4.7.19: Your Weird Week In Review


Russian soldiers can telepathically crash computers & disrupt communications thru “combat parapsychology” learned from dolphins, defence ministry journal says. They were able to “read a document in a safe even if it was in a foreign language we don’t know”
Alec Luhn, foreign correspondent for The Telegraph

It’s pretty wild that seven years after the guy shot up a movie theater during DARK KNIGHT RISES thinking he’s the Joker they basically made a movie about that guy becoming the Joker.
William Mullally

Immediately I missed the depth and psychosis of the girl who dumped me.
Val D’Orazio, “Conspiracy!”

Welcome to Butterfly Language’s Weird Week In Review!


Buzz Aldrin finally responded to the suggestion that NASA pick up the bags of human feces that him and his fellow astronauts left on the moon by tweeting a poop emoji. But the real news for me is the possibility, brought up by journalist Brian Resnick for Vox, that these literal shit-bags (96 of them) actually might be an invaluable scientific cornucopia (sorry) of human-borne bacteria combined with the mysteries of outer space:

Human feces can be disgusting, but they’re also teeming with life. Around 50 percent of their mass is made up of bacteria, representing some of the 1,000-plus species of microbes that live in your gut. In a piece of poop lives a whole wondrous ecosystem.

Planet Earth has hosted this life and so much more for upward of 3.9 billion years. The moon, as far as we know, has been sterile and lifeless that whole time.

With the Apollo 11 moon landing, we took microbial life on Earth to the most extreme environment it has ever been in. Which means the human feces — along with bags of urine, food waste, vomit, and other waste in the bags, which also might contain microbial life — on the moon represents a natural, though unintended, experiment.

My article “Attack Of The Mind Parasites And Other Microscopic Delights” explains why Resnick’s suggestion is both intriguing and a possible sci-fi horror movie waiting to happen.




The first thing that occurred to me when I read Jezebel’s (sorry) excerpt from Anna Merlan’s new book Republic Of Lies: American Conspiracy Theorists and Their Amazing Rise To Power is just how strikingly similar the cover design is to that of the classic must-read book Book of Lies: The Disinformation Guide to Magick and the Occult.


I guess this is where we’re at in the cultural zeitgeist at the moment.

The excerpt from the book details a public Pizzagate rally that gets crashed by an anti-Trump conspiracy theorist, almost provoking a riot. This sequence reminded me so much of my book Conspiracy! that dang it, here go download & read Conspiracy!

Conspiracy Cover.jpg

I wrote Conspiracy! in 2009, and a lot of it summed up—within a fictional context, of course—my impressions of the world of online fringe culture that I dipped my mangled pinky-toe into in the years immediately following 9/11. (Yes, I’ve COMPLETELY hijacked this theoretical “Week In Review” to plug my own goddamn book. It’s called, “multi-tasking”). I’ll do a larger post on Conspiracy! soon, but here’s just a preview cause I’m trying to be spontaneous.


Back to Merlan’s book…in the Jezebel excerpt, she references the idea of “nocturnal ritual fantasy”:

…a belief that shadowy groups are gathering at night to plot the overthrow of society while participating in the ritual abuse, torture, and/or murder of innocents, usually children.

Throughout the Middle Ages, it was popular to charge supposed heretical groups with meeting at night to solidify their bonds of friendship with orgies, black masses, and baby murder.

A lo and behold, that was pretty much the opening thesis of my recent post (see?! I fucking did it again!!!!) Ruminations By A Rogue Insect On The Possibility Of Evolution. The only difference being…I sometimes get the impression that writers like Merlan (and I have not read her entire book so I could be completely mischaracterizing here), in attacking things like Pizzagate and etc., sort of also want to throw out EVERYTHING that is not endorsed by “experts.” Which is to say: it seems like the reflex reaction to the admitted excesses and problematic aspects of Conspiracy Culture is this unquestioning appeal to the Authority of mainstream media and science. When in truth…part of the way human culture and knowledge has evolved over the centuries is exactly this questioning of  Authority.

It all has to be a balance, a constant state of critical thinking & evaluation. But that might not be a commonplace human trait.




Other articles and stories you might have missed:

  • Did radiation from a nearby nuclear waste site give beloved actor Michael Landon cancer?
  • Futurism goes deeper into the alleged Russian psychic supers-soldier story that made a big comeback over the past week.
  • There is already a conspiracy theory concerning the murder of rapper Nipsey Hustle.
  • In a twist, this Ukranian comedian who portrayed his country’s president might actually become their president. (Alec Baldwin for President!)
  • Witchcraft in the age of Trump: “The notion of witchcraft as a spiritual movement with political underpinnings may still be a foreign idea to many Millennial witches, whose witchcraft practice tends to be steeped in pop culture imagery. And yet, Millennials’ savvy and constant use of personal technology has catalyzed renewed interest in witchcraft from a number of unexpected avenues. Witchcraft is undergoing a full-blown cultural revival, seen in the intersecting realms worlds of art,fashion, media, and performance culture. Further, just as many young people are now energized and inspired to become politically active to oppose Trump, it seems that the witchcraft community is now poised to offer avenues of expression and activism not previously considered by a young generation in search of personal transformation through social upheaval. Resistance is an act of magic, and vice versa.”

And finally…yes, Drudge Report really went there: hjhlhl.jpg

And thus the Joker as Political Icon once again rears its rictus grin, just in time for that new movie!


So much more to write, as always—have a good Sunday, and if you’re walking down the streets of New York City, watch out for the ultra-cool moves of Emo Peter (EDIT: who, now that I think of it, reminds me a LOT of the protagonist of my novel!).

One thought on “4.7.19: Your Weird Week In Review

  1. Unterschartfuhrer RockNRolla

    Dont sweat it Val, John Michael Greer is another writer whose ideas are often reproduced years later without credit, sedulously scrubbed of any trace of their origin or context. Take it as a complement, it is the fate of many a fringe writing Operative Mage. Your mission may be to seed these things into mainstream consciousness and in this you are succeeding admirably. I bet it does suck for you, though.
    Good things happen to good people and you seem like a good person to me.

    Keep Smilin



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