Instant Replay Part 1: June Moon


Note: In June of 2018, I temporarily ceased blogging on Butterfly Language and continued on a separate site, Instant Replay. In deference to my completist nature, here are those posts. There might be some content that I later “remixed” elsewhere on this blog, but I kind of like the “narrative” the posts as a whole tell about that little slice of my life.

In this part you’ll be introduced to both Skippy, the Bastard Stepson Of Eris, and the persuasive power of Strategic Delusion™ (which I invented). We’ll also revisit the Alex Jones/Bill Hicks conspiracy theory, and look at the Horus archetype as symbol for the current era. Then there are the Satanic Clowns Of Prague, the sync-ridden death of young rapper XXXTentacion, a meditation on the latest mass shooting (of which there have been MANY MORE since), and the concept of Wetiko. Enjoy.

6.22.18: All Hail Skippy, Bastard Stepson Of Eris


So I thought I’d spend a little bit of time this morning discussing my relationship with, and attitudes towards, the topic of “channeling.”


I first tried to channel in the mid-1990s, when I was going through a particularly strong spiritual/psychic period of my life. I had a friend—if you had followed my previous blog, you’d recognize her as My Friend From College—who claimed to channel. And she actually did a channeled reading once featuring the name “Lam” which is an entire story in-and-of-itself.

So anyway, I had picked up the idea from her to try channeling. But it really felt to me, when I “did” it, like a LARP. It just felt like I was coming up with ideas for stories. I was (still am) a writer, and all it really felt like was the Creative Process.

So I put that all on the shelf until the mid-2000’s, when I was recovering from an illness caused by the side-effects of several medications. The only way I could find to recover from said “long-term” side effects was to cut ALL “unnatural” or “stimulating” substances from my diet: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, MSG, and processed foods. I was now totally “clear” (I guess as the Scientologists say), and every trace of my illness disappeared in like a month.


But I now felt...extremely intuitive and psychic.


And I once again tried my hand at channeling.


The results were a bit more elaborate, and I have a number of documents/transcripts from that period. Not a huge amount, but much more than my previous attempt a decade before. And, true to my archetype, I posted a number of these transcripts to sketchy conspiracy websites; because that seemed like definitely the “smartest” way to handle all this.


But then I got distracted with a writing career that was really picking up, with all the outside activities and so on that went along with that. In 2010, I had another very short burst of channeling inspiration—but then I was offered this shiny new exciting big job by a major entertainment conglomerate and just “shut” all that other stuff off. It was my time to “start over.”


I realize that the whole “2012” thing has seemed to be really cliche—but literally around the 20th of December that year the channeling came back in a HUGE way. And the details around that are very interesting—especially since they seemed “timed” to the 2012 “shift”—and maybe I’ll discuss that in a later post.

And so I began to do some “patchy” channeling between 2012 and Spring of 2013— including possibly “channeling” an entire book. In the summer of that year I try my hand at self-hypnosis, largely to deal with intrusive memories from PTSD. To be honest, I also kind of hoped that I might be able to achieve some sort of “vision quests” through hypnosis that I didn’t think I’d ever be able to do with psychedelics—because I appeared to be extremely sensitive to ANY drug & I wasn’t taking a chance with LSD etc.

I try a bunch of online hypnosis things through YouTube, the content of which quickly move from “Improve Your Life” and “Stop Smoking” to some really bizarre, labyrinthine shit. And the upshot is: during the Summer as I’m doing this, I’m experiencing a bunch of really weird, “specific” channeling sessions; within self-hypnosis and without it.


I now meet somebody who claims to be an expert at hypnosis (you know, as you so casually find on fetish message boards and whatnot), and we “experiment.” And during one of these sessions, I spontaneously “channel”…something.


Fast-forward to a few months later. I’ve put all the hypnosis stuff behind me. I’m on a new path, on a health-kick, and just feeling really good.


I begin meditating for about 15 minutes every morning before working out. Nothing weird—just straight-up meditation to calm my mind. ‘Cause I’m gonna be smart about all this shit for now on.


About three meditation sessions in: I start spontaneously start channeling this MASSIVE download of shit.

This goes on for…two years. TWO YEARS!!!

Certainly, channeling isn’t the only thing I’m doing during this period of time. But I am now very purposefully channeling. And more than that—I’m recording it. I’m audio recording it, I’m dating and transcribing it, I’m backing-up the transcriptions, everything.

