Instant Replay Part 4: Illegitimi non carborundum


Welcome to the 4th and last post in my Instant Replay series: republishing some content from last Summer’s “secret” blog.

For your convenience, the other posts are:

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7.15.19: The Return Of Ozymandias


In March of 2017, a massive statue of the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II was unearthed
from a mud pit in a Cairo slum. Though broken into several bite-sized pieces, the find
was still very impressive, and looked suitably ironic in photos.


But did the excavation also bring a very particular energy with it back into the world?

Of course, Ramses II was the inspiration for the famous Percy Bysshe Shelley’s poem

I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: “Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert . . . Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed:
And on the pedestal these words appear:
‘My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!’
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

Ozymandias is also a character in the graphic novel and movie The Watchmen. Known as “the smartest man on the planet,” Ozymandias used Ramses II as his icon and idol. He is super-rich and known as a great humanitarian—but secretly has a plan to introduce a
great and deadly crisis to the world in order to bring about world peace.


And so: he’s a bit of a psychopath. Or the world’s savior. You choose.

I often think about this character nowadays. The Watchmen is still a very relevant story. I see a lot of the hijinks and monkey business currently going on in the world, and it just seems like several chapters (or, issues) from the comic book mini-series.


I see the character of The Comedian being thrown out a window, and I see the end
of all the hijinks and monkey business…when it’s not needed anymore by those in power. When the great Reality Show stops bringing in the clicks and bucks and the
public has been sufficiently demoralized and broken apart.


I see Rorschach being vaporized, and I see all the “true believers” who trusted people
they shouldn’t have trusted; who went down rabbit holes only to find out they had been
taken for a ride.


I see Dr. Manhattan, and I see a Higher Presence in the world that ain’t the “God” we
were taught in Sunday School…instead, a primal force, a Black Swan event.


And I see Ozymandias, and I see the paradigm that will be put into place in several
years…the philanthropist, the intellectual, the tech/science genius (and possible spiritual
guru?)…everything The Comedian was not…ushering in this new age.


Well, that’s just my silly musings about archeology and comic books. See you on Mars!

7.16.18: Bobby Ewing’s Smile Will Make You Forget


There was a season of the 80’s prime-time soap opera Dallas that was particularly fucked-up and weird. It was kicked off with Bobby Ewing, younger “good” son from the Ewing clan, getting killed in one way or another; people were always getting shot or whatnot on this show, because it unconsciously/consciously resonated the Kennedys. (“Who Killed J.R.?”/”Who Killed JFK?”…as well as just the name of the TV series).


Consequently, with one of their main characters now dead, everything was “shuffled”on the show—and even for a program with super-“out there” soap opera antics, this season was fucking bizarre.

So now we have the finale of this really weird, fucked-up season. And Pam, the widow of Bobby, goes to the bathroom and finds…

…Bobby nonchalantly taking a shower. If this wasn’t enough of a shock, we find out at the beginning of next season that not only did Bobby not die—Pam had dreamt the entire previous season up!


This was some David Lynch-level High Weirdness I was exposed to very early in my life, way before I was even aware of who David Lynch was. I remember staring off into space in my classroom, trying to work out how this all could have happened, the metaphysical mechanics of it—how you could “dream” an entire chapter not only of your life, but of the deeply complicated and inter-connected lives of everyone you knew.


Anyway, that one shot of Bobby standing in the shower, looking over his shoulder at Pam—that’s like on the order of the “Mona Lisa” for me in terms of enigmatic smiles. There’s almost something a *tiny* bit sadistic/mocking about it…as if he really knew what was going on. (I suppose it’s more like Patrick Duffy, the actor who played Bobby, was trying to hold back how WTF he thought this storyline was.)


There’s a separate question as to what I was doing as a small child religiously watching “Dallas,” but that’s neither here nor there.

In other news, Elon Musk seems to be losing his goddamn mind. I actually don’t think it, in the history of the world, has been that uncommon for these big captains of industry and whatnot to be somewhat unhinged—but thanks to the power of social media, we get to witness it in real time.


But it is quite significant to me that this person who has been the “face” of the Western World’s revitalized space exploration goals is now falling apart. Certainly, I feel he ultimately did this to “himself”…but I also can’t help but believe that the “keys to the kingdom” in terms of humanity’s entrance into the new “space economy” was never going to be kept in the hands of some young(ish) upstart.


Again, I must emphasize for you how much $ is in mining heavenly bodies like the Moon and asteroids. It’s an incredibly economy-altering paradigm-shattering amount of staggering wealth.

That is why when last week NASA chief Jim Bridenstine was quoted as saying, in support of the White House’s “Space Force” plan, that space “has commerce that needs to be protected”…that’s what he’s really talking about, folks. And you really need to pay attention to this shit, folks, because it’s really going to define your life within the next decade.


