The Resonator #4: Tracy Twyman RIP, “Shining” DeepFakes, And General Malaise That I’m Sure Will Subside At Some Point


I think it’s more crazy to look for a human conspiracy to explain all the coincidences that occur. When you look at history and when you look at current events you notice symbolism—you notice the same things happening over and over again and you think “oh, this must mean they’re all in on it together.” But then you think about it more and then you realize “oh that really doesn’t make sense, does it?” No it doesn’t. And they’re not all in on it together, it’s just that they’re all being inspired by the same thing.
—Tracy R. Twyman, 6/29/19

Tracy Twyman has passed.


I cannot express how shocked and saddened to hear this news. Twyman was a vastly accomplished, educated, passionate, and prolific esoteric writer (Amazon list here, in case you want to take an immediate rabbit hole dive). Though four years younger than me, she was writing heavy-duty books on symbolism, history, and the occult when I was still typing out Napoleon Dynamite fan-fiction on MySpace.


And I hate to pull the gender “card,” but back when I was first researching this stuff, she was virtually the only living female who was consistently referenced in these esoteric/conspiracy circles (again, I will add Acharya S.—but she’s more “religion studies.”) She was incredibly dedicated to her craft and intellectual interests. And she’s gone. At 41. Jesus.



Of course…being a member of the “fringe” community…the conspiracy theories regarding her death have already started. Some say that she was researching The Conspiracy That Must Not Be Named before her passing, specifically in relation to a one Mr. Isaac Kappy, who allegedly committed suicide two months ago. Was it a “hit” based on the recent Jeffrey Epstein news?

163061Then there is this very frank and honest podcast she gave to Freeman at the end of June. The exact details of this interview I am really going to have to parse out another time…but it is truly a jaw-dropping listen. And while I’ve never started an esoteric order of my own (though sometimes I think some people feel they are members of mine anyway), I have indeed wrestled with some of the basic issues Twyman mentions in this podcast.

The Conspiracy That Must Not Be Named notwithstanding (though with this Epstein shit I think we really need to reevaluate things), Twyman was an esoteric researcher in the “classical” mold; not immediately ascribing “evil” intent to occult practices and beliefs. But she also had a shit-o-meter regarding some occult figures like Aleister Crowley, who, in her own words, absolutely “hated.”


Anyway; she was 41 and certainly had a lot more interesting and valuable things to write. This is a fucking tragedy, and I’m still processing this.


In other news, apparently Google has made it almost impossible to reach Reddit’s Conspiracy forum through simple searches. If there wasn’t so much Trump cock-sucking going on there as the result of the quarantined “Donald” subreddit exodus, I might be a wee bit more angry. But I get it. Google can bury who they want. When I tried to access Twyman’s site on the Chrome browser, I got a warning that all my info might get “stolen.” And thus you take a number of shuffling steps to silence another person. Because…”reasons.” Because, theoretically, you want to be kind and thoughtful to others. But yet you made your fortune on the backs of enthusiastic fanatics.

And so it goes.



I’lll leave you with some pretty seamless “deepfakes” by the YouTube channel Ctrl Shift Face. I’ll admit that while I have a pretty strong stomach for such reality-bending shenanigans, it was hard to get through this convincing re-cycle of The Shining swapping out Jack Nicholson for Jim Carrey.

I’ll guess we’ll all be retweeting and guffawing when this tech gets used to frame one political figure or another for any number of fucked up reasons. Or your face on any number of revenge porn. Thumbs up!


And here is a song for Tracy. You will not be forgotten.

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