But to be 100% honest: I’m still thinking that this is all just a “creative exercise.” That this is what writers do anyway.


How many times do you hear a writer or actor or musician or other creative-type person say: “I just channeled it?” Is it really “channeling” an outside thing at all? Or is it like Philip K. Dick sometimes (sometimes) theorized: just his left brain “talking” with his right?

Even famous channelers will sometimes say that it could all just be their “higher self” communicating with them. In essence: they are communicating with themselves. A methodology for self-communication, with the ultimate goal being a greater understanding of the totality of Self.

So I never 100% bought into this channeling shit.



And then one day, one June 4th of this year, I decided to do a meditation/channeling session at night. A small one. I didn’t do much of these anymore, because it takes a lot of energy from me & I sorta feel I’ve “downloaded” everything I really care to know at the moment. “Nothing new under the sun,” and all that.

And this “thing” tells me that a celebrity is going to commit suicide. And it’s going to be a really big deal—you know, not an obscure celebrity, but a very well-known one. And that I will “know” immediately when I hear the news, because of particular factors regarding the person, that this is who was referred to in the channel. And that it will happen relatively “early” in the day, in the news cycle, so I won’t have to “wait” for long for the news to hit.

What I’m “hearing” is very insistent that I listen to, and absorb, this message. And, you know, I’m writing this down and am like:


Because this just feels like LARPy Q-Anon-type mental masturbation bullshit.
The next day, at around noon, news breaks that designer Kate Spade hung herself. And I’m like:

And Kate Spade *did* have a lot of meaning to me, in the sense that her brand was omnipresent during my college years and first foray into “the adult world”—for women, her bag pretty much symbolized “success” and the highest achievement a female could have in life.

So the whole day, I’m walking around like:

Because a) it’s just really really sad the way she died and b) my “channel” predicted this!!! And there’s this really weird energy that I’m feeling, too, and it travels with me until two days later, where now Anthony Bourdain hangs himself. And now I’m really fucked up. I’m like going through my days like:


Because I’m dealing with a LOT of shit in-between all this, you know? The very last thing I needed was to “channel” anything—regardless if it was “right” or not. And I’ve been triggered by all these suicides besides, and I just couldn’t focus on any of this esoteric shit anymore.

One of the big problems here is that this “communication” didn’t even feel like the “voice of God” or anything reassuring like that.

This is more like the voice of…”Skippy.”

He’s not an “authoritative” figure like “God,” or some ascended master or fucking St. Germain. This is the sort of figure you eat Doritos and watch Family Guy with.


I can’t do Abraham Hicks shit with Skippy.
 If your buddy Skippy gave you a whole bunch of predictions about the world, would you listen to him? Even if he was right a few times? 
How the fuck am I supposed to write a book about Skippy?

Look, here’s a portrait of Jane Roberts’ Seth:

Now here’s Skippy:

Here’s a portrait of St. Germain:

And here is Skippy:

Do you see the problem here?

But a larger point is…well, there’s several:

a) Even a broken clock is right twice a day; which is to say, it’s very possible that the “prediction coming true” wasn’t really about a prediction at all, but just coincidence.

b) I’m a writer, so this could all still be an extended creative exercise.

c) Do you know how many are out there—on YouTube alone—claiming to “channel” stuff? Loads. And many of them have specific “predictions” that all contradict each other. And they drive people half bugfuck crazy putting all this shit into their heads.

d) There is also the possibility that all or most of these people are channeling “something”—but that just because they can, doesn’t necessarily mean anything is “divine” about it.

Anyway: that’s my story. Not extremely “conclusive” about anything. Possibly even a complete waste of your time. But here it is.

All hail Skippy, bastard stepson of Eris:


6.23.18: The “Ass-End” Mysteries


I used to be a big fan of David Wilcock, and part of the reason that faded out for me was that a good deal of his writing began to be consumed with paranoia and a sense of persecution. Like, I had purchased The Ascension Mysteries, and that read like a laundry-list of every persecution he had ever experienced in his life (plus: saying that he “completely trusted” Vladimir Putin).

Then you have his posts for “Divine Cosmos,” which often get filled with obsessive rants on perceived trolls, how Hillary Clinton was exerting her influence to fuck up his book sale ranking, etc.

