Daniels being a “former” NXIVM member.”

And from there go to Jeffrey Epstein (and I do have a “six degrees of kevin bacon” story in connection with this man, however “harmless”), Jussie Smollett, and…


…this observation regarding “witches” publicly claiming they are “hexing” Trump:

“First is that all this “Trump curse” witchery is doing exactly what I told all of you it was going to do, and backfiring spectacularly. 

Please forgive me for saying so, but you seriously have to be the dumbest fuck on Earth if you actually believe that Trump doesn’t have his own shadow cabinet of witches and warlocks, in a similar fashion to Trump-pal Tom “GOAT” Brady and his live-in sorceress, Gisele.”
…and now we’re getting into the nitty-gritty of it (esoterically-speaking), and why I don’t delve too deeply into this shit in my blog…
…this shit is so toxic, and so potentially worse than we know (or even dream of), that I literally just don’t want to know.
It’s like I don’t even want to speculate “prophetically” what the hell is going to happen with all this shit. I don’t want any part of it!
Not that I’m angry at people discussing all of it…it’s just like the whole thing gives me the heebie-jeebies…especially considering what we are all facing post-all that:
“…I can’t say, I only know I don’t believe anyone says about anything anymore.”
I have two more items I’ve recently read that I want to go over here, and I’m not sure if I can do it succinctly…
Let’s try:
The UFO Trail blog has a post called “Indoctrination By Any Other Name” that addresses cult-like elements of some of the UFO community. A key point? The participation of (sometimes unlicensed) hypnotists in “steering” UFO narratives…often involving women:

“Specific case studies supporting the point are available, as well. The events that befell Leah Haley and Emma Woods, just to name two of the many, are ethically atrocious. Both involved excessive hypnosis and blatant peer pressure, to put it mildly. Both involved wildly questionable actions of what purported to be educated authority figures (John Carpenter, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and MUFON honcho, in the circumstance of Haley, while David Jacobs, an Associate Professor of History and self-proclaimed expert of alien abduction, in the Woods saga).

In Haley’s case, a chorus of accusations of being a disinfo agent followed her rejection of the alien abduction narrative, among numerous other shameful occurrences. Similar accusations followed those who heard her out and wrote about it, which included yours truly.

Woods was threatened with circumstances ranging from doxing to public shaming if she continued to ask what were rational and overdue questions about, among other things, Jacobs’ entourage conducting hypnosis sessions on one another by telephone and text – which were allegedly getting hijacked by ET-human hybrids, no less. Woods eventually reviewed recordings of her dozens upon dozens of hypnosis sessions and published audio of indefensible behavior on the part of Jacobs, the amateur hypnotist.”

JFC, this is another case where I almost don’t want to know all the shenanigans involved here. But it reminds me of points I wrote about in my post “Go Ask Alice: The Trouble With Uncle Charlie.” Candidly…I would have almost certainly been one of those “MK Girls” with their “narratives” if it wasn’t for the fact that…well, shit, if it wasn’t for the fact that I found the writing of Robert Anton Wilson!
The last post I want to direct you to is only tangentially related…it’s a look at the work of pioneering “Elvis Is Alive” and “Biblical Aliens” conspiracy theorist Will Jima. Adam Gorightly gives us a pretty thorough overview of Jima’s work, much of which—regardless of how obscure—you can probably track down online.
Important point: Jima claimed to have alien contact during WHEN??? The SAME period of time as Wilson, Philip K. Dick, the Heaven’s Gate peeps, et al. Makes you really wonder, huh?
Hope you are having an awesome weekend, and rest assured I’ve got a lot of hopefully intriguing posts coming up for my Awesome April Spectacular!!!
actual recent documented evidence that I exist
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So: have a good Saturday (and…Sunday….)

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