4.5.19: The Magus Of Comedy


“If you can master nonsense as well as you have already learned to master sense, then each will expose the other for what it is: absurdity. From that moment of illumination, a man begins to be free regardless of his surroundings.”
–“Principia Discordia”

We’re going to go over some of the weird and wacky news; but first, Jerry Lewis.


I once saw Jerry Lewis in person at the New School. This was, obviously, before he died.


I got in through a contact. And it was just Lewis shooting the shit for like two hours. They treated him like a god; the fans. The question and answer session was just this constant procession of fans, approaching Lewis as if he was God. Literally one person after another, telling him how much his work meant to them. There really *were* no questions.

My favorite Jerry Lewis movie is 1965’s The Family Jewels. It’s about a little heiress whose father suddenly dies, leaving her to choose between 6 uncles: a sleepy old sea captain, a nasty circus clown, a nerdy professional fashion photographer, a possibly stoned lunatic pilot, a very cliche Sherlock Holmesian private investigator, and an evil mobster.


And there’s the girl’s faithful chauffeur, Willard—who I believe wears two left shoes or some other goofy gimmick like that. Anyway: believe it or not, Willard is pretty much the voice of reason out of all those guys.

Of course…all those guys, including Willard, are played by Mr. Jerry Lewis.

In the end, the little girl picked her chauffeur to be her guardian; because, I guess, he had the most baseline sanity.


That little girl wasn’t an idiot.

Though…of course…it must be pointed out once again: they were ALL Jerry Lewis.



We’ll go a little more in-depth with the past week’s happenings with “The Week In Review,” but let’s get a jump on it…

The intriguingly-named “Event Horizon” telescope might release the first-ever picture of a black hole during an April 10th press event. To be clear, a black hole apparently can’t be imaged; what we would be seeing is its actual event horizon. Cue:


New “consent” condoms can only be opened by two people, which will really help crack down on the responsible rapists who insist on wearing condoms before raping.

♥ Not sure if this was an April Fool’s prank or not, but a Russian article apparently states that the country has soldiers who “can telepathically crash computers & disrupt communications thru combat parapsychology learned from dolphins.” Wouldn’t that be a laugh riot and a hoot if pushing those rumors was the next big Russian bot task on social media? Somebody get Q Anon on the phone pronto for the next big storyline!


♦ Along those lines, The Mind’s Eye Podcast would like you to remember this quote by famous remote viewer Ingo Swann: “No significant advance in Psi (psychic phenomena) will ever be permitted by those who govern—because it MIGHT upset or alter all power structures on Earth.” Read my post “Unemployed X-Men” for my thoughts on why the “Men Who Stare At Goats” trope might have died out (maybe it’s scheduled for a comeback???).

Prince Harry wants Fortnite banned in the UK, saying: “The game shouldn’t be allowed…It’s created to addict. An addiction to keep you in front of a computer for as long as possible. It’s so irresponsible.” Isn’t this…isn’t this the dude who dressed like a Nazi for a costume party when he was a teenager? So he had his fun dressing like a Nazi, but now Fortnite’s gotta be banned?


♠ Remember how I wrote about sci-fi author Philip K. Dick’s claim that his channeled entity VALIS helped him overthrow Richard Nixon? Well, he said that VALIS dictated to him a series of letters to the media. I believe that this letter to the Wall Street Journal, recently tweeted by Jesse Walker, was one of those “channeled” missives:


♣ And the U.S. military is apparently taking a page from the classic 1984 movie The Last Starfighter and are recruiting at video game conventions. Hey, if it worked for them with all the Captain Marvel cross-promotion, more power to ’em! And that’s why you’ll never see Fortnite banned in the good ol’ U S of A!



Lastly…will the truth really set you free? Take the case of this Redditor who claims to have accidentally destroyed his entire family with just one $99 DNA test:

“We’ve all been seeing the recent craze of DNA testing and whatnot, so my dad and I decided to jump in the bandwagon and we bought 2 from 23andme. We got our results back a few days ago and I went into the DNA relatives section to check out my matches. At the top it listed my dad as only sharing 29.2% DNA with me and being predicted to be a half-brother, which is impossible. This didn’t make sense to me since we also shared a paternal haplogroup and we just look so alike, so he was definitely my father. My cousin also had taken the test a while back and she shared 24.6% with me, also predicted to be my half-sibling. We’re supposed to share around 12%, being 1st cousins.

I couldn’t think of a genetic relationship that would explain what I was seeing and I had doubts in the accuracy of the percentages, so I made this post on r/23andme, asking for help. Basically, the shared percentages are extremely accurate and highly unlikely to be false. The only realistic explanation for what I was seeing was that my uncle, my cousin’s father and my dad’s brother, is my father. Reality hit me in the face like a flying bag of bricks. All the dots lined up and I felt a sense of loss. I sat in my room for an hour just in shock and then I had a feeling of anger come over me. I needed some fucking answers.

Without even thinking, I rushed out of my room and confronted my mother downstairs.”

The rest was, as you can imagine, a regular slap-happy laugh-riot.



And so that is the question I ask: is the Truth “worth” so much—possesses this self-evidentiary “right” to be heard—that all sorts of human chaos is worth its revelation?

(Of course, muddying the waters even more is the fact that most people tend to reside in their own reassuring Reality Tunnels.)

Or: is the Truth an objective reality that has a knack of eventually burrowing its way to the surface—perhaps as initially harmless as some rando guy getting a DNA test for kicks for only $99?



In addition to The Family Jewels, another film in which Jerry Lewis played multiple roles—in a sense—is, of course, the original The Nutty Professor. In the following scene, the protagonist’s ultra-vain alter-ego, Buddy Love, sings “That Old Black Magic.” Part of the “joke” of The Nutty Professor, allegedly, was that in contrast to his usual lovable goofball routine, the “real” Lewis was more like the ironically-named Love.

I did not know Lewis personally, so I could hardly confirm if that was really the case. I’m sure Lewis, his critics, his fans, Dean Martin, and so many others would all have their own “take,” from deep within their own reality tunnels.

Have a good Friday.

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