 This all taken into consideration, I have recently had to face the creepy suspicion that I—me, personally—have been possibly fucked with with persons/forces unknown.


The crux of it is, over the last year-and-a-half I’ve really tried to integrate my private and public personas, with the hope that maybe I could get a wider audience for some of these “out-of-the-box” ideas. I didn’t even pursue this in an aggressive way, in terms of like some sort of “PR blitz” or anything.

But I was like buying into that most hoary of post-1960’s chestnuts: “Free To Be You And Me.” The idea that: you could just be “yourself” (whatever that is).


And one of the problems there was: even among groups of “outliers,” there are certain stereotypes you have to conform to.

Example: the New Agey side of the Life-Coaching/Law Of Attraction movement. Rainbows and unicorns, perpetual positivity.


There’s a “type” that “makes it” in that field. I’ve attended the conferences. I know all about this.

But where does Skippy The Bastard Stepson of Eris fit in within all this?


What about The Power Of Negativity? What about practical advice for some dude with his life perpetually falling apart and a whole host of congenital challenges can use? What about the power of Strategic Delusion™? What about ceasing to take oneself so goddamn seriously, and instead gave a hat-tip to the essential absurdity of the Universe? What about that boiling instinct bubbling inside you—when you are feeling so miserable and one of these LOA types explains to you with a straight face that it was probably your own goddamn fault because you weren’t filled with positive thoughts—to punch said LOA type in their goddamn fucking smug teeth?

I mean…I’m just asking.


Don’t get me wrong—I can completely “play” that game, play that character. And in all honesty, it’s likely that I will do so at some point in my public life—because I need to pay my rent (and I’m going to expand on that point in a second). But…it’s not “complete,” you know what I’m saying? It’s not really addressing the Future, nor is it really helping a whole segment of Humanity. It is a viewpoint that actually works hand-in-hand with the more capitalist, materialist aspects of the world it claims to be shunning. If that makes any sense.


And so…certainly, anything outside of that stereotype seemed not to be appreciated.

But additionally, I found that the more I tried to talk (semi-)publicly about these topics, and esoteric topics in general, and out-of-the-box ideological concepts in general, and so on…the more I did that, the more my life seemed to fall apart and collapse. The more hostility I received…hostility that was never directly attributed to what I was saying, but seemed sure as hell to be “synchronized” to it.


The more I talked about those things, the more weird shit started happening where it was like the plug kept getting pulled regarding various aspects of my life. And I’m not going to go into detail there, because to do so I would get very “granular” and situation- specific and I’ll start to sound like Wilcock on a rant.


The overall impression, however: I couldn’t help but think of the lore of the Archons, forces who supposedly want to keep humanity “in the dark” and would work to “silence” and fuck the lives up of anybody who attempted to inform the masses.


And so I was literally running out of resources and opportunities and was not really getting the support I needed to go on. And there was an ENORMOUS psychic pressure there, and it shocked me how ugly it eventually got.

And the moment—the *moment* I decided to pull all this stuff underground again, the very moment I made simply the mental decision—everything got better in my everyday life.



6.26.18: Folklore With The Logic Of A Dream


I’ve been encountering a lot of stuff lately on that theory that Alex Jones is really the late comedian Bill Hicks. I probably should do a post at some point with all the “data.” It’s very much a modern-day “Paul McCartney Is Dead”-type rumor.

Short story: they both lived in Texas. Hicks passed away right when Jones’ career took off. They both were researching similar topics such as the fire at Waco etc. And facially, their appearances were similar (keeping in mind the way a gamine young Jones looked like in the early-to-mid 1990s. Even their teeth have similarities—and yeah, I’ll admit that one is pretty interesting, but still doesn’t “sell” it for me.


Most crucially—proponents of the theory might say—is the fact that they shared the same friend/key business associate, Kevin Booth.

But here is my suggestion. Could it not so much be that Hicks/Jones are the same person, as there was/is some heavy synchronicity going on between the two of them?


And that this synchronicity is uncanny, and does have significance and meaning?


Before he died, Hicks was just starting to do a lot of the stuff Jones would end up doing —talking about conspiracy theories, personal freedoms, getting political, etc. But Hicks never had the chance to follow through with that stuff because he got terminal cancer.
And so Jones, in some ways, ended up having the career Hicks didn’t—albeit, presenting these topics without (intentional) humor but “straight” or “literal.”

