4.28.19 B: The Walrus Really WAS Paul


I say “High”, you say “Low”.
You say “Why?” And I say “I don’t know”.
Oh no.
You say “Goodbye” and I say “Hello, hello, hello”.
I don’t know why you say “Goodbye”, I say “Hello, hello, hello”.
–The Beatles, “Hello, Goodbye”

“Hello, Goodbye” is my favorite Beatles music video. And before you say music videos weren’t invented then, this is indeed a music video.

I’ve listened to the Beatles since I was very very young, because my father had a small collection of their original records. As soon as I was old enough to have the reading comprehension for such things, I began to pour through various Beatles bios from the library. And the general impression I got was that, in general, John Lennon was the prickly asshole who essentially wanted to shed their squeaky-clean image, and eventually led to the Beatles breaking up.

But if you study the dynamics of the video for “Hello, Goodbye,” you can witness that this really was not the case. Note how strangely passive John is in this video…and how aggressive Paul McCartney is.


It was Paul who pushed the Beatles into their groovy psychedelic new direction, and this video is really a “document” claiming the credit for such. Note his arrogant body language in the video; once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

This is all not a dig at Paul. I loved the Beatles’ new direction. It was necessary; and it might have even changed the world.


It’s just…funny. Because Lennon (and, hell: Yoko) got such a bad rap for being the “rebellious” one. Whereas Paul seemed like the “agreeable” one who only wanted to write “silly love songs.”


But it’s clear Paul was steering the ship.

But who was steering Paul’s ship?

Anyway, that’s just some last-minute music-related musings on a Sunday morning.


And then…of course…there is this most recent Paul video co-starring Emma Stone in some sort of MKUltra Girl fantasy…

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