This all being said, if I had to put my Nostradamus Smurf-hat on and gauge it, Musk will end up going full-paranoid conspiracy theorist before this is all over, quoting Q-Anon and so forth.

Question: do you ever stop and wonder if peeps higher up the ladder than the right/left paradigm purposely feed conspiracy-type misinformation to certain people to drive them batshit insane and ruin them?

Anyway, I’m sure all those journalists with their think-pieces yesterday and today are getting nice fat boners comparing Musk to Nikola Tesla, not seeing the fucking irony or bigger picture.

Believe me, it’s for your own protection ‘
Cause we see things that you need not see
And we be places that you need not be
So go on with your life
Forget that Roswell crap
Show love to the black suit, cause
That’s the Men In…
That’s the Men In…
Here come the Men In Black, here they come
Galaxy defenders. Galaxy defenders
Here come the Men In Black, oho, here they come
They won’t let you remember.
Won’t let you remember
—Will Smith, “The Men In Black”

7.17.18: Maybe We Need A Bigger Pin


And so the first Men in Black movie comes out in 1997, featuring friendly suited MiB types who protect the world and wipe people’s minds for their own good.

Then 2 years later, we get The Matrix, featuring very similar-looking MiBs only now they’re evil and enslaving humanity.

So which one IS it? Seems like a blue pill/red pill paradigm. When the truth is probably some uncomfortable “third” factor. 


Now, regarding the question of overpopulation… You probably have heard by now the argument that not only is there more than enough room for everybody currently on Earth to live comfortably—but that you could even fit them all in the state of Texas.
The Texas example is a nonsense thing almost on par with the “how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?” question.

Even if you truly could fit the entire population of the world in Texas, would they be having a standard of living the majority of them would be previously used to? How many belongings would each person be allowed to take with them?

And, the biggest question of all: could the majority of humans, given their current evolutionary state, be able to live in such close quarters with peoples of every nationality, race, religion, and so on?

(Oh, I almost forgot that the 1% will be busy over in the rest of the planet not living in Texas.)

Do you now understand why the core of this world population in Texas example doesn’t work? It’s a hyperbolic, nonsense example.

Now: I believe that we could solve a lot of the current world problems of hunger, diminishing space in which to live, and so forth in a manner that doesn’t necessarily involve depopulation.

But that solution would mean that people would have to, en masse, radically change the way they live their lives—changing their very paradigms. And I believe a number of nations in the East could do it, because they’ve already done it. But in the Western World?

Again, we’re talking about something on the ground-level practical reality spectrum along the lines of the angels on the head of a pin argument. Read my review of the book The Chaos Protocols for more information & perspective.

Here is a footnote on this whole overpopulation/environmentalism issue to contemplate.
In the recent book How Soon Is Now? Daniel Pinchbeck (the author of 2012: The Return Of Quetzalcoatl) suggests that the only way a nation can truly and effectively implement the types of environmental/social measures necessary to reduce pollution and keep the planet healthy for its population is to go Authoritarian:

“The massive transition we need to ensure our continuity may be easier to manage under an authoritarian regime than under a liberal democracy, corrupted by special interests.”


7.22.18: The Cycle Of Karma


I want to direct your attention to a very particular line from the 1985 movie Clue that I believe has relevancy for our current era. And that line is:

“Communism was just a red herring.”

Taking place during the height of the Cold War—and the McCarthy purges—Clue’s plot surrounds a group of government-connected people (including a madam) who are all being blackmailed for various activities that could be considered “un-American.” But there is a bigger conspiracy afoot than what meets the eye; it’s not just about smoking out “commies.”

“Communism was just a red herring.”

Here, go recast the movie Clue with Trump, Mueller, Putin, Hillary, Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen, Roger Stone, Manafort, etc. Then everything will suddenly make sense.

Don’t forget all three alternate endings to suit everyone’s particular reality tunnel. ALL THREE ARE CORRECT!


So Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn spends at least the past year calling out other people for being Trump supporters and sexists and all that—and it turns out that he had a cache of tweets going back ten years in which he makes repeated jokes about rape, AIDS, transexuals, and spraying bodily fluids on children. Not a few tweets, no one tweet that was taken out of context, but like an EPIC amount.



Gunn—because now, of course, he has placed himself within the Cycle of Karma—then gets called out on those old tweets, and now is fired from the GotG franchise by Disney.

So this wide swath of progressive “geek culture” fans—who will usually participate in the Internet Justice Mob (which, I’ll admit, I once in a while get caught up in myself) for the slightest infraction by others—give him essentially a free pass and say it was a long time ago and he apologized. And then that turns into them saying it was also PROTECTED FREE SPEECH, not realizing the irony that they’ve been ganging up on other people for the EXACT SAME THING.


