4.25.19: Emperor And Hierophant


Last night I encountered a dream cat with a very long neck and a body like a human fetus, gray and transluscent. I don’t know what it needs or how to provide for it. Another dream years ago of a human child with eyes on stalks. It is very small, but can walk and talk “Don’t you want me?” Again, I don’t know how to care for the child. But I am dedicated to protecting and nurturing him at any cost! It is the function of the Guardian to protect hybrids and mutants in the vulnerable stage of infancy.
–William S. Burroughs

Welcome to Butterfly Language, a look at the world inside and outside my head!

Heading today’s post is an author I’ve talked about a bunch of times here: William S. Burroughs.

Yesterday I had the occasion to read one of the earliest still-existing things I ever wrote, —from 1990—called “Little Nemo Goes To Hell.” A high-school creative writing piece, printed out on a daisy-wheel. I hadn’t read Burroughs at that point yet, but I could see how I would have grokked to his work. Psychedelic stuff…only I wasn’t taking any psychedelics.


My hippie creative writing teacher picked the most profane and personal pieces from my modest oeuvre to put into the annual high-school poetry magazine…which not only horrified my mother, but got the teacher herself in a bit of trouble.

I told my teacher I ultimately wanted to write comic books, which she thought was an utter disaster of an idea—as she explained to me that comics were “low class.”

This advice repeated itself as I attended college. By that point, I had moved out of my mom’s house years ago, and was living in a community filled with artists, junkies, professors, alcoholics, alcoholic professors, thieves, junkie artists, thieves who were also filmmakers, low-grade mystics…and, indeed, a few comic book fans. But generally, I felt I was maintaining the company of the type of crowd that Burroughs himself might have associated with back in the day.

Moreover, I was attending Brooklyn College—where Beat Generation icon Allen Ginsberg was teaching! It was my dream-among-dreams that perhaps Ginsberg would invite his old friend Burroughs to the campus, that I might run into him…that the same way Burroughs studied under Alfred Korzybski, I could study under Burroughs.

Of course…that never happened. But I did have some interesting adventures.


Well, Biden’s running for president. I’m going to crack open this dream from 2004 again:

The respected Senator (who kind of looks like Joe Biden, but I really think it was someone else) who does the lecture on the New World Order (though he never calls it that). He invites a bunch of people to come, including many senators and even John Kerry. Everybody thinks this is going to be a normal presentation and have no idea what is in store for them. The senator shows these slides that illustrate his points. One is one called the “Helping Twins” which shows Kerry & another politician (Bush?) winding around each other like snakes on a caduceus. Another is of a lion and other big cats: it’s about how they represent one class of people, and there is another, smaller group of predatory animals under them, and how these two relatively small groups feed on the vast numbers of the rest of the animal population. By now some people in the audience are clearly uncomfortable. Kerry looks extremely uncomfortable to be there, and he keeps clearing his throat, tugging at his tie, and looking back at the exit. During a slight pause in the lecture, a bunch of people get up & head for the exit, using this as their excuse to leave. I stay as well as some others—most of the people who stay are everyday folks, they clutch the program brochure in their hands as if it contains valuable information.

There’s no commentary I have regarding this dream right now, other than at the time, Biden was barely on my radar. But this dream always made me “bookmark” him for future reference.


I mean…I’m kind of done with the “two party” political system in the United States. I think there are a massive amount people in dire need of many important things in this country, and we’re getting to the point where we need to forgive the college tuition debts, and give people affordable physical & mental healthcare, and don’t completely destroy the environment, and give people a fucking reason to continue breeding (or even just fucking). And we either do this, and give the public some hope…or we give up, completely fuck this planet and go on to fuck other planets…the rich are the only ones that can afford to have their (designer) babies…and air-in-a-can, and so on and so on.


We have to do what we can to help our fellow passengers on this planet. We cannot depend solely on the good intentions of our leaders. We have to just step outside our door and fucking help people, or share ideas, or do something.



Have a good Thursday.


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