I don’t think Hicks would have presented this stuff without that “edge” of the absurd, without hearkening to more metaphysical concepts…because he had been taking psychedelics and so his perspective had been “opened” in some way.


Now, who is the person currently pulling off what Hicks might have done had he lived? To me, it’s Joe Rogan. Rogan tempers the more “literal” aspects of things with his gained perspective from DMT use.


And what happened a few days ago? Jones goes on the rant against Rogan. I mean: wow!
And Jones specifically calls out Rogan on the use of psychedelics. And that is one of the all-time great operatic insane Jones mini-rants of all time, with the clockwork elves and the grey aliens and everything.

Anyway…my main point is, things can share many resonances with each other—to a ridiculous degree, where it doesn’t seem like chance—but that doesn’t mean necessarily there are literal, temporal reasons for that happening. Like: there are tons of synchronicities between the Manson case and Nixon; and just concerning the Manson case in general. But, as author Peter Levenda took pains to point out in his Sinister Forces trilogy: that doesn’t mean there was necessarily a literal conspiracy to make that all happen.

Rather: the synchronicities were “evidence” of a sort of “latticework” of correspondences and resonances that have a deeper esoteric meaning. What Giordano Bruno called “Links.”

Bruno wrote a book called De vinculis en genere, also known as, simply, De vinculis = “Of Links,” and in it he said that magic is the art of manipulating the “links” (resonances) between humans, between humans and things, between things and other things.
And so Levenda sees a lot of these synchonicities along similar lines; acknowledging that if one was so inclined, one could recognize and even manipulate these Links.


None of this means there is an actual “cloning center” where Dave Chappelle I lost his life, paving the way for the more buff Dave Chappelle II. Though admittedly regardless of the literal factual aspect of these stories, they are quite stirring folklore. We learn a lot about the common neuroses and bugaboos that plague the minds of the masses when we interpret conspiracy theories in this way.

Within the Hicks/Jones theory, for instance, there is that underlying trope of “The Sellout.” You get some of that in the McCartney theory too, though it’s more about how disillusioned some early Beatles fans got when the band got more experimental. And yeah, the Chappelle theory is like that too: at some point, our heroes “sold out,” and here is “why.” Why do people change? Well, literally because they are clones, or died and then assumed an alternate identity, or were replaced with an extremely lifelike robot replica (I’m sure that will be the prevailing one in a few years when robots get more mainstream).

It’s almost as if these stories/folklore operate with the logic of the Dream, where metaphor becomes Literal Fact.


Which…when you consider that the subconscious regards both fantasy and reality as “Reality”…

6.27.18: The Many Faces Of Horus


Today…I would like to talk about the “Crowned And Conquering Child” energy that has seemed to be a staple of our post-2012 world. Actually, we can trace this energy back to the 1960s…or, if you really want to take more of a “long” view, from the start of the 1900s. And I’m going to go over all of that (you know: in brief) in this post.

But I wanted to start by explaining why I woke up this morning and decided to write all this.


And it’s because I saw this random tweet by Donald Trump, and it was in this very “childlike” type of prose. And this is not a post specifically bashing Trump, and I’m certainly not the first person to point out this childlike cadence to his communications.
But what really struck me this morning was like: first new president we get post- 2012, and it’s this embodiment of childlike qualities as laid out by Aleister Crowley regarding the energy of the new Aeon.

Now: this is not an endorsement of Trump. And there are many examples of persons on the other side of the ideological aisle with a lot of power who also exude this childlike quality (albeit in different ways). (and the modern archetype of the “Tech Wunderkind” comes immediately to mind)


This quality—or, if “quality” sounds too much like a value judgement, this “characteristic”—is not part-and-parcel of any one ideology.

What I’m saying is: we are in a “new” era of humanity and this planet. And this didn’t all of the sudden happen in December of 2012. This has been a process. And certainly, if you look at the extreme acceleration of technology and thought post-1900s…it was/is so extreme, (and seems to double almost by the day at this point) that it’s unprecedented in human history (that we know of).

And so have the birth of the motion picture, and the very earliest Mickey Mouse hits film —very clearly a figure of this exuberant youth-quality. Movies more often than not indulges the childlike youthful dreams of the masses. The music soon follows—you go from the beginnings to jazz, bebop, etc…the beginnings of rock n’ roll…breaking out of more staid forms of music.


