5.29.19: My Name Is Nobody, Part 3 (a.k.a. “Nobody Forever”)

“I also believe, for a great number of half-assed reasons, that I am the product of a Vril Society breeding/environmental manipulation experiment which is also somehow involved, at least as cover, with Parsons, Crowley, et. al. Methinks the typical Magickal Child is actually simply a baby farm infant disguised as something else in order to account for all the covert attention it is getting.”
–Kerry Thornley

Welcome to Butterfly Language, a look at the world outside and inside my head!

I thought I’d start this post with a good old old-school conspiracy quote. As I noted in my personal journal when I wrote this Thornley quote down on June 19, 2016, “I realize he wrote this partially tongue-in-cheek and partially out-of-his-mind.”

Thornley, of course, was the co-creator of the Discordian religion. By an amazing coincidence, he also was Lee Harvey Oswald’s buddy in the military. He also wrote about Oswald in a book, “The Idle Warriors,” BEFORE Oswald became, er, “famous.”

Robert Anton Wilson became quite influenced by the tongue-in-cheek Discordian philosophy—and referred to it extensively in his “Illuminatus!” trilogy. Wilson also developed with Thornley one of the most important practices in Discordianism, “Operation Mindfuck.”

Then Wilson himself began to feel mindfucked when he considered not only the coincidences concerning Thornley and Oswald (and the JFK assassination/investigation as a whole), but the fact that satirical things he and his co-author Robert Shea wrote in the “Illuminatus!” books seemed to be coming true. Or at least, people started claiming them as true, as fact.

Wilson further began to feel mindfucked when Thornley turned on him and began accusing him of working for the Conspiracy and even being Thornley’s “handler.” As going down this road of discussion didn’t feel very neighborly, Wilson began to avoid Thornley.

Mae Brussell—possibly one of the most famous female conspiracy theorists of all time—also began accusing Wilson of working with the Conspiracy. And some theorists still claim as such to this very day.

And so Wilson started as a satirist of the Conspiracy—even a somewhat tongue-in-cheek, “agnostic” scholar of these theories—and then others “wrote” him into said Conspiracy. This seems hardly fair, but also somewhat inevitable.

As for the question as to whether Thornley himself was just being tongue-in-cheek with his theories about himself and others, or was deadly serious, or was right or wrong or indeed out-of-his-mind…we could turn to Wilson’s favorite answer to any and most things: “maybe.” OR: my favorite answer to any and most questions…”d) all of the above.”

I think Peter Levenda describes this bizarre liminal realm of coincidences and shadowy truths the best in his epic “Sinister Forces” trilogy. It is all something on the border between the conscious, temporal world and the world beyond. That’s what all the “literal” interpreters of this conspiracy stuff just don’t “get.”

Then again, a “literal” interpreter of conspiracy stuff just might consider me part of the overall Conspiracy; the old “hiding in plain sight” bit that I believe James Shelby Downard talked about.

But I am Nobody.


To shift gears a bit (though I fear that exactly as in many of my other journal posts, I will end up subconsciously going “full circle” with this one): there was a meme going around Twitter a day or so ago asking what 5 movies had people seen the most. Mind: NOT what their stated 5 favorite films were. But which ones they had binged on the most in their lifetimes.

And as I mentally made my own list (I never did post it on Twitter), I realized that two at the very top were superhero movie sequels: “Superman III” and “Batman Forever.” And then I further realized—with the same soul-rending disillusionment with which I recently concluded that all this recent UFO “disclosure” stuff in the MSM was probably an unofficial promotional tie-in for the new “Men In Black” movie—that I had indeed wasted my life.

“Superman III” & “Batman Forever” are the relatively unsuccessful second sequels of successful comic book movie franchises. They are not…terrible. They are just…WEIRD.

Come to think of it, the second sequels of the Spider-Man and X-Men franchises were also kinda weird and not received well. What is it about the number three? The number three is actually supposed to be a “magic” type number—but its alleged mystical properties did not seem to extend to these movies. Or DID they???

Some films are so problematic and bizarre that they take on a type of mystic quality. I would include the “Super Mario Bros.” movie in that category. A Redditor recently came up with a theory that “Super Mario Bros.” is actually a type of psychedelic/religious fable:

“These themes are present in many mythologies. Gnomes are almost always associated with red and white mushrooms and reptilian entities are almost always associated with evil. In fact, Koopas are a play on the demonic Kappas. They look almost identical.”

And so on and so on (including the claim that the movie “predicted” 9/11). If you follow the thread, you also get first-hand testimony from a purported witness who kind of has a completely different conspiracy story to tell…mainly, that the filming of “Super Mario Bros.” was not only a clusterfuck, but might have also been part of a money laundering scheme.

The point is—I sometimes watch bad films. A lot.


In closing, I wanted to make the observation that while writing my posts on my phone is indeed tedious…I also find that I do produce more “organic” posts with them. Because, I guess…more often than not, I’m composing them in a comfy reclining position akin to the analyst’s couch.

Have a good (checks calendar) Wednesday. Or Thursday.

3 thoughts on “5.29.19: My Name Is Nobody, Part 3 (a.k.a. “Nobody Forever”)

  1. Michael A.

    Yeah, too many conspiracy theorists end up sounding like Wallace Shawn in the PRINCESS BRIDE: “Everyone is trying to prevent me from discovering the truth, so what you are writing is obviously a lie meant to deceive me. Except that you know that I am too smart to be deceived by you, so you are obviously telling me the truth in the hopes that I will take it as a deception! But we all know that the Conspiracy would never let the truth come out, so obviously it is YOU who are the one being deceived!”

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