6.5.19: This Uncomfortable Piece Of Metal

“I am Alice by name i have a mission for you”
–spam email

Welcome back once again to this thing we call (well, I call) Butterfly Language!

I am once again composing this post on my phone, which would be infinitely easier if I had smaller little baby fingers. But here I am trying to make the best of things and not accidentally hit the “publish” button before I’m ready.

So YouTube is finally banning accounts that post Nazi stuff and stuff like Sandy Hook Truther shit. On one hand…that stuff is toxic & I know I don’t like it when that shit starts showing up on my recommend video list.

On the other hand, if you ban the Sandy Hook Truther stuff then it’s really not that much of a leap to ban anything that questions any aspect of the official 9/11 narrative, and then the JFK assassination, and so on and so on.

This was, to my mind, all inevitable; that eventually, most fringe/conspiracy content would be scrubbed off YouTube. It’s the “This is why we can’t have nice things” conundrum…we had a forum for all these different opinions and then people were being assholes attacking other people and harassing other people and here we are.

There are a number of questionable aspects to the official JFK assassination story. To my mind, it’s unlikely that Lee Harvey Oswald was just this one random guy and not part of a larger entity–the mob, political enemies, international political enemies–who wanted to take JFK out. I’m not saying Oswald was a fucking saint; but he could barely tie his fucking shoes, much less take Kennedy out by himself.

The thing is–I don’t think these sorts of conversations are going to be available on YouTube that much longer. But the other side of the coin is: if you are using your YouTube platform to specifically insult and call out and dox and direct potential violence to particular individuals, then you are an asshole & you’ve ruined it for everyone.

In the end, these social media platforms are owned by the corporations themselves. They don’t owe any sort of radical democracy; they just don’t. And the danger was always that people would become so dependent on these (often free) services that they’d fail to build and develop viable alternatives.

I pay somewhere in the ballpark of a hundred bucks a year to maintain Butterfly Language thru WordPress. Part of this is because I wanted a more robust site…but also, I wanted to pay for a service so I felt I had a certain expectation of quality and freedom. If I post on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr…I don’t expect any accountability on their part, or dedication to my personal freedom of speech. I just don’t. Cause it’s a free service. And I know they’re making bank on my personal info alone, but surprise that’s pretty much the situation via any type of online thing I (or you) use these days.

To reiterate: none of what I just wrote means I’m losing sleep over a bunch of Neo-Nazis and Sandy Truthers losing their YouTube privileges. I’m just telling you my observations and predictions. How you choose to interpret it–and indeed, some people are thrilled and calling to have the anti-vax & flat earth vids banned next–is up to you. I’m just telling you what I know is going to happen.

And this is why I never really made a lot of esoteric-topic videos for my YouTube channel. Because I absolutely knew this was going to happen. The last post I did had the word “crap” in the title, and YouTube automatically made it “private” because of that. I had to change the word “crap” to “stuff” to make the video public again.


A footnote to what I just wrote is this: if there is something on my site that you liked reading & would like to reference again in the future…archive it. Make a pdf of it and save it.


And so anyway, here’s to all the people who ruined the internet for everyone by being shitheads and harassing people and weaponizing online platforms to attack other people:

Have a good Wednesday.

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