5.12.19: Letting Life Live You


“In fact you have always had this freedom, for this state of union with Brahman can neither be attained nor lost; all men and all things have it, in spite of themselves. It can only be realized, which is to say made real to you, by letting life live you for a while instead of trying to make yourself live life.”
—Alan Watts

Welcome to Butterfly Language, a look at the world inside and outside my head!

Today (May 12) is the birthday of Rami Malek, who is quite an interesting actor, with a career full of resonances.


He is presently best known for portraying Freddy Mercury in the recent Bohemian Rhapsody; a role that earned him a Best Actor Oscar.


Of course, the name Mercury is pretty symbolically/archetypally loaded, representing the the god of communication, gambling, luck, and other such qualities. Mercury being connected to the Greek Hermes; Hermes the messenger, the trickster, the walker between worlds.

Hermes being tied—at least through “lore”—with the Hermetic tradition that allegedly began in Ancient Egypt. The Nag Hammadi texts, written in the Egyptian Coptic language, have mention of the Hermetic mystery schools. Malek is a Coptic Egyptian, and has also claimed to be “an eighth Greek.”


Malek also portrayed Pharaoh Ahkmenrah in the Night at the Museum movies.


He also played the Coptic Egyptian mage Benjamin in the Twilight movies:


But his BIG role is hacker Elliot Alderson in the TV series Mr. Robot. And this is a show that heavily resonates The Matrix, Fight Club, gnostic stuff, the Pooka, just a LOT of shit.

a scene shot at MY subway station at MY usual bench!

In the middle of all this, he films the indie Buster’s Mal Heart—(analysis here)—which heavily resonates Mr. Robot (as well as being really conspiratorial & “New Aeon-y”)…


And so in general…Malek is a highly interesting actor. He is like the perfect Horus-resonator, post-Matrix post-9/11 Neo.

In my top 5 list of highly-resonating actors whose careers I follow with interest.





In a bar right now where they’re playing Man of Steel on the big TV. The scene with Jor-El telling Clark his true heritage, then Pa Kent dies in the tornado, then Clark goes to church.


Guy walks in the near-empty bar, on the back of his shirt in almost a graffiti-type tag is: “Know Thyself.”

Now: “Know Thyself” was a motto inscribed on the temples of Ancient Egypt, and then later on Greek temples.

Socrates expanded on this saying by adding, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”




“Here’s something that I found rather fascinating. When Jesus was fasting out in the desert, the dark came to visit him three times. And on each occasion, he denied it. But if you read the text, all that the devil wanted was a bit of love and acceptance—nothing more. The devil said, “All I want is for you to call me brother.” (So the devil was going through his own rejection trip—a bit of stored pain—yet Jesus spurned him.) Jesus thought that the dark was outside of him, not a part of himself or his shadow and psychology. But it wasn’t; it was always inside, within the inner matrix, as Jesus was in the matrix—all humans are. Because Jesus couldn’t accept his dark (and love and care for it by making it right and whole again), he was left unprotected.”
—Stuart Wilde, “The Art Of Redemption”

“It is of course assumed by Western savants that the Egyptian animal Gods are the fantasies of a primative and backward people, who did not have the advantage of the glorious gains of the Industrial Revolution…However, all fantasy has a basis in fact.”
—William S. Burroughs, “The Western Lands”


Hope you’re having a good weekend, folks…


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