6.6.19: Walking On Sunshine


The key factor of evolution is the formation of new hives by the fusion of self-actualized winged elite out-castes—who migrate from the old hive, into a new ecological niche.
—Timothy Leary, “The Game Of Life”

Welcome to Butterfly Language, your place for news about news and also news about me & what I think is news & what I think about said news. Needless to say, you’ve made the correct choice!

A lot of “current events” type stuff happening, so I figure I should drop a few words…


In regards to my comments yesterday about what is now known as the YouTube Vox Adpocalypse…well, right on cue these smaller channels (like Higherside Chats) are getting content axed. Some of this content in general seems to be things of the “Holocaust Never Happened” variety, and so my violin is not going to be the biggest to play at the moment for this loss. I guess what will be interesting to see if these bans move over to Flat Earth, 9/11 Truthers, Anti-Vax, and then, further on, on most “alternative” topics.

Of course, Steven Crowder’s channel—whose feud with Vox journalist Carlos Maza started this entire thing—remains up, with minor demonetization efforts. Because regardless of its content, the Crowder channel is a juggernaut for YouTube & the latter really doesn’t want to lose the revenue. Whereas a bunch of smaller channels, who cares? Everyone (rich) wins, I guess. Even Crowder, who will no doubt rally the “troops” and use this controversy for his ad(AD)vantage.

It is at this point I must reiterate: not sorry to see racist & homophobic content leave YouTube. I used to be a big fan of Red Ice Radio’s mix of esoteric topics, and then after Obama was elected they decided to be the mostly neo-Nazi & anti-immigrant YouTube channel. And so I was done with that.

But what I AM saying is: what happened with the Vox Adpocalypse is going to be used as a precedent to remove a good portion of the overall “alternative” and fringe content from YouTube. And you may very well think that’s a really great thing, and that there should only be “rational” takes on YouTube. And maybe it is. Or not.

I’m not here to tell you how to think or feel. I’m only telling you what I know is most likely going to happen, per the law of (meta)physics.



And then you have this stuff with the FBI releasing the “Bigfoot Files”…on the heels of (so-called) mainstream media “alien disclosure.”

As Vanity Fair suggested, was this whole “disclosure” thing just promotion for Trump’s “Space Force”?

Well, if it was…it has pretty tight bedfellows with The Office creator’s upcoming Space Force sitcom, starring Steve Carrell…

But wait, that faction of mainstream Hollywood HATES Trump, right???


Silly rabbit. Trix are for kids.

(Speaking of kids, this whole ICE fuckup on the border is starting to look like a potential/actual child trafficking situation. Or is it only considered a problem when John Podesta gets namedropped???)


(Speaking of John Podesta…I swear to God, when he was tweeting about alien disclosure several years back, I was like—this guy is going to get his ass KICKED for running off on the mouth like this. And then: “the conspiracy that cannot be named” smearing him happened right on CUE. Coincidence? Or merely a gluten-free ketogenic treat?)

(You ever read those supposed Wikileaks Podesta UFO docs??? That shit chilled me to the bone and I usually apply a heavy bullshit-meter to all concerned. They had a fucking treaty contract with the Aliens in that shit.)



OK, OK…going through my Twitter “likes” (a great source for my general zeitgeist/id & also intel to discredit me) for any other pertinent topics….

OH: The niece of the guy who played Mr. Smith in The Matrix is going to play Bill’s daughter in Bill & Ted III (bonus: she’s named after Ted). As I discussed in my post on John Wick III/Matrix, this is just another subconscious/possibly conscious way to resonate and ritualize this modern-day pop-cultural religion (and I wholeheartedly APPROVE!).

making Ted’s daughter a little non-binary wouldn’t kill anyone, I think…she’s got young Keanu’s facial expression down perfectly

LET’S ALL BE PARTISAN!!!!! Conservative/Mainstream Democrat dartboard Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez argued that giving Career Political Weasel Paul Manafort solitary in Rikers would be “cruel and unusual punishment”). Conservatives CHEERED (well, a portion did)! Liberals JEERED (well, a portion did)! Let’s all play this game tomorrow with a different set of variables! AND NOTHING OF TRUE LIFE OR DEATH IMPORTANCE WILL REALLY CHANGE AS YOU SUPPORT YOUR FAVORITE TEAM!!!


And lastly…lastly…here’s a picture of a really HOT Ed Asner:




Have a good Thursday.

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