From the 50s to the 60s America went from a kindly but patriarchal leader (Eisenhower) to, comparatively, practically a boy: JFK. The term “New Frontier” gets coined. The space-race intensifies. Culture turns on a dime per the Beatles, now we’re in the hippy movement, the Summer of Love. As this is all going on, people are experimenting with psychedelics and opening to new (or very ancient, depending on your point of view) levels of consciousness.


The idea of “childhood” keeps getting extended later and later. Childhood/nostalgia culture gets elevated as the motif of the masses. Pundits complain: nobody is “growing up!”

And then we get Donald Trump as president, a person who has been depicted as a child in more political cartoons and memes than I can count.


And that is a key point I want to make. This energy of the new Aeon is not…how do I put it? I would caution a person to “idealize” it simply based on some sort of New Agey preconceptions of unicorns and light. This “Horus”-like energy, rather, runs the full spectrum.

In my own personal experiences, attempting to “channel” (or contact my “higher self,” or as simply a creative exercise as writers tend to do)…you know, I expected some authoritative fatherly or motherly type “thing” to make a connection with. I expected “Seth” or like an Ascended Master.

And what I got was Stewie Griffin after a few beers.


And as perplexing as that all was…when you consider the preponderance of the Horus- type energy the whole planet is enmeshed in, it makes sense.

Now, Aleister Crowley was the “messenger” of this information…but he wasn’t the Horus-type figure here. Crowley, for all his seeming anti-establishment qualities, was still from an Aeon of Osiris type world of an appeal to ancient patriarchal authority.


If anything, Jack Parsons was the Horus-type figure. Parsons (whom Crowley referred to as a “fool”) was childlike, intuitive, impulsive, jumpstarted what was to become the space program (hence, his connection to the Kubrickian Starchild/Crowleyan Moonchild), and etc. He ultimately approached a lot of this esoteric stuff not from the appeal to ancient patriarchal authority but from a deeper undisciplined shamanic well (which often got “messy”).


But that’s just my two cents.
 Anyway, have fun tripping the light fantastic and have a great Wednesday!

6.29.18: The Clown Of Our Discontent


Before I head into the weekend I figured I should just address a few odds and ends that have crossed my desk…

Here is a supposed “Satanic Church” in Prague where people dress up like clowns and worship the dark forces. They are referred to in the piece as “Dark Harlequins” but literally they’re wearing big red foam clown noses.

This was of interest to me because I’ve studied the “Dark Harlequin” archetype pretty thoroughly. As far as I can tell, these are Modern-type Satanists who (maybe?) don’t really believe in things like demons and etc., and are motivated by the sheer irony of blending the standard clown archetype (big red foam noses, people) with Satanism.


So are we looking at here a “joke religion” (or aspects of such) sort of akin to Discordianism?

(Note that in one of the article’s photos the head hung over the doorway looks like the dismembered chick from Hereditary.)


Now here we have the brand-new music video “Sad” from the late XXXTentacion, showing him (of course) confronting his own dead body at a funeral and other creepy synchronicities.


Now, how the fuck is it possible that the last music video this kid makes before he dies is about his funeral? And this was not a video posthumously made after his death as a tribute. He wrote and “creative directed” this video. So this video is released two days after his own funeral, and a week after he died.

And to just make this entire thing creepier, he has these “subtitles” or captions on the video directed at the viewer informing them that:

“Here is your warning and soul’s demand by perceiving this video
If you are watching you are subjected to a segmented piece of my aura and wishes”


And it’s at that point I clicked this off, because I had already heard that in the video he is communicating with this shadowy demonic-type figure…with that warning to the viewer, he is basically saying they are “part” of whatever “ritual” this all is. Think of all the collective energy being generated by everybody watching this at the same time (it’s the #1 trending video on YouTube right now).

I mean…the video is structured like a ritual, with XXX as the archetypal “god” who dies and is reborn, and the viewer being literally told that by watching this, they are a “part” of it. And that’s what really blew my mind, even more than the eerie foreshadowing of his death. He literally said that by watching this video, the viewer was now “involved” in the proceedings.


So there’s that.
What else, what else…

Well, we just had a lunatic just shoot up a newspaper office and kill people. And this guy pretty much did everything in advance to let people know he was probably going to be the next mass shooter other than wear a t-shirt with the words “I am probably going to be the next mass shooter.” Like, his Twitter handle was a picture of one of his planned victims from the newspaper with an image of “The Brand of Sacrifice” from the Japanese manga Berserk.


