4.22.19: The One About Earth Day


“What is real is not the external form, but the essence of things”
–Constantin Brancusi

Welcome to Butterfly Language, a look at the world inside and outside my head!

And so we consider the paradox of Earth Day—a holiday celebrating Mother Earth supposedly created by a man convicted of murdering his girlfriend. But despite the popular lore linking Ira Einhorn with the environmental holiday, the event’s proponents have publicly disputed the connection. In fact, you will find no mention of his name in the official Wikipedia entry on Earth Day…so I guess that settles it.

Ira Einhorn

Going one step further down the rabbit hole (oh, and you can go quickly down said hole when you start even cursory research into this), Einhorn himself claimed that he was framed for the murder of Holly Maddux by CIA/KGB/shadowy-types as retaliation for his investigation of Cold War “psychotronic” weapons:

In his article “A Disturbing Communiqué,” Einhorn advanced the opinion that the Russians were engaged in a sinister mind control experiment of Orwellian dimensions; they were sending out a specific “beam” across the Western world. Were they trying to brainwash the non-communist countries?

What is the truth, here? Even per his own extensive diaries, Einhorn had a history of roughing up his girlfriends. It was his hope that by attending the new agey Esalen in the 1960s that he could “tame” his darker urges. Soon, he became a hippie “toast of the town” and extremely popular. That all ended in 1977 when Maddux’s moldy body was found in a trunk in Einhorn’s closet. He was then dubbed “The Unicorn Killer,” a reference not to etherial beauty Maddux but to the meaning of Einhorn’s own last name.

Holly Maddux and Ira Einhorn

In-between all this, claimed Einhorn, he researched & wrote about so-called psychotronic weapons.

What is the truth here?

Quoting again the thorough Paranoia Magazine article on the subject,

In April 1953, CIA chief Allen Dulles gave a lecture at Princeton University detailing Soviet developments in the field of mind control. He stated they were out to control the minds of free men, both individually and collectively. Dulles argued that brainwashing had effectively enabled the Soviets to tamper with the mind until it became “a phonograph playing a disk put on its spindle by an outside genius over which it has no control.” With this control now in place, Dulles proclaimed that the Cold War was moving into a new era of psychological warfare, which Dulles characterised as the battle for men’s minds. “We might call it in its new form brain warfare.” His sentiments were echoed in 1955, when KGB chief Lavrenti Beria, Dulles’ Soviet counterpart, stated that, “There will never be an atomic war, for Russia will have subjected all of her enemies.”

Of course, obviously the idea that the Russians would use such a device—a “nooscope,” perhaps—to stage a bloodless American coup is completely out of the realm of possibility. Ask Glenn Greenwald, he’ll tell ya.

what a psychotronic weapon might look like

What is the truth, here?

Here’s what I think.

  1. The answer to the question as to who really created Earth Day is murky, because most likely it was a movement spawned by a number of individuals in different ways. Einhorn played his part to popularize it, and, per his self-aggrandizing nature, most likely exaggerated his connection to the event’s creation. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t have a connection to it.
  2. Einhorn was most likely a bully and a brute who roughed up his girlfriends.
  3. Einhorn did research psychotronic weapons.
  4. Per CIA chief Allen Dulles in 1953, psychotronic weapons did exist.
  5. That Einhorn killed Maddux & then hid her body is completely within the realm of possibility.
  6. Einhorn might also have been “targeted,” or at least put on some sort of “list,” for his research.

As always, as always…lost in the center of these onions of conspiracy is the collateral damage…the actual unicorn, the girl…the body in the trunk. The woman’s body, an analogue for the Earth Mother whom any number of “woke” people profess to love but secretly resent and fear.


Because despite the cloying and sentimental brand marketing of “Mother Earth,” she is a fearsome, fearsome beast of extreme and uncontrollable power, to which any of the scores of humanity decimated by floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, and even the relative passive-aggressiveness of famine can attest to.

Happy Earth Day.

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