5.22.19: My Esoteric Interpretation Of How Game Of Thrones Ended


“Men invented time to feel comfortable in space. But it doesn’t actually exist. All experience is happening at once.”
—Albert Einstein

Welcome to Butterfly Language, a look at the world inside and outside my head!

Now, wouldn’t it be a swift kick in the ass if time really *did* all happen at once?


Anyway, let’s all talk about the Game of Thrones finale. Can we all talk freely about the Game of Thrones finale at this point?

Spoilers Ahead (because I still know people who will end friendships if the spoilers are spoiled because…pop-culture is our new religion but of course you know that if you’ve read this blog before):

Now, I fully believe that things like finales to long-running, highly-popular television programs are highly significant, because they both “take the temperature” of the current zeitgeist and perhaps even anticipate coming trends and events.

So here’s what we have at the end of Game of Thrones:


Of particular interest to me is that Bran—the weird, off-putting psychic—is essentially the unexpected “big winner” here. And he’s a very Horus-type figure; “the three-eyed raven.”

Next, you have that chick as the Queen of the North—I call her “Dark Phoenix,” ’cause she’s playing that character in the movies (you can see what a devoted Game of Thrones fan I am). So she becomes Queen in the GoT finale a couple weeks before the X-Men movie comes out.


And then you got the other chick—she kind of reminds me of Rey in the Star Wars movies but I’m probably wrong (you can write in the comments: “you are wrong”). She “wins” too, by going out confidently and discovering “new worlds.”

The only “winner” here that even comes CLOSE to a traditional action hero is Jon Snow. But this motherfucker doesn’t even WANT to be king. So he’s going to be his brooding, emo Self “outside” the general environs.

You know who doesn’t “win” in this scenario?

Any big alpha-male type-A personality individuals. For example: any Trump analogues. And even though Jamie Lannister had a redemption arc, he’s clearly not been forgiven for being an asshole in a former life (which included crippling Bran)

(This is also why so many people intuitively HATED the finale; ’cause their fave archetype LOST)

(I met the guy who actually played Jamie in real life; sweetest, most humble guy in the world, I hope his career continues post GoT)


But you know who else didn’t win? Big “women’s lib” figure Daenerys. She had the “wimmin power” thing happening…but a LITTLE TOO MUCH, apparently. (“Nobody goes full-Kali.”)

So what do we suss out of all this, if we were to use this finale as the “tea leaves” of the future in the three-dimensional world?

The big thing that jumps out at me is that the next big charismatic figure on the world stage is not going to be another Trump type but a younger, more intelligent, slightly “messianic” wunderkind of the true Horus variety. There are a few people on the internet, in fact, who are comparing Bran to the “Antichrist” as it’s laid out in the popular esoteric lore (another theory is that he’s really the Night King or will become the next Night King).


The second thing that jumps out at me is a strong “woman power” thing but of a MUCH more cold, intellectual type.

The third thing that jumps out at me is that more and more young women are going to follow the Arya Stark mold. She’s practically the archetype of the moment, at this point. Put a pin in this, this is the one I’m most sure about.


As for Jon Snow…he still hasn’t gotten over Bernie not getting the nomination. But he wants you all to know that he supports all women!


And so that’s my esoteric interpretation of the Game of Thrones finale. I identify with all weird, off-putting psychics everywhere, so this all worked out pretty good for me. Good work, Game of Thrones producers!



and, of course, my FAVORITE Bran meme:


2 thoughts on “5.22.19: My Esoteric Interpretation Of How Game Of Thrones Ended

  1. Stacy

    I think you’re spot on with the Arya archetype coming to life for young (and older) women everywhere. Her character is so refreshing. I like how she invokes a bit of the trickster (shapeshifter), the hero’s journey (sort of), and then lands on the explorer.

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