Per the Berserk wiki, the symbol:

“Marks those for a sacrificial ceremony in which…someone close and dear to the summoner, is then ritualistically murdered, with the deceased’s life force used to complete the summoner’s transition into either an apostle or a member of the God Hand.”

The question is…who is “responsible” for this latest mass shooting? This is the litmus test per your own particular Reality Tunnel…

1) Was it Milo Y, who two days ago called for journalists to be shot?

2) Was it Donald Trump, for fomenting anger against the press?

3) Was it Maxine Waters, for encouraging people to “confront” Trump supporters and other people who are different than you politically?

4) Was it “conspiracy theories” themselves, as The Huffington Post managed to shoe- horn in this morning?

5) Was it the gun companies?

6) Was it a culture of “toxic masculinity?”

7) Was it the makers of Berserk?

8) Was it “MKUltra?”

9) Write in your own:___________________

Now I’m going to tell you the outcome of all this, as if I was a wizard or an amazing psychic:
a) Most people are going to stick to their own reality tunnel lens on this one.
b) The real “causes” of this shooting—which would be a complex interaction between the shooter’s own organic & acquired mental problems, the subliminal conditioning towards violence via modern entertainment, the subliminal (and sometimes not-so- subliminal) conditioning towards violence via media/politicians, some aspects of current gun laws (to an extent), the failure of our mental health system, etc.—will never be fully taken into account. Because if it can’t automatically 100% “sell” your particular point of view, why bother?
c) The incident will be largely forgotten within a week, as another terrible thing inevitably happens.

This is pretty much why I’m done trying to “convince” anyone of anything online other than this tiny pocket of writing and opinions. Because most people are going to stick to their reality tunnels; and, indeed, will hate you if you try to even suggest there might be this more complex tapestry of reasons.


Relatively few people, it seems, have the capacity to use critical thinking or to let themselves be challenged with another point of view. Just an observation after several decades. And the origins for this are probably ancient and primal…which is probably a topic for another day.

Anyway. Have a good weekend, and keep your sense of humor (which is probably one of the most important things you have).

6.30.18: …And What Lives On? (a.k.a. “Paradose Lost”)


So…I wasn’t going to post anything this weekend, but I had something that felt like a “Big Dream” last night, and, I figured, why the hell not mention it?

It was a big group of protestors—peaceful or dangerous, depending on your particular reality tunnel.

Initially, these people seemed Hispanic—but upon reflection, I wonder if they were really indigenous Americans (and maybe that is not the precise/correct term) in general.
And certainly…they were angry. I mean, angry with a capital Angry. And a number of them were carrying actual swords.

I didn’t react to the situation with fear; it was more just observation. They were just asserting their rights, doing a march of representation and empowerment. But there was Alex Jones to the side with this “booth” and a backpack, and he was watching all this and freaking the fuck out & saying this was Armageddon.


And so here is my interpretation:

I had been reading up yesterday on the topic of “wetiko”—the belief that the original American settlers brought with themselves a “mind-virus” of greed.

Right before I read about wetiko yesterday—a term I ran into randomly—I had randomly watched this old Robert Patrick (remember him?) cheesy early 1990s cable-TV movie about a wealthy real-estate developer who kills indigenous peoples in Mexico to help clear the way for his hotel. And he gets this “curse” as a result where he comes back to the States and is a literal cannibal—the perfect symbolism for wetiko!


Now…I don’t consider myself a super turbo-level progressive or activist. I feel sometimes that some (some) progressives have a knack for uber-simplifying things to make their point—and freak the fuck out when you call them out on it.

I also sometimes look askance at the New Age adoption of various indigenous religious practices…not so much because I feel they are “cultural appropriation” as I think it’s just plain INACCURATE. Europeans “selling” their interpretation of ancient Native American practices as “genuine”…when they are only interpretations. (See: Helena Blavatsky and ancient Asian religions)

This all being said, as Budd told Bill in Kill Bill (and I’m heavily paraphrasing here): the original inhabitants of these lands (and yes I know the argument: that there were potentially other original inhabitants before the “original inhabitants”…a debate for another day) “have the right to be ANGRY.” They do. From a very basic, primal “human nature” aspect, they have the right to be angry at the occupation of their lands.

