Truth, Dogma, And Absurdity

A number of conspiracy theorists are only interested in finding the “truth” so they can fall back on/justify their dogmatic nonsense. They aren’t really looking for the truth.

This is an important thing to keep in mind when reading these theories. Ask yourself: is this person ultimately appealing to one dogma or another? Or are they truly open-minded? Many are operating from dogma.

That is why it is better that you thumb your nose at reality in general, and be absurdist, than get in the middle of this clash of dogmas. Humor will instruct more than anything else.

We do these things to frustrate the Archons. The absurdity infuriates them, because it gives them no foothold. This is very important, what I am telling you.

Sincerity also infuriates them, but they are skilled at attacking snd mocking that
quality in others.
However, humor and especially absurdity are truly dangerous to them. Humor, too, they can try to attack; but absurdity absolutely disarms them.

Important point: the Archons truly have no sense of humor. That’s one of the ways you can spot them. They ultimately take things too literally. And often what they consider to be humor is really sadism.

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  1. Hey hey ya, puppy pal Mrzm, everyone’s favourite dogma is back in black. Saint Karma and I take turns swapping our vehicles… but dude, where’s MY car? She lost it, so she gave me this bicycle to ride around every village hamlet, playing the idiot. I’m an artiste! I cannot believe the conditions I am forced to perform under. I need to let off steam so I’m here to pick up galactic hitch-hikers and to smash down some mail boxes since until I’ve found time to kill.

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