Boss Babies And Ascended Masters


Boss Baby: I’m on a mission from above.
Tim: Huh? Are you the baby Jesus?!
–“The Boss Baby”

The Boss Baby is an enjoyable movie for the most part; certainly not on the level of something like The Incredibles, but fast-paced, often funny, and with decent animation.

But the central premise of the film—that a “fake” baby with an adult soul was sent down from heaven to prevent a conspiracy against humanity—gets into certified religious territory.


The “Boss Baby,” Theodore (theo dore=god love), fulfills in many ways what occultist Aleister Crowley referred to as “The Aeon Of Horus.” This is an age, which we are currently hip-deep in, based on the “energy” of Horus the child god—being one of great innovation and evolutionary leaps, but with a distinctly unpredictable, disruptive, and occasionally rude/trollish vibe. Theodore is similarly rude/trollish.

When Theodore arrives, he turns the idyllic life of his older brother, Timothy, upside down—much as the “New Age” turns traditional society upside down.


Tim makes it clear that he is a big fan of the traditional family unit, which he symbolizes at one point with a triangle encompassing him and his parents. In that triangle what we see is the “traditional” archetypal family (at least per the Ancient Egyptians, etc.): mother/father/child. (in terms of Egyptian mythology, Isis/Osiris/Horus)

the “perfect” family

But when Boss Baby arrives, everything is in disarray—the perfect structured lifestyle is upended in what Tim considers to be chaos. And he has been basically supplanted as the Horus figure. This strange new creature—of possibly heavenly/divine origin—has literally taken over.

But the kicker is when it is revealed that Theodore has a fully adult mind (not to mention physical dexterity). And more than an adult mind…he is on a mission, from a land in the clouds called “Baby Corp” that looks suspiciously like Heaven.

Baby Corp/Heaven

And so Theodore is a fully mature soul on a very special mission who incarnates as an ordinary human baby.

As if to drive the point home with a cute CGI sledgehammer, Tim asks him, “are you Jesus?” To which Theodore thinks for a moment and replies: “Yes, I’m Jesus.”

Of course, that answer is *supposed* to be sarcastic…I guess?…but what happens next really seals the deal.

Theodore gives Tim a “special” pacifier” and the two go on what is clearly a psychedelic vision quest to Baby Corp/Heaven:

There they see the hall dedicated to the other special and accomplished Baby Bosses who clearly are supposed to be some analogue of the “Ascended Masters”:

the Ascended Baby Masters

The mission, by the way, is to stop a rogue Baby Boss/Ascended Master from replacing babies in the hearts of the adult populace with something called the “Forever Puppy.” If dog spelled backwards is “god,” maybe this plot is contextualized as some sort of “antichrist”/posthuman type thing.

Antichrist Puppy

Though Tim was originally resistant to Theodore because he didn’t want to be “replaced”—as the more traditional past era (the Aeon of Osiris) is replaced with that of Horus—he has come to understand not to be afraid of the change. And he also understands that the future will be one where the babies are essentially wiped out in favor for the rather artificial-looking eternal puppies—unless he helps the Savior, who was sent to Earth to inhabit a human body.


There is, of course, another way to interpret “The Boss Baby”—more in line with the “Creepypasta” cartoon conspiracies of which “Bart Is Dead” is the most famous. At the end of the movie, Baby Boss must go back to Baby Corp to get a promotion for succeeding in his mission. All trace of Theodore, including memories of him, are erased by these alien-looking babies in contamination suits.

Since it’s established that Tim has an overactive imagination, perhaps the entire story of Boss Baby has been about…his mom’s miscarriage.


The plot can be seen as Tim’s way of dealing with his guilt over initially not wanting a baby brother, and then his mom losing the child. Theodore going back to Baby Corp is symbolic of the baby going to Heaven. Then at the very end when a new baby brother is finally brought home—this is really a *new* baby who has survived.

Anyway. Some rather different “takes” on The Boss Baby.


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