5.15.19: Fool And Magus


“Oh, jeez…”

Welcome to Butterfly Language, a look at the world inside and outside my head!

Lotta stuff happenin’ lotta stuff happenin’…keep up, keep up!

**Rant Warning**


OK, Alabama abortion ban…not going to have a debate or even parse out the spectrum of factors regarding abortion…but I will point out something that I’ve pointed out before on this site. People are increasingly not having sex at all, and we are headed to what I’ve called a “Post-Sexual” society. And every time this sort of draconian bullshit gets pushed by the ultra-right, it pushes more and more women—especially younger women watching this drama unfold in the media—away from men and sex. And if you disagree, if you vigorously disagree, if you disagree for any of a manifold number of reasons you can give me (all the way from the most liberal to the most conservative)…I don’t care. Look at the numbers. Look at the demographics. Look at the numbers for fertility rates (which are dropping), look at the numbers for sexual activity rates (dropping). Is this all because of ABORTION? No: actually, these abortion bans are going to INCREASE this “Post-Sexual” phenomenon because a number of women are just going to stop having sex with men completely. No, not because of dingbat Alyssa Milano’s “sex strike” BS, but because these females are going to consider it “too dangerous” even risk getting pregnant in this repressive BS society with these laws not only regulating abortion but any factor the local legislature considers important enough to impact the life of the unborn child (such as diet, uncontrollable medical conditions, etc.). And so these woman are done with even risking this BS. DONE!

DON’T YOU GET IT??? Use some goddamn imagination, people!

Post-Sexual Society. I called it. I want credit.

**End Rant**


OK, how many of you are still with me?





If you are at all curious about what strange and resonant events might have happened RIGHT ON THIS VERY DAY, the kind persons at Diagonal22 have reminded me that exactly one year ago today, I wrote “5.15.18: A Synchromystic Symphony.” One of the things I’m most proud of writing, it is a stream-of-consciousness piece on all the resonances between historical events that happened on that one day.

A game you can play on any day, really…


We’ve also had a couple of significant passings recently…

Let’s get this one out of the way right off the bat:


OK, but in ADDITION to Tim Conway…


Stanton T. Friedman, 84, was a titanic figure in the UFOlogy community. A nuclear physicist (just to give things that extra cred), he was the guy who first spearheaded the Roswell investigations.

After a solid career in the Fifties and Sixties as a mainstream nuclear physicist for companies such as General Motors, Westinghouse, and General Electric, he switched in the 1970s to be a UFO investigator. A proponent of the term “flying saucer” (“Flying saucers are, by definition, unidentified flying objects, but very few unidentified flying objects are flying saucers.”), Friedman believed that we have already been visited by beings from other planets.


A vigorous debunker of UFO debunkers, Stanton Friedman also set folks like the SETI peeps and Carl Sagan in his intellectual crosshairs. Two of his most famous books, if you are interested in researching him further, are Crash At Corona: The Definitive Study of the Roswell Incident & Top Secret/Majic: Operation Majestic-12 and the United States Government’s UFO Cover-up.

It’s a big loss for the UFOlogy community & there will be no doubt many tributes to him in the weeks and months ahead.


Isaac Kappy, who had small roles in the movies Thor and Terminator Salvation, apparently threw himself off a bridge in Arizona and died at the age of 42. He was a staple of the fringe conspiracy/InfoWars set, and publicly accused a number of Hollywood titans (and, also Seth Green) of child molestation.

This is a crazy-pants of a story that really would warrant its own post. In addition to accusing peeps like Steven Spielberg of pedophilia (though, to be fair, so did Crispin Glover more or less), he had choked and stalked his former friend Paris Jackson, and sort of threatened a mass shooting.

Isaac Kappy in “Thor”

In his lengthy suicide note (helpfully posted in full by TMZ), Kappy apologizes to Jesus Christ and Donald Trump, makes a QAnon reference, and is at least happy that soon “the earth shall see THE JUSTICE it has waited so long for.” He then portentously ends the note with the date July 4th 2019, which is when, I assume, Q said Jesus himself will swoop down and play Thanos-touch with the “traitors.”

And so it goes.




Lastly…as I expound in my “Life On Mars” column for Fantasy Merchant…Mel “all I’m saying is that the Jews might have inflated the numbers” Gibson is apparently doing a comedy about the Rothschilds. You can’t make this shit up, folks…



You know…when I was just a mere slip of a girl…13, 14 years old…I used to be obsessed with listening to Howard Stern. Are you surprised at all? I would cut school just to stay at home and listen to him set up shop early 6AM, and then continue to listen to his show non-stop until noonish.


And you know what I thought was Stern’s “saving grace?” He was extremely self-deprecating. He did not only have a sense of humor about himself…but he utterly demolished himself.

And I used to take this little tape recorder I had, and record little radio shows for myself…that I played for NO-ONE.


And those tapes are gone my friends…utterly demolished. Old and obsolete media, long gone in the trash.

But you still got me.


OK, how many of you are still with me now?



Have a good Wednesday.

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