Now, I “get” the milieu Gunn operated in before he worked for Disney. He made trashy shocking horror movies, and I certainly love me a trashy shocking horror movie.
The problem—at least, it seems to me—is that Gunn purposely went out of his way to publicly condemn others for something he was also guilty of. Along the way he received a tremendous amount of Social Currency (part of which, of course, leads to actual physical monetary currency in terms of box-office & brand loyalty) for being a progressive, an Ally, and etc.

But try reasoning with somebody about this online.

This is all why I’ve decided to take Quentin Tarantino back.


Actually, it’s a bit of a fair trade: I’m swapping Tarantino for Gunn. While both have been nailed for saying insensitive comments in the past—Tarantino was a vocal supporter of Roman Polanski—based on the morality-logic of my peers, I can forgive Tarantino with a clear conscience and take him off the “banned” rolls.

To be clear: Quentin Tarantino never pretended to be anything other than an annoying film geek with sweaty fetishes who received too much goddamn money and power. I’ve been watching Tarantino movies for 25 goddamn years and not once did I ever think he would be anything other than at best a tolerable creep in real life. But you know why that’s great? Because I knew what to expect. He didn’t go around on social media pretending to be the social arbiter of ANYTHING.


Almost every movie part Tarantino has ever played has been that of a creep, rapist, whiner, murderer, lunatic, privileged asshole, and etc. You know why that is? Because while he does have an overly-inflated ego, it’s not about somebody he absolutely isn’t. He doesn’t tweet multiple jokes about child-rape and then decides to hold somebody else up for public censure for being “insensitive.”

So anyway: I’ve taken Tarantino back. Will be watching his Manson movie next year. I’m sure he’ll have some interesting insider info & commentary.

The last thing I want to talk about is more of a life observation.

Even if life might very well be a simulation of some sort, is the answer really to just lie on the (pixelated) ground and refuse to participate in the video game any longer? I submit to you that this strategy may lock you even more into the Wheel of Karma.

I feel like you have a greater chance finding the “answer” by participating in some way. You might not understand how exactly it’s all going to happen. But I think it’s good to give it a shot. Because it would be horrible to quit playing the game only to have everything replay all over again just because you had quit the first time.




7.31.18: “Do You Have Prince Albert In A Can? You Should Let Him Out Then!”


Reading up recently on the Trickster archetype.

Per Jung:

This outlandish, yet remarkable being in human form, learns, grows in understanding, changes, and at a certain point in his adventuresome blunders, is transformed. Until that moment, however, Trickster keeps changing shape and experimenting with a thousand identities, including shifts in sex, in a seemingly never-ending search for himself.

During all this he inflicts great damage on those around him and also suffers innumerable blows, defeats, indignities, and dangers resulting from his thoughtless, reckless forays. On entering upon existence he is first seen as a blurred, chaotic, hardly unified being, having no self-knowledge or life-knowledge, despite his divine
parenthood. It is only later on in his travels that Trickster emerges as a culture hero, demigod, and savior of peoples. But this occurs only after his transformation or self-integration takes place, and brings to the fore the great and epic qualities initially given him by his divine progenitor.


The Trickster is key to the current era because it must reveal to us the true nature of our Trickster Universe; the true nature of Trickster Time, which is completely variable depending on our personal perception.

I once had a 10:38 last for what truly felt like at least 45 minutes the other day. Every time I turned away and turned back: 10:38.

What was that all about? (Looks up Bible verse)

Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me.
–Matthew 10:38

OK, so that just reminded me of a dream I had last night; I was being prepared to deliver this important speech for this group of people…like, I had to get dressed up for it and anything. But when I got there, the host took me aside and warned me that there were some rumblings amongst the crowd that I was unprepared, late, and a little bit of a drunkard.


Where do dreams come from? Why should I be having dreams where I’m criticized and shit? Aren’t my dreams supposed to be my “happy place?”

Here’s another dream that came to me late in the day. It’s about the actor Patrick Wilson.

To be clear, it was not **my** dream. But it was recounted to me by someone who knew I was a big fan of the Zack Snyder Watchmen movie, and was hoping I’d divine some deeper meaning from it.


The dream actually takes place on the show Star Trek: The Next Generation. They run into Patrick Wilson…not a character Patrick Wilson is playing, but **the** actor Patrick Wilson. And Captain Jean-Luc Picard accuses Patrick Wilson of being an “anomaly”—a time anomaly.


And the conceit is: Patrick Wilson is the **same** Patrick Wilson in every timeline, every era. He is the **constant**. He is the same Patrick Wilson, no matter what.

And this, according to the captain of the Enterprise (or whatever the fuck ship), IS UNACCEPTABLE. AN ANOMALY!

Have a good Wednesday.

Editor’s Note: And so that’s the end of Instant Replay. What did it all mean? I’ve been having trouble “interpreting” some of this stuff lately. I feel like I did a lot of work here. Maybe it’s your turn to suss it all out.

But here it is (was) anyway. And a year has indeed passed.

June, 2018


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