5.19.19: And Only Then Shall I Abide This Tide


“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”
–Joseph Campbell

Welcome to Butterfly Language, a look at the world inside and outside my head!

Today is the Full Moon in Scorpio. I took a wee break from my little meditation on Star Trek/Tim Leary/Philip K. Dick/The Nine/et al. to do some Spring Cleaning (while it is still Spring) and republish everything that was left from my Drafts.

I also recently made live, after several years, my original blog, Occasional Superheroine. There are over 2500+ posts on that site, mostly on pop-culture but also some personal narrative & the very very *beginnings* of anything that resembles what you read here now.


You may ask: what exactly had to happen to inspire one to simply wipe off the face of the Earth that much work and content? I guess the short answer is: I was kind of “bullied” off the Internet; that’s when I first began doing my anonymous sites, mostly under male identities.

The fucked-up thing is this: had all of that bullying bullshit not happened, and I would have just continued writing the way I was writing…I’d probably be some generic media writer right now, probably pigeon-holed into “women’s interest”-slant stories. There would have been NO WAY IN FUCK I’d be going down the road I did here, with the PKD, and the RAW, and theorizing about the nature of reality, and getting to the bottom of “What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?” and speculating on the Singularity. Because: I’d have no incentive to move outside my little lucrative circle where I did all the right things. In fact: I would have been SCARED SHIT to do ANYTHING that would have jeopardized my little fiefdom of sand.


To me: it’s the Hero’s Journey; in mundane microcosm, perhaps, but the Hero’s Journey nonetheless.

Here are the posts; I believe I’m up-to-date now, my Drafts are clear!



9.23.17: The World Didn’t End And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

5.18.18: We Can Only Write Fan-Fiction About The Future

5.21.18: The #1 Law Of Humans

5.22.18: Redo, Redo, Redo

5.26.18: Proper Context, Proper Timing

5.28.18: The Rejection Of The Singing Cowboy

5.31.18: We’ll Always Have Aunt Jackie

6.4.18: The Mystery Of The Aries Computer

6.16.18: The Dream About Jim Carrey



Getting Clear On What The New Aeon Is And Is Not

10 Vital Questions For You About The Future

Is Modern City Living Sustainable?

The End Of Ownership

The Progression Of The Ages: A Theory Of Resonance

The World’s Crisis Of Evolution

The Revival Of Impermanence

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On The Future Of Humanity In Space

Humanity’s Test



The Path To The Realization Of Self

The #1 Key To Significantly Changing Your Life For The Better

How Forced, “Unprocessed” Forgiveness Can Be Toxic

Empathy Vs. Guilt

Why You Should Pursue Your Dream Now

We Have To Save Ourselves First

We Need To Pay Attention To What We Let Into Our Head

When I Follow My Heart, Good Things Happen

The Old Hoard And Purge

How True Intuition Works

The Relationship Of Body To Soul

Why Are We Here?

Saying NO To Opportunity

It Will Get Finished

Don’t Let Rotten People Ruin Things You Love

The Incredibly Improbable Chance Of Your Existence

Everything Is A Mirror

Finding Your Life’s Purpose: Who Did You Want To Be?

10 Low-Cost (Or No-Cost) Resources For Self-Improvement

What Happened When I Went On A Media Fast For 3 Weeks



The Countess Who Had Drilled A Hole In Her Head

VR Is Failing Because The Real Future Is All In Your Mind

Our Increasingly Unprovable Universe

“Human” Footprints Found In Crete Vastly Pre-Dates Human Feet

“Waking Life,” the Movie That Got Me Hooked On Philip K. Dick

Massive Dump Of JFK Assassination Docs Released By U.S. Government

About Televangelists

About Oprah And The Prosperity Doctrine

The Guru Syndrome

The Guru Syndrome Part 2: Tony Robbins

Man Dies From Running Into Burning Man Effigy

Possible “New World” Under Antarctica In Warm Caves

Asgardia, The First “Space Nation,” Has Launched (Uh, Sort Of)

Alien Life Likely Found On The International Space Station

That Old-Timey Secret Society Art

On Believing In The Possibility Of Life On Other Planets

Building BabyX


Now here’s something I believed for 25 years (!) was one of the most beautiful love songs ever made. And I only recently found out that Blues Traveler’s “Hook” (which I mistakenly thought was called “The Heart”) is actually one of the most CYNICAL songs ever made. Here’s the (equally cynical) music video, which descends into creepy angry subliminal Emergency Broadcast Network territory (remember them, Nineties hipster children???) by the end.

Even now, listening back to it…it still almost sounds like that most beautiful love song I ever heard in my life.


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