4.23.19: The Work Of The Wand


“I’m the harbinger of the eschaton. I can also do project management.”

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The man on today’s post header is, of course, the ever-lovin’ Jack Parsons. I’ve talked about Jack quite a bit here…maybe too much, maybe not enough.

The trailer for season two of the TV show (loosely) based on his life, Strange Angel, has recently dropped:

This season, Jack apparently gets a sigil carved into his chest—you know, just like in real life!


To briefly recap: Jack Parsons was a brilliant rocket scientist who was also into heavy occult stuff. He performed rituals in the desert with L. Ron Hubbard which, in the opinion of this writer, opened up “portals” allowing all types of extra/intra-dimensional entities to get through to out world (you know…just like in the first Avengers movie!).

While the Hubbard incident gets all the fame, it’s what happened later—after Parsons was blacklisted from his industry & his erstwhile friend stole his woman, money, and even boat (!)—that I think was even more important.

insert penis size joke here

As Parsons detailed in his Book Of The Antichrist:

Now it came to pass even as BABALON told me, for after receving Her Book I fell away from Magick, and put away Her Book and all pertaining thereto. And I was stripped of my fortune (the sum of about $50,000) and my house, and all I Possessed.

Then for a period of two years I worked in the world, recouping my fortune somewhat. But that was also taken from me, and my reputation, and my good name in my worldly work, that was in science.

And on the 31st of October, 1948, BABALON called on me again, and I began the last work, that was the work of the wand. And I worked for 17 days, until BABALON called me in a dream, and instructed me on an astral working. Then I reconstructed the temple, and began the Black Pilgrimage, as She instructed.

does this look like a man who would have been irresponsible with magick?

So Parsons was basically throwing in everything including the kitchen sink at this point. Because…he had nothing to lose anymore.

We should also note that somewhere in all this, he took Aleister Crowley’s Oath of The Abyss—which is pretty heavy machinery, if you believe in all this hocus-pocus. Wrote Parsons: “And thereafter I returned and swore the Oath of the Abyss, having only the choice between madness, suicide, and that oath. But the Oath in no wise ameliorated that terror, and I continued in the madness and horror of the abyss for a season.”

Which is all to say…go watch the new season of Strange Angel…I’m not sure how very accurate it is, but it’s nice that Jack has his own TV show!



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Have a good Tuesday, folks!

I know I will!


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