4.30.19: One For The Eggman


“Diane! I’m holding in my hand a small box of chocolate bunnies.”
–Dale Cooper, “Twin Peaks”

Welcome to Butterfly Language, a look at the world inside and outside my head!

Great news, fam…it’s Walpurgisnacht once again! We’ve made it to another one! I know! Right?



Hey, remember when they did all those videos on YouTube and such about pop stars being so-called “mind-controlled” and driven insane and basically MKUltra’ed and stuff like that?


And so…almost a decade after the “heyday” of this type of fringey-cringey type of conspiracy material, there is now an actual discussion in the MSM regarding EXACTLY THAT in relation to Britney Spears. Iconic photographer/director David LaChapelle weighs in:

I have known Britney since she was 17. I shot her first cover, Rolling Stone, it was shot in Louisiana at her family home, filled with pageant trophies. I could tell even back then something wasn’t right.


LaChapelle goes on to comment regarding an unreleased music video he shot with Britney, in which he claims he was told that she had to appear in a cage:

“…the video/song wasn’t released because Britney didn’t like it. Her voice as an artist, should be respected. The only direction Britney ever gave me for this video is for me to film her in the cage.

He continued, ‘At the time I didn’t understand why would you want to be filmed in a cage? At first I envisioned to film her as a tigress, but she wanted to be filmed more timid, like a kitten. For everyone on my team, at least, we could tell something was off.'”

In another video, LaChapelle claims, Britney specified that she had to be filmed “dying.”


I don’t see how any of this is really a “conspiracy theory”…Haven’t child stars been manipulated by their parents and handlers since the golden age of Hollywood? Wasn’t Michael Jackson rendered a completely insane person by years of dealing with his brutal manager-dad?

Isn’t the real question not if this is the work of the “Illuminati” or MKUltra but rather…what type of actual human suffering goes into our popular entertainment? Even broader question: why is it taboo to inquire about said human suffering in the creation of capitalist “products?”

giphy-2 copy.gif

Britney Spears has been run through the Machine for decades, continually portrayed as explicitly a sex object while still in her teens. Is that “MKUltra?” Or is “MKUltra,” as used in these conspiracy circles, just another way of referring to the sort of exploitative cockfuckery that is as old as time?

I mean, isn’t that the entire Laura Palmer storyline???

giphy-2 copy


And then…of course…we have to admit to ourselves that a lot of the lurid “MKUltra Girls” narratives (as exemplified by the Brice Taylor theoretical auto-bio Thanks For The Memories) are really just an excuse to get one’s rocks off on said lurid narratives under the guise of “fighting the Illuminati.”


It’s an old, old Grindhouse tactic…used from the dawn of the motion picture…a supposed exposé on social ills such as sex trafficking or war crimes which is really just a disguised soft-core fetish porno.

And I’m not saying this as a criticism of said Grindhouse tactic…I’m just saying, the phenomenon we know as the Conspiracy Theory has a lot of shades and layers and aspects and interested parties…



And I could not let the day pass without noting that super-synchromystic resonator Jim Carrey stars in the new Sonic The Hedgehog movie as…wait for it…



Of course….”Eggman” also related to the Beatles & Paul McCartney, who I’ve been writing about the last few posts


Then there’s the “Golden Egg” that Uri Geller supposedly gave John Lennon…or Lennon supposedly gave Geller…or that Aliens supposedly gave to **somebody**.

With the arrival of Walpurgisnacht we are officially leaving “wabbit season” and egg season and are heading into the Dog(star) Days of Summer…

At any rate, I feel that whatever “message” I was trying to derive by doing my Beatles meditation, I think I found it…so onto new symbologies, resonances, obsessions, trifles, and archetypal grooves.

Have a good Tuesday.

Is it wrong that I’m more interested in Paul Rudd re-doing that old Dead Or Alive video than I am the entire of Avengers: Endgame?

Am I just a big Nut? You can tell me. I won’t be offended.

3 thoughts on “4.30.19: One For The Eggman

  1. harveyparadox

    That MK ultra style child manipulation is as old as the hills, and although we SEE it in entertainers because they are very visible, a huge majority of the achievers in our society were put through that sort of training by their parents and their teachers etc. Just look at the leader in chief. Ever wonder why it’s hard to find a human doctor? Lawyers, politicians, financial people… This stuff is prevalent, it’s legion. It’s how the elite raise their children.

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