Collages And Cut-Ups, 2013-2015

I really can’t say if what I’m presenting you here, from my old journals, is “art.” Rather, they’re “assemblages” that I sort of very quickly put together in an intuitive-type thing.

The idea was to express ideas simply through images contextualized by proximity to each other. In that aspect, they sort of remind me of Burroughs’ “cut-ups,” though certainly this was all digital and no actual pulp was rent in the making of this.

Anyway, you’ll see a bunch of your “faves” here, if you’re a fan of this blog and it’s recurring iconography.

The Pooka:


For I Am I:


Mystery Teachings:


Let’s Cross Over:

Meditations For Florida Trip:

And The Thing Became:

Divine Radio:

You Are A Vehicle Of Revelation:

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle:


Sigil Of Transformation 1:


Babylon 1:

Babylon 2:

Dream Is Destiny:

Moon Magick:

As Above, So Below:

Mary And The Butterfly:


The Third Eye:

That Which We Seek We Already Are:

Sigil Of Transformation 2:

Sigil Of Transformation 3:


This Is Not The Beginning:

Life Imitates Art:

The Time Is Now:



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