5.9.19: Such Is The Flaming Sword Guarding Paradise


“Suddenly illumination washed over him. We’re being invaded! he realized. The thing we’ve been talking about for two centuries. The Holy Spirit is telling me; it has happened!”
—PKD, “The Divine Invasion”

Welcome to Butterfly Language, a look at the world inside and outside my head!

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s brief look at my dysfunctional adolescence. I’m coming to understand that sometimes I subconsciously pick items to publish here because I’m trying to figure something out…I’m trying to process something. In some ways, my adolescence was kind of icky and trashy…but I also enjoyed parts of it. I guess I didn’t know any better.

The concept of Authority was just so fucked back then…it was hard for me to have respect for any of its purveyors. The only thing that remained kind of “pure” for me was the Bible; and I did have to have increasing “blindness” to the realties of my own local Catholic diocese (which would end up in a child abuse scandal) in order to maintain that belief. And then I read in Joseph Campbell about how the symbol of the Virgin Mary holding the baby, and that of Ancient Egypt’s Isis & Horus, were roughly equivalent…and then that whole orthodoxy of the strictly “Biblical” church just melted away for me; at least, for the next 15 years until I began to adopt it again as a defacto exorcism against My Friend From College’s “tulpa”.


My Wi-Fi is still fucked, by the way; I’ve just stopped fighting against the reality of it and have just organized my blogging in a different manner, toggling between drafts on my computer at home and going to the library or one of the many workspaces in the area & pushing them live. I suppose this is all for the best, as it gets me more out of the house; the weather is often quite excellent, lately.

You know, we haven’t really provided enough of a mainstream framework for very basic metaphysical issues, and that’s really too bad. You used to have the highly-accessible village shaman to consult for your weirder personal phenomena. Doing some digging on YouTube, I have come to recognize that a lot of the more “charismatic” local Christian preachers and prophetesses are serving that function. I am not dead against a secular society, but I think completely removing the idea of Spirit or Soul from the equation is a disaster; I just don’t think such an absolutist view is accurate. But also: that is just my Reality Tunnel, what works for me.


The more I contemplate the clusterfuck in Washington D.C., the more I remain steadfast in my belief that this is just one big con/reality-show that was “designed” from the first. I feel it in my bones the way others are 9/11 truthers; which is to say, in part, that yes I might be completely delusional on this. It’s just SO outrageously bad, with only badder things coming to revelation seemingly every day, that it just…it’s Ozymandias’s squid. But I’ve told you this already. I make these grand geopolitical proclamations based on my comic book reading matter. This is how I roll. And you read it, these proclamations! Think about that for a second.


If there is a “silver lining” to it all…at least peeps everywhere are finally being honest about where they “stand.” That sort of polite BS while the shiv slides between your shoulder blades in your back…that’s all kinda “gone,” isn’t it? If somebody hates you in this day and age…they just tell you; they’re quite proactive about their displeasure with your essential being.

Again: this all doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative. It’s useful to know where people stand; at least I think it is. Agree?




I have to learn to not judge people for being in a different vibration/level of evolution than me.

At the same time, I also have to not feel guilty for recognizing that I am on a different vibration/level of evolution than them!

I don’t know how many talks and dinners I’ve sat through where I’ve pretended to be interested and fake-laughed at some asinine (in my opinion) thing. But that’s the necessary currency of the territory, is it not?

“Don’t antagonize the locals.”

That’s what must be done in order to live peaceably among them. Observe their “customs.”

And I can’t feel guilty for thinking this way, as if I’m not being egalitarian enough.

People like me are given labels by the locals to explain our aloofness, or perceived awkwardness, inability to properly “fit in,” etc. We accept some of these labels in order not to antagonize the locals. Because a religion like Christianity, and especially its most famous symbol, illustrates what happens when we do antagonize the locals.

We have infiltrated a society and a species, in order that we might reach a relative few and help them on their individual roads to evolution and enlightenment. We’ve been sent here on a mercy mission for humanity.

At least, that is what my Reality Tunnel tells me. Sometimes.




As much as I would love to keep this blog continually crammed with links and current events, I have to admit my relief at being somewhat sequestered from the whole thing. Sometimes.


There is still a freedom in the populace to be oneself; not without risk, of course. Not without sacrifice. But it’s still there.

But we have to choose it.


We have to choose it. That’s always the first step.


Have a good Thursday.


3 thoughts on “5.9.19: Such Is The Flaming Sword Guarding Paradise

  1. Kalliope

    Oh gardener, oh groundsman, your micro florae are blooming. I’m happy to share my landscape with others. It gets lonely in elysium, the fields of asphodel (Asherah, asmodeus, asgard, whatever) are really bearing such strange fruit and creatures this year

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bob

    Fake it till you make it, they say. The weirdest thing about that is, we’re already there. I wonder who types on the other side of the screen. Is that really a picture of you?


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