5.6.19: The One With The Anachronism


“The law of the irreversability of cosmic time, so terrible to those who are dwelling in illusion, is no longer binding upon the Buddha. For him, time is reversible and can even be anticipated, for the Buddha knows not the past only, but also the future.”
–Albert D’Souza, “Studies In Religious Imagination In Symbolism”

Welcome to Butterfly Language, a look at the world inside and outside my head!

A Starbucks cup was apparently left in-shot in last night’s Game Of Thrones. Not in a subtle manner, tucked away in a dark corner—but prominently, in front of major character Daenerys:


This is a fuck-up of such colossal proportions that I have a hard time believing a) that this isn’t just some sort of Internet hoax or b) this wasn’t an actual secret highly anachronistic product placement with Starbucks.

But to me, it is also a reminder of the fact that no matter how…”medieval” (if that is indeed the right word) the GoT universe is, it strikes a chord with viewers because its ideas and passions transcend time.


To be blunt: the reason Game of Thrones is such a huge hit for so long is because it neatly and with great pageantry describes the current Zeitgeist. The series began a year before “turning point” 2012, and swept through the following eight years of geopolitical intrigue.

Somewhere (chronologically-speaking) after my Messenger Shiva series lies another that I actually completed several years ago: The Year of the Mask.


The Year of the Mask started in the Summer of 2012, when James Holmes attacked a midnight screening of the then-new Dark Knight Rises movie…and ended right after the Boston Bombing in Spring of 2013. In-between I observed an INORDINATE amount of resonances between current events and pop-culture—sometimes the pop-culture predicting the current events to an uncanny degree.

The Year of the Mask was when a “Voltron Robot” of several different factors started to assemble: politics, conspiracy culture, and geek culture. The result of this robot-assembly is the era we are currently living in, and are poised to pass out of as we drift into 2020.


Most of those posts are no longer on this site—but are archived in their entirety. One of the ones I left published was called “Geek Will Eat Itself”:

…geek culture was becoming increasingly political, even seeming to impact actual politics itself. In the process, a lot of what made comics and superhero movies fun was being destroyed…which would seem to back up my boss’ claim that all the politics/ideology/criticism should be removed from the coverage.

But there was something BIGGER forming from all this swirling soup of pop-culture fans, online controversy, and a shifting political tone. It was all like…a runaway train I could see coming down the tracks from hundreds of miles away. And it was all leading to this sort of…singularity.

Insert “acid” gif here.


Thank you.

I was thinking of rolling The Year of the Mask into Messenger Shiva…but I might just wrap up the latter and re-rollout the former.

Whatever would be most…ZEITGEISTY.



So if around 1998-2008 was the age of Messenger Shiva, and 2009-2019 was the age of The Year of the Mask…what age are we currently entering into?



Well, my original Internet provider swore up and down that service would be restored later today, and that a credit would be given if please please please we stayed with the current plan. I am currently typing this at a coffee shop, and I gotta wrap this up. Hopefully, Verizon is not the Mother Of All Liars.

Have a good Monday.

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