4.28.19: The Horus On My Shoulder

For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect.jpg

“It is the Horus on my shoulder.”
–Journal, 4/22/15

Welcome to Butterfly Language, a look at the world inside and outside my head!

Here is a confession, right up front (you ready?): I sometimes listen to “Paul Is Dead” conspiracy videocasts to help me fall asleep. I know I talked about ASMR last post, but these “Paul” vids really do the trick themselves; not necessarily because they are so boring they expertly knock me into unconsciousness, but because they are oddly “comforting.”


I don’t, generally, believe in “Paul Is Dead.” That’s why the videos are so comforting. They exist…in their own sort of deeply-detailed “bubble” of belief. Their own highly-embroidered reality-tunnel. And yet…there is not a lot in this theory that really references my current reality or fears or assorted bugaboos. So there is this escapism.

And “Paul Is Dead” lore is mutating into really bizarre territories, even for a conspiracy theory that is already quite bizarre. The latest, buoyed by the VERY strange book The Memoirs Of Billy Shears, is that Paul McCartney was either mentored by Aleister Crowley…or even that Crowley sired him.

i mean…crowley *was* on the cover of sgt. pepper’s, after all…

So I was quite interested in reading the recent article in Paranoia: The Conspiracy Reader entitled “50 YEARS AGO—WAS CROWLEY BEHIND THE ‘PAUL IS DEAD’ HOAX?” It doesn’t reference the Billy Shears book, but it does speak to the same occult symbology behind the “Paul Is Dead” mythos that R. Gary Patterson discusses in The Walrus Was Paul:

“Crowley understood the significance and sacred symbolism behind the beetle. In Egyptian mythology, the scarab, or dung beetle, was believed to be the incarnation of the beetle-headed god Khepera, who ruled over resurrection and fertility, symbolic of the rising sun, rebirth and creation. Synchronistically, if not consciously, The Beatles would carry the mandate of Khepera and become the sun center of our musical universe…

This process of transforming the dead matter of dung into renewed life represents initiation in the Egyptian mysteries. Paul’s “death,” rather than being literal, should be interpreted as symbolic of initiation. The candidate for initiation represents Osiris, who was murdered by his brother Set. Osiris’ consort Isis reassembles his body then gives birth to the resurrected god Horus, thus completing the cycle of death and rebirth.”

And that’s exactly how I see “Paul Is Dead.” It is a highlyarchetypal mythology. And, if you have learned nothing else from these posts at all…it’s the idea that the deeper and more primal and subconscious the archetype evoked, the more powerful the symbol.


Now, as to whether the Beatles purposely evoked such imagery as part of a sinister occult “plot” (and it is at this point that I have to admit that there is a heavy element of “Satanic Panic” in a lot of “Paul Is Dead”), or whether they merely subconsciously “channeled” it (literally or figuratively)…that’s open for debate.


Sundays I try to do “Week In Review,” but I’m a little tired & I think I’m just going to sort of wing it with whatever comes readily to mind. Certainly, we had Avengers: Endgame come out…these movies with their exceptionally Biblical imagery of the Rapture (that’s the “snap” folks…and it’s not even a little bit obscured from the ultimate source material). I mean, talk about the deep/primal/subconscious/powerful archetype evoked!


We humans—or, mainstream society in general—go about as if these ancient symbols are no longer relevant. As if the ancient impulses are no longer relevant. And yet…these symbols/impulses are “active” everywhere!

Spider-Man has the archetypal alien/Lam design on his face. Captain America’s symbol is the Star…you can go look into the more esoteric roots of old American symbology for more insight (and Cap also has the little wings on his head like Hermes). The Hulk is Frankenstein, and the Bomb (the latter being a relatively “newish” archetype, one that would be combined with Shiva for Dr. Manhattan). Thor at least is obvious, right?


And of course, Iron Man


I compared Thanos in an earlier post to Shiva, but perhaps he is really more like that fearsome Old Testament God. Alternatively, he can be seen, as is Hulk/Dr. Manhattan, as a relatively modern deity…the one that, in a strange way, encapsulates the “flavor” of the Georgia Guidestones and their plea to keep the human population reduced.

Point is…these symbols and archetypes are still vital upon the landscape of the vast mass subconsciousness. There are old stories that are told over and over and over again in millions of different ways since the beginning of time.


“The tribal ceremonies of birth, initiation, marriage, burial, installation, and so forth, serve to translate the individual’s life-crises and life-deeds into classic, impersonal forms. They disclose him to himself, not as this personality or that, but as the warrior, the bride, the widow, the priest, the chieftain; at the same time rehearsing for the rest of the community the old lesson of the archetypal stages.”
–Joseph Campbell


What archetype do you resonate? Perhaps we resonate different archetypes at different times. I feel I have been, in my life, the Trickster and the Priest and the Ingenue…Who am I resonating now? The Fool? The High Priestess? Both?


Have a good Sunday.

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