4.19.19: The Walk Of Life


Welcome to Butterfly Language, a look at the world inside and outside my head!

As I’ve explained recently on Twitter, last year I “unpublished” a great deal of the posts on this site. At least 300 of them.

I did this because…I dunno, I wanted to “fit in.” I wanted to rebuild a career as a “vanilla” writer. If I ever truly had that type of career to begin with. I didn’t want people—my “peers” at the time—to think my interests were strange.

But instead of making my life better, these attempts at self-censorship seemed to make my life worse. 2018, for me, was a bear; and I don’t mean in a good way. My luck was so terrible that year, in fact…that it was almost funny.


Over the last several weeks I’ve rededicated myself to what I feel is my True Path…which is not always easy, often is terrifying in the sense of insecurity. And my goal, this week in particular, was to “restore” as many of those unpublished posts as possible.

And I did that all yesterday. Reformatting & republishing posts. And at the end of the day, I got an official stamped letter from the NYC tax peeps informing me that my massive debt was “voided.”

The thing is…it was receiving sudden news of that debt right before Christmas of last year (including my bank account getting seized) that was the “instigating incident” for the next 4 intense months of introspection—introspection that I had often did, “uncensored,” on this blog.

It was a true Chapel Perilous moment—a Dark Night (Dark Knight?) Of The Soul. But it was, in retrospect, really the best thing that could have happened to me. It forced me to face a LOT of shit. And as I said…it eventually put me back on the right path.

This all, of course, does not mean I won’t face future Chapel Perilouses. I’ve made big headway with my back taxes, but I still have a bit to go. It’s just that the most immediate crisis—a seemingly overwhelming crisis that I was dealing with for 4 months—has now been resolved.

Anyway. I just feel really grateful. And I’m never getting off this path again (except…when I do. And then I go back once again.)


Here are 50 posts I’ve just republished that you may or may not have read:



“Thanks For The Memories” By Brice Taylor

“Rule By Secrecy” By Jim Marrs

Sinister Forces” By Peter Levenda

“Dead Wrong” by Richard Belzer

Heavy Metal’s “Magick Special”

“American Anarchist”


Journal Entries:

11.6.17: Desensitization

6.25.17: Defying The Ferryman

11.19.17: The Limits Of Altruism

12.26.17: The Ten Videos That Defined 2017 (At Least, To Me)

4.20.18: This Grand Archetypal Loss

4.21.18: There’s Something About Chloe


4.23.18: Into The Blue Again

4.24.18: Defending The Narrative

4.25.18: The Rant

5.6.18: The Ki-Ki Prophecy

5.20.18: Rats Vs. Koalas



The Man Who Is Becoming An Elf (A Modern Archetype?)

An Ode To The Human Ken Doll

There Is No “Opt Out” For Humanity On The Future

Director Paul Schrader On The Future: “There Will Be A Post-Human Species”

The Great “Starman” Ritual

DaVinci Code Author Claims God Will Be Replaced By AI-Led “Collective Consciousness”


“Nexus Dawn” And The Faustian Bargain

Sean Parker: Tech Innovations Will Create “Class of Immortal Overlords”

Elon Musk Believes The Only Way Humans Can Survive AI Is To Become One With It

Freemasonry In The Age Of 3D Printed Buildings

Our Brilliant Future: A Transhumanism Tale


Celebrity Suicides:

The New Fatalism

The New Fatalism, Part Two

The New Fatalism, Part 3

Some Words On The Avicii Suicide And The Latest Celebrity Conspiracy Theory



Scientist Believes “Aliens” Are Really Robots Billions Of Years Old

Kyle Vs. The Amphibian Aliens From Mars

Some Esoteric Thoughts About This Venom Trailer

Various Rabbit Holes:

Did A Dead Man Use A TV Set To Communicate With His Friends?

The Mysterious Disappearances In U.S. National Parks

U.S. Government “Accidentally” Leaks Mind-Control Docs To The Press


The RFK/Nixon Eternal Narrative

Have The Remains Of The Buddha Been Found In China?

Role Of Jack Parsons Cast In New TV Show “Strange Angel”

Born On This Day: Jack Parsons

The 10 Most Paranoid Music Videos Of All Time


The Bruno Borges Saga:

The Strange Disappearance Of Bruno Silva Borges

Bruno Borges Room Now Open To Public As Shrine

Is Bruno Borges The Reincarnation Of Giordano Bruno?

Doctor Believes Bruno Borges Was “Guided By Spirits”

Breaking The Bruno Borges Code


“Reality Crisis”:

Online Reality IS A Reality (It’s Just Not “Reality”)

Schrödinger’s Assange



I’m going to turn my focus now back to Patreon exclusive content & videos.

Have a wonderful & blessed Easter, Passover, Pre-Walpurgisnacht, or just a lovely Spring weekend. And thanks for everything!

One thought on “4.19.19: The Walk Of Life

  1. David Davis

    I too sometimes wonder if my online persona is too weird. I have aliens working for me, assembling comics for real newspapers. At other time it seems perfectly normal. No matter what I do, my family is going to view me as weird, because that’s how my family dynamic went. I looked at a few of your old posts (aliens), and they didn’t seem that far out. But then again, I have aliens working for me. Congratulations on making headway on your taxes.


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