The Resonator #2: JFK Jr. Is Still Dead, MAD’s Dead Too, And The Independence Day Earthquake


Welcome back from your July 4th sojourn, dear readers! I am absolutely dead chuffed that you would choose to spend these precious minutes you will never quite get back with The Resonator. Good choice!


So apparently…Q-Anon types believed that JFK Jr. would come back from the dead on July 4th, Jesus-style. So much so that #JFKJrIsNotAlive trended on Twitter.

Per Daily Beast editor Justin Miller:


Per the DB article:

QAnon fans also showed up at the hotel sporting t-shirts of John F. Kennedy Jr., who they believe faked his death 20 years ago and will reemerge today as part of a wide-ranging deep-state conspiracy to prosecute Democrats for child-sex slavery.

One woman said she thought there was a chance Kennedy would announce his presence at the rally. “It would be wonderful if he did,” said the woman, who declined to give her name.

Vincent Fusca, a Trump supporter whom QAnon supporters believe is JFK Jr. in disguise, told The Daily Beast that he’ll be at today’s rally.

[Ron Howard as The Narrator: “He didn’t attend.”]

And to me, this is the funniest shit in the entire world, because…the folks who are into QAnon now are basically inheritors of the ideology and political mindset that absolutely HATED JFK back in the day! In fact, theorists like Mae Brussell believed that JFK was assassinated by a cabal that included hard-core conservatives and Nazi sympathizers. But somehow, JFK Jr., if alive today, would wear a MAGA hat.

It’s hysterical!


Now, the way they’ve branded JFK Jr. as a Trump supporter is actually not extremely surprising, in that…the “idea” is to create a “resonance” between Trump and JFK (they both banged hot wimmins that were not their wives, were sort of celebrity “maverick” presidents, and etc.). And so, just like they did in ancient Biblical/Roman times, a leader consciously “ties” themselves to the glory of a previous one. Artificially Engineered Resonance Via Propaganda Distributed By Useful Idiots (or, A.E.R.V.P.D.B.U.I).

But I think Trump tying himself resonance-wise to JFK is ultimately a pretty shitty idea..don’t ya think? It’s like him keeping Roger Stone around him when Stone is a walking reminder of Watergate with literally a big Nixon tattoo in the middle of his back. It seems ultimately counter-productive.

But what do I know?


And then we had that 6.4 earthquake in California, which was about 5 miles deep and could be felt as far away as Nevada.

Besides the fact that I believe this is how the movie Independence Day started…increased earthquake activity in that area has been on my “radar” for quite some time now. I just don’t talk a lot about stuff like that because…I’m not sure it really does any good, and I’m generally an anxious person anyway...and so my psychic “hits” are somewhat tainted, I think, by my general Chicken Little adrenal system.

It’s like I have a list of “predictions” from that channeling session I did in 2006 (part of which is in this post)…but what good does it really do? It basically has a whole section called “The Revolt Of Nature.” And after that is a section called “War.”

But againas sci-fi author Philip K. Dick spent over 9,000 pages trying to suss out…is it really “channeling?” Or is it a neurosis? Or is it just an author with an over-active imagination and too much time on his/her hands?


What else, what else…well, MAD magazine’s closing. I think I’ll write something in Fantasy Merchant about it.


MAD was an essential part of my childhood, yadda yadda. In a world where irony seems to be dead…can we really have a parody mag like MAD anymore? And then what about the corporate sponsors? You can’t piss them off with your stupid parody mag. No, the correct way to do it is as follows, per Adam Parfrey in the essay “Aesthetic Terrorism” (from Apocalypse Culture):

Winking at and wagging the tail of establishment hierarchy is part of that I-rib-you-gently-you-pay-me-off confidence game artists have been playing since the Renaissance courts. These contemporary court artists, like many of past centuries, smugly pretend to spit in the eye of the exploiters while allowing themselves to be pampered, de-loused—and when they aren’t looking—de-clawed.

Was he wrong?


Well, I’m sure there were more subtler resonances to speak of, concerning the last few days…but I have a lot to do this weekend and I needed to jot a post & get it out of the way. ‘Cause…weird shit is happening, and I did want to give you my preliminary two cents.

And so it goes, my friends.

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