My mom comes from South America but her family were not “locals.” They lived among the indigenous peoples—and even borrowed from their spiritual practices—but were not “of” them. My genetic background, as far as I can tell from family narrative & a genealogy thing, is pretty European: Italian, Spanish, German, and British. On top of that, on my mom’s side it turns out that at least part of them were secretly Jewish and read Hebrew…so add whatever nationalities you want to there.

On top of that: I do not heavily “relate” to my physical body as this “thing” that carries “lineage,” certain devotions to bloodline, and all that. I don’t deny the fundamental DNA stuff here…I just see my body as a temporary “vehicle,” that’s all. So: do I have a “dog” in this entire fight? Yes? No?

ALL THIS BEING SAID: I think America (North and South, but especially North) still carries a burden due to the way this country was settled and founded. And if you read Peter Levenda’s 3-book series Sinister Forces from beginning to end, he pretty much lays down the hypothesis that the High Weirdness that America has faced has, at least in part, their origins in the unaddressed issue of what happened to their original inhabitants.

Let me get out the book and find a quote…

It’s in our standing stones, our Anasazi ruins, our Indian history, the history before Columbus that is never taught in the schools because we don’t know it ourselves…because we don’t want to know, don’t want to accept what has been proved so many times in the past: that this land of ours is haunted by the ghosts of races who lived and died on our land thousands of years before we came, and of races we ourselves exterminated with fire and sword and virus. There were vast cities here before us, huge temples dwarfing the Colosseum, the Parthenon, the Pyramids of Gizeh, some built long before any of these more famous structures were even dreamed. There were Norsemen here before us, bringing paganism and the worship of Nordic gods. There were Irishmen here before us, bringing a strange mixture of Catholicism and druidism, standing up their stones and sighting along the solstices years before the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria. There were Carthaginians here before us, Phoenician traders, perhaps even Buddhists from China. All the votes aren’t in, yet. We don’t why there are stones engraved with ancient alphabets, buried in our farmland. We don’t know how they got there, so we file these petroglyphs along with tales of sea serpents and great white whales…in the land of fantasy that is the bull’s eye target of our scientists. And we whisper ourselves to sleep like the voice-over on a late night talk show while the gloom gathers outside our windows and doors and the dead Indians, the dead Phoenicians, the dead Norsemen chant their ancient mantras to rob us of our dreams.

Welcome to American prehistory. NOW: let’s unpack that just a bit.
a) Spoilers: Levenda clearly insinuates, during the course of this series, that he believes the Lovecraftian “Old Ones” possibly have origins on ancient American soil.
b) What we think of as “indigenous culture” may have far more complicated origins than what little we’ve gleaned from movies, grammar school lessons, and “dreamcatcher” New Age BS.
c) The past does seem to “live on,” and cycles seem to repeat themselves. What we do not know—and/or suppress—can hurt us.

I believe what I so lucidly dreamt of last night was picking up a very potent “energy.” And so, as I do with a number of “Big Dreams” I have—I note it. I stick a Post-It on it for later.

Lastly: you have to wonder what happens when these big-time occultists sort of “scoop up” subconsciously these metaphysical energies from other cultures. I mean, that great Babalon Working per Parsons and Hubbard…at least partially done in the California desert…possibly among the ruins of the indigenous peoples who lived there (and this article conducted by someone who tried to find the exact location of the Working yielded some really creepy shit…ancient tribal markings and more recent ones including “E = mc2”).

I leave you with this alleged quote by Crowley when told of the Babalon Working:

“Apparently Parsons or Hubbard or somebody is producing a Moonchild. I get fairly frantic when I contemplate the idiocy of these louts.”

And that—when you consider all the irresponsible bullshittery Crowley himself did—is really saying something.

What lives on? What ancient cycles are still playing themselves out?

Have a good Saturday.

3 thoughts on “Instant Replay Part 1: June Moon

  1. Stacy

    YES. Yes, I get you. I can’t stand the whole “you must walk in the light and love”, and I’m like okay – I like that message. But then if I see some bullshit and am like, “but, that right there is some bullshit!” and the response I get is, “ohhhhh, you are not walking in light in love”. — tsk, tsk. Grrrrrr. I love the power of negativity. It can be funny and absurd and powerful and non-conformist. God, I love your content. It makes my week when you post something new. You see the truth of things.

    Liked by 1 person

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