6.9.19: John Woke


“The operation began auspiciously with a chromatic display of psychosomatic symptoms, and progressed rapidly to acute psychosis. The operator has alternated satisfactorily between manic hysteria and depressing melancholy stupor on approximately 40 cycles, and satisfactory progress has been maintained in social ostracism, economic collapses and mental disassociation.”
—Jack Parsons

Welcome. Welcome, welcome, welcome!

I can pinpoint for you the exact moment I was completely done automatically supporting any one group/person, and/or political/ideological movement based on some fleeting, possibly erroneous sense of “shared identity.”

That was yesterday, when I found out that a feminist in the comics industry who I had previously publicly defended against a misogynist culture went on to shit all over trans people. I wasn’t even *angry* at her, per se…the sheer spectacle & irony (my mother’s first name, as I believe I’ve previously told you) of it was actually pretty funny.


It was just that at that precise point…I was completely done with getting involved with this shit ever again. I had been pretty involved with feminist groups in the comics community at one point—and the possibility that there were significant members within said group who couldn’t wrap their heads around gender non-conforming people was not so unthinkable to me.


And the temptation at that moment—especially in the middle of Pride season—was to then get involved with LGBTQ groups within the comics community. But considering human nature—and I believe the ultimate culprit here, make no mistake, is human nature—no doubt the same “eating their own” dynamic would play out no matter what identity-based group I decided to throw myself into.


The misogynists shit on the women…some feminists shit on trans people. Some gays also shit on trans people, as well as on bisexuals and asexuals. Are there factions within the “mainstream” trans community who shit on non-binary/gender-fluid types for being too “wishy-washy” and say they shouldn’t be considered “real” trans folks???—I’ll bet you $500 the answer is “yes.”


I am an Individual, friends—I am a person. My “group” are my friends—likeminded (more or less, sometimes more and sometimes less) folks trying to understand this planet they have found themselves on.

Join my ride…or not.


When does the “joke” and/or “fake” news/religion become real? I refer to the case of a one “Dr. Pizza,” accused by the Feds of not-very-nice intentions towards young ones. When you consider this person’s Twitter handle, it cannot help but bring to mind a certain Conspiracy That Cannot Be Named.

Of course…us “sane” folks *know* that the Conspiracy That Cannot Be Named ISN’T TRUE.



It was the initial conjecture of your writer that perhaps the “secret” to this Dr. Pizza conundrum was that: while the Conspiracy That Cannot Be Named was not true, it sort of ended up becoming “true” (at least in terms of the symbology) the same way that stuff from Robert Anton Wilson’s Illuminatus! trilogy became “true” after-the-fact.

Then…of course…there is this OTHER story about these ex-senators mysteriously dying…


Can we NOT admit that there are shitty people on BOTH sides of the ideological aisle—and that while we are distracted by all this shit, there are larger mechanisms at work that will make the future of humanity possibly a bit less vibrant and possibly a bit more uncomfortable?



And so we got to the bottom of my almost 2-MONTH internet outage. Apparently…our internet provider (Verizon) switched to an updated DSL (Fios) and FORGOT TO TELL US OR PROVIDE US WITH THE NEW EQUIPMENT!!!


Service theoretically will be restored Monday. Maybe.



I’ve watched this scene about 20 times already:

One thought on “6.9.19: John Woke

  1. Kalliope

    🙌🙏🙌🙏🙌 awaken the kraken, joaquin! 🦄🤟😎🔥 trans, aye? Fuck it aye, it’s not just transmogrification of societal expectations in one’s gender or sexual identification. Transcend the mould, transpire the mind, transmutate the mundane into something.. meta- material… transmutate the soul, thus is the materialisation of the transient philosophers stone.

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