4.10.19: The Event Horizon, For Reals This Time


“The simple, most basic but still unrecognized truth is that any rationally consistent understanding of the universe cannot avoid the recognition that, ultimately, it is not physical, cosmological, quantum-mechanical or neurological events of any sort but rather awareness itself that necessarily ‘comes first’ in the fundamental order of things.”
–Peter Wilberg, “Event Horizon: Terror, Tantra, and the Ultimate Metaphysics Of Awareness”

Welcome to Butterfly Language, a look at the world inside and outside my head!

Well, we finally did it folks…we took a picture not really of a *black hole*…but an EVENT HORIZON.

Us hairless apes actually took a fucking photo of the fucking event horizon.


I’m not prepared at (checks time) 11 AM in the morning to go over ALL the synchromystic aspects of what has just happened.

The fact that #Sauron is trending on Twitter right now tells you a lot about what you immediately need to know.

But I kid, I kid.

Seriously, folks…personally, I feel that this is a pretty big fucking deal, on the same level as the first pics of Earth from space (if you believe in that sort of thing…that is a separate fucking goddamn conversation).

If we go back to the 1968/1969 “re-cycle” model that I’ve only been hitting you over the head with for about a year (read my Nixon & Manson articles)…this is on the level of the Moon Landing (if you believe in that sort of thing…as I said, that is a separate fucking goddamn conversation). This is our Moon Landing “moment,” in the current era. With EVERYTHING this means in terms of its respective symbology.

More on all this in the days, weeks, months to follow.



Just in 1968-1969, we have our…



Manson Girls:


OMG space moment:


White Album:


I think we got the better deal, don’t you?


Have a good and fruitful